Spider Man Reincarnation Book 2 Chapter 63

Volume 2: First Threats Chapter 63 Buyout

Peter was ready for the meeting and arrived at Oscorp's main building early in the morning. Harry was waiting for him in his office already.

"Hi, Peter. Did you get the doc.u.ments?"

"Yeah, I think now I know what our tactic will be. We need to aim for Sophie and Matt, I think that Eric won't change his mind whatever we offer."

"True, last time only Eric came to the meeting. He just refused every offer, even though the buyout would've been very beneficial for them"

"You didn't tell me that he was the only one you talked to"

"Is that important?"

"Yes, very! What was your offer exactly?"

"12 million dollars + 1 million of annual bonuses for the next 2 years for each member, but seems like that wasn't enough for them"

"No no, the problem is definitely not in the offer, it's Eric..."

"What do you mean?"

"Imagine that you're either Matt or Sophie, you can make your biggest dream come true and become a millionaire, or use all of these finances to help your children and spend more time with your family. Would you reject such an offer?"

"Only if I'm deaf and blind. But why are you saying this? Do you think that he didn't tell about the offer to his team?"

"No, because then he wouldn't follow the terms of the contract with Oscorp. He isn't stupid..."

"Did you read the terms of their contract as well? That's was like 60 pages alone"

"I did, it's much easier than it sounds. I think that he didn't reveal all of the details of the deal. Did you invite all of them for today?"

"Yes, I told all of them to come"

"Where are they by the way? It's almost 9"

"They should be here in a few minutes," Harry said.

After about 5 minutes Eric entered the room.

He was 27 years old, just like Matt. He was tall, slim, and had short hair. He was also wearing a tracksuit.

"Hello, Mr. Osborn. I'm sorry, I didn't have time to change my clothes, just came back from the gym," he said before looking directly at Peter.

"Hi, that's ok. You arrived just on time. By the way, this is my new assistant - Mr. Parker"

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Parker, I'm Eric Jackson - head of the project"

"Same, hope we'll have a good talk today. By the way, can you tell Mr. Hardy and Ms. Clinton to hurry up? Mr. Osborn has a lot of meetings arranged for today"

"I'm sorry but they are busy now."

"What are they doing?" Harry asked.

"They're testing new species that we ordered from Australia recently"

Peter could tell that Eric was lying.

"He knows that we want to make another offer, so he told them not to come. They surely trust him, but that's only for now..." Peter thought.

"What are we going to discuss today?" Eric asked.

"We are not going to start until all of the project members are here"

"That's ok. You can talk to me, I'll then tell everything to the team during the launch break."

"I'm sorry but we want to avoid all of the risks," Harry said.

"What if we go to them? I'm sure that 5-10 minutes of talk won't be that harmful" Peter said while looking at Harry.

Harry understood Peter's idea and said: "Great idea! They should be on the fourth floor if I'm not mistaken" Harry said before going out from his office.

"Mr. Osborn, interfering an experiment may, in theory, lead to huge negative consequences"

"But you said that they just got the new species from Australia, didn't you? The first thing scientists do after receiving new species is just collecting information for a few weeks. So the worst thing we can do is let a spider come out from the container for a few seconds" Peter said in a convincing tone before following Harry.

They were on their way to the fourth floor. Peter was looking at Eric all this time, he looked calm and collected, but Peter felt that he must have been in panic deep inside.

After about 10 minutes they got to the 4th floor and met the other members of the team. Harry introduced Peter to them as well and they started a meeting.

"You're probably aware that I talked to Eric about a buyout of your project not a long while ago. Today we want to..."

"I'm very sorry for interrupting you Mr. Osborn but I want to make things clear for all of us. I think that the offer you made was inappropriate and we would prefer to continue working on our project" Eric said.

Sophie and Matt nodded.

"I'm glad that you care a lot about the well-being of your co-workers and are honest with us, but I'd like to know the opinion of your friends as well," Peter said.

"I'm sorry Mr. Parker but we share the same view. We think that your offer simply wasn't good enough" Ms. Clinton said.

"What exactly you think was inappropriate in our offer?"

"I'm sorry but she answered the question already, we don't..."

"Calm down Mr. Jackson, I'm not talking to you right now. I'd like to know what the other members of the project didn't like, so we can offer better terms"

"That's ok Eric," Sophie said. "I think that the 2 million for the buyout itself is incredibly low, not talking about the absent of bonuses..." she continued talking.

But didn't bother Peter anymore. After he heard her first sentence he understood that he was right about Eric.

Peter and Eric were looking directly at each other and they both knew what was going to happen.

"I'm about to tell the whole truth about you!"

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