Spirit Hunters Of Maoshan Sect Chapter 311

Chapter 311

Chapter 311        The Creepy Chinese Medicine Shop 1

Xie Yuqing was quiet on the road, so Ye Shaoyang tried to start a conversation, Going home to sleep?

Where else should I sleep? At your place? Xie Yuqing intended her words to be sarcastic, but she quickly realized that it sounded inappropriate. She hunched in shame as she hastened her steps.

As soon as they got to her car, Xie Yuqing opened the car door and slipped in. Before she could close the door, Ye Shaoyang suddenly grabbed her hand.

Xie Yuqing pushed his hand away as she yelled, Pervert! What do you want?

A shiny coin dropped from her hand and fell to the ground. Ye Shaoyang picked it up and tossed the coin to Xie Yuqing, This is the Great Coin of Molding. Draw some blood from your tongue and spit on it if you are in danger. It can save your life.

This Xie Yuqing realized that she had overreacted. I still have the talisman paper you gave me; do I still need this?

The talisman paper is not as powerful as this one. Im a little worried that the sorcerer might want to harm you. Ill be less worried if you keep this with you. Ye Shaoyang waved his hand at her, Now go. Just be careful. And before I forget, you look real pretty today.

Xie Yuqings heart skipped a beat. Just before she managed to throw him a smile, Ye Shaoyang added, Dont waste such a pretty look, go find yourself a date now.

This instantly triggered Xie Yuqing. She glared at him angrily before she stepped on her pedal and drove away.

It was already late in the night when Ye Shaoyang got back. The trio did not talk much, and they all went into their own rooms to get a good rest.

Ye Shaoyang thought hard while he was lying on his bed. A plan started to take shape in his mind.

The trio woke up the next morning. While they were enjoying their breakfast, Xie Yuqing called.

Hey, how was the date yesterday? Ye Shaoyang jokingly asked once he picked up the phone.

There was a pause on the other side of the phone, before Xie Yuqing coldly replied, Ill hang up if you are not in the mood for serious business.

Im listening.

Xie Yuqing paused again before she said, Ive found some information on Mister Hu.

Ye Shaoyang was pleasantly surprised, That quick?

Its an easy job. His Chinese medicine shop is registered with the Business Department. I can easily trace him with our system. The shop owner is Hu Wei, thirty years old. He is a local, from Stone City. He lives in the suburb. His parents passed away, so he is the only one in the family. His shop is named Yang Ren Tang, and he started the business with a hundred thousand Yuan. Ill send you his photo now. Xie Yuqing said.

Got it. Thanks, beautiful. I owe you a big meat bun. Ye Shaoyang tried to be nice.

Xie Yuqing was not bothered as she continued, Since he is a local, it is much easier to track him. Do you want me to find out his connections?

Sure, but be careful, dont get caught.

Xie Yuqing sneered, Ive sent two men to watch him. Ill let you know if they find out anything interesting. What is your next move?

Let me think about it. Ill tell you once I have a good plan.

Okay. Xie Yuqing hung up without uttering another word.

Ye Shaoyang briefed his companions about the situation before he announced his plan, I thought of a plan last night. There are two sections to it that must run simultaneously. On one side, we must find out Hu Weis background, but on the other side, we will try to contact him. Well pretend to be rich businessmen who are interested in buying a few child spirits. This way, we might be able to find out the sorcerer he is working for.

The duo immediately agreed with the plan. Zhuang Yu-Ning said, Should I send Xiao Ying to do that? She had bought some child spirits from Hu Wei before. Perhaps it will be easier.

Ye Shaoyang shook his head, Its too obvious, and we recently helped her find her child spirit. This wont work. However, you can ask her for some information, such as Hu Weis demands when she sought his help.

Zhuang Yu Ning nodded.

Xiao Ma suggested, How about Miss Zhou? Hu Wei will surely believe it.

Ye Shaoyang shook his head, First, Im not sure if the he knows about me and Zhou Jingru. Secondly, this might be a little too dangerous for her as a girl. I dont want her to take the risk.

Xiao Ma suggested a few more names such as Li Duo and other classmates, but Ye Shaoyang disapproved. Ye Shaoyang had thought it through. Since Hu Wei was a local, he would know which person was wealthy. Simply sending a man who acted like a rich person would not be enough to fool Hu Wei, especially if the person was someone like Li Duo, who looked like nothing more than a poor loser.

This candidate must be filthy rich, at least the top ten richest in Stone City. Im not asking for this candidate to only buy a child spirit, but to make contact with the sorcerer behind Hu Wei. This guy must know a lot of rich guys, so he would not bother to entertain us unless our candidate is a wealthy person.

Zhuang Yuning mumbled as she stared at Ye Shaoyang, How wealthy must our candidate be? Someone like Miss Zhou?

More or less.

Zhuang Yuning frowned, Thats impossible. Stone City is a resourceful city, but there are not many families as rich as the Zhou family. Theres the Ma family, and

Ye Shaoyang waved his hand, Im considering the Ma family.

Zhuang Yunings mouth opened wide in surprise, You You know Young Boss Ma Cheng?

Ye Shaoyang smiled, Yes, and he owes me a favor.

Xiao Ma smacked his forehead, Why didnt I think of that dude with the same surname as me! Little Ye, you have thought this through, havent you?

Ye Shaoyang nodded, He is the best candidate. Nobody knows about what happened in his backyard, and we havent met after that. It would be hard to find out that we know each other.

Xiao Ma smirked, You both are going after the same girl, so he will not help you.

Ye Shaoyang rolled his eyes in annoyance, Can we not talk about this?

Zhuang Yuning, When do you plan to meet him?

Ye Shaoyang thought for a while, Tomorrow. I would like to explore the place beforehand.

Is this necessary? Zhuang Yuning was a little worried, If Hu Wei finds it out, and you send Mister Ma over tomorrow, wouldnt he suspect something?

Ye Shaoyang smiled, Dont worry, I have a plan.

Zhuang Yuning said, Do you need me to come along? I have an event to attend today.

No worries; just go on with your own plan. Ill bring Xiao Ma along. Just come back before it gets dark.

Now, Ye Shaoyangs phone suddenly rang. It was a message. Ye Shaoyang clicked onto it. It was a photo of man in his thirties. He had a thick pair of eyebrows and a sharp chin.

He looks ordinary. Xiao Ma commented.

Ye Shaoyang stared at him in disbelief, Tell me, how would a not-so-ordinary man look like?

Xiao Ma scratched his head, feeling a little embarrassed with the burn, What are you looking at then?

You idiot, Im trying to remember his face.

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