Spare Me Great Lord Chapter 782

782 Mutated Plants

Chapter 782: Mutated Plants
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The Luo Shen List and the Handsome List had become a farce. No one acknowledged their reliability, as there were only ten people on the list. Thousands of others were not on the list. The list was nothing more than a joke.

Just as Lu Shu had said, unless the list was made by the heavens, people would only take a casual look at the lists. Lu Shu felt it was a pity that he could not make use of the opportunity to earn more distress points.

Of course, he shared the distress points that Lu Xiaoyu earned. The both of them could use the distress points that she earned. When Lu Xiaoyu earned 100 points, the both of them would earn 100 points each. This made up for some of Lu Shus regret.

That night, Lu Shu brought Lu Xiaoyu to the mountain. Lu Xiaoyu was only a step away from Class B, but Lu Shu did not allow her to advance so quickly. He was scared that a Heavenly Vision would occur.

Technically, Heavenly Visions would only occur when one advanced to Class A. But when Lu Shu advanced to Class B, a Heavenly Vision occurred, even if it covered a radius of only three kilometers.

The celestial map and distress points were very mysterious things. It was as if they had surpassed the limits of human intelligence and were thus able to create even more strange things. Lu Shu and Lu Xiaoyus celestial maps were positive and negative respectively. One represented light and the other represented darkness. Thus, Lu Shu guessed that when Lu Xiaoyu advanced to Class B, she would also induce a Heavenly Vision.

Lu Shu brought Lu Xiaoyu to a deep part of the mountain and fed her an abyss fruit. Suddenly, everything within a three kilometer radius fell silent. Everything lost its color.

All the creatures within the three kilometer radius were unable to see anything outside. It was as if all the radiance in the world had been lost.

Some small animals were running within the forest. They were unprepared for the sudden darkness and ran into trees. Big Cat and Naughty Pig, who had been playing in the mountains, ran towards Lu Xiaoyu. It was as if they had sensed the presence of their owner.

Big Cat and Naughty Pig greedily sucked in the air, as if it was their favorite food.

But Lu Shu was not affected. Everything was still the same to him. It seemed like Lu Xiaoyus technique would never affect him.

As expected, Lu Xiaoyu had invoked a Heavenly Vision when she advanced to Class B. Lu Shu could not help but think about how powerful their techniques were. No one would be able to do this except for the two of them.

It was as if they were born to be better than others.

The Heavenly Vision slowly vanished, but the darkness did not return to Lu Xiaoyus celestial map. Instead, it was channeled into Lu Shus celestial map.

Lu Shu felt it in his own celestial map. The stars flickered, as if they were breathing. The dark material entered the celestial map and became part of the celestial powers. To Lu Shus shock, he realized that the second star in the fourth level of Nebula lit up.

The Sparrow Shade, which had 72 strands, started to rotate and form a ball. When it stopped, Lu Shu discovered that there were now 144 strands. Lu Shu counted very carefully. Yup, 144 strands

But Lu Shu was very puzzled. This had never happened to him. After all, Lu Xiaoyu had advanced so many times, and this was the first time she had invoked a Heavenly Vision. Her advancement in class had helped him as well!

The techniques from the celestial map were very mysterious. Suddenly, he had a bold idea if Little Fury was able to advance, would it be able to help him as well?

This helped to balance things out for Lu Shu. After all, Lu Xiaoyu did not seem to encounter any bottlenecks when advancing, while he had to experience all the emotions at every stage.

Lu Shu looked at Lu Xiaoyu. "Er can you control three souls?"

Lu Xiaoyu nodded. "The third black hole has appeared. But there are no souls of creatures who have just died around here. We need to go back before I can try it out."

It was now dawn. After the mysterious incident, the small animals all ran away. They did not dare to stay within this three kilometer radius. The animals had become more intelligent. The arrival of Lu Shu and Lu Xiaoyu had activated their sense of danger.

When Lu Shu was walking down the mountain with Lu Xiaoyu, he realized that when he passed by a tree, the leaves and branches retreated to the trunk. It was as if they were avoiding them.

Lu Shu furrowed his eyebrows. Had the plants around Luo City started to mutate? He raised his hand and used the Sparrow Shade to break the tree into pieces. He dug the soil near the tree and discovered two rabbit skeletons.

This was a potential threat. Humans might be mysteriously attacked if they came here in spring. Now, it was only able to attack small rabbits. It might be able to attack humans in the future.

But someone said that ever since the animals became more intelligent, there were fewer cases of humans being attacked by sharks.

A scientist once said that sharks were very picky animals. Many sharks only bit humans once and then left. It was very rare for sharks to eat humans. It was said that this was because there were too many impurities in the human body. If sharks could speak, they would express their disgust after one bite and swim away

Many studies revealed that sharks were not interested in humans. Most only bit humans or swallowed a body part.

But how did people die? When a human was bitten by a shark underwater, the shark would swim away in disgust, but other sharks would be attracted by the smell of blood. They would take one bite and swim away. Another shark would come, take a bite, and swim away

They swam away because they were unable to bear how disgusting humans tasted.

Now, when sharks saw humans, they knew that it was something they did not like. They would swim away with a disgusted expression. They did not even need to have a taste.

Of course, this was more of a joke than the truth. The reason why many people died from shark attacks was because of shock and blood loss.

Needless to say, after the natural order had been subverted, humans did not just face danger. There were also jokes and news

But something else had happened. In the southwestern region, the dandelions had mutated. In the past, people liked to blow dandelions. But now, when the seeds came into contact with the skin, a large area would become red and swollen. The pain was similar to being bitten by a scorpion.

In the northern grasslands, there had been two instances of wolves attacking herds in the past two months. The Heavenly Network had taken great pains before they were able to exterminate the wolves.
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