Start Selling Jars From Naruto Chapter 843

Chapter 843: : The Revolution Of The Traveling Merchant

The Chamber of Commerce began to expand its membership, but the conditions for the selection of candidates have not been relaxed, but it is only thanks to the limitations of the traveling merchant.

Toni was suddenly curious.

I dont know what those traveling merchants are doing now.

Actually Toni thought about this question.

Silence is also thinking.

While observing the development in the world of ghosts, he wondered how to improve his background.

From the perspective of the public beta, the speed of the Travel Merchant's membership expansion is inefficient and slow.

However, this is also a dream of many members.

Oshemaru is a good solution.

After all, the fundamental reason Osha Maru wants to become a traveling merchant is to see different worlds and different powers, and this aspect has been achieved, as long as he has enough points.

But the type of Kamikazuhoori, who yearns for the traveling merchant to bring hope to others, is not easy to handle.


Official staff is still indispensable.

Silence, after careful consideration, decided to add new tasks to Bismarck and Icarus who seemed to have come first.

"The Chamber of Commerce's selection system is only a preliminary screening. It requires not only to have aspirations, but also to occupy an important position in the fate of the world. However, in addition to these'sons of luck', there should be some in the long river of fate. Those who are silent, they should also have a chance." Silence said to Bismarck and others in front of him.

"So, is our mission the same?" Bismarck asked.

It sounds like nothing has changed. It is still looking for those who were rejected by the selection system and giving them a chance.

But silently shook his head.

"I will put a batch of unowned membership badges to various worlds. If someone finds it, and if the found person meets the basic requirements, it will be your turn to conduct further review. I will name this new profession ' Inspector'." Silence said his plan.

Examiner is the revolution of traveling merchants.

has similar authority.

The difference is that the examiner does not carry out the examination immediately, but the existing conditions, and then shuttles through the world with specific goals.

They dont have to stay in a world for a long time.

But you can freely travel through the world one by one, and review those fresh blood for the Chamber of Commerce.

of course.

This is also an aspirational goal for members.

Of course, the authority of the examiner is not limited to this. If you meet someone who is already a member, you can also carry out specific observation and training. In addition, they should also be responsible for more work-such as reviewing inappropriate tasks And modify, save some worlds that have reached a desperate situation and design them as duplicate worlds, and even review and punish members who violate the rules.

simply put.

is a group of chamber of commerce staff who are above the members and have certain privileges.

"Bismarck, Icarus, you guys give it a try first." Silently looked at the three people in front of me, "I will not announce the appearance of the examiner for the time being, but rely on you to test and improve it first. In short, it's a trip. , Especially Icarus, if you stay by my side, you will not grow."

Icarus hugged the watermelon in his arms tightly, seemingly aggrieved.

But finally nodded.

After these years, she is not the first entertainment angel who knows nothing. Although she is still a little natural, she does not lack wisdom, but lacks the opportunity to apply wisdom to practice.

After making a decision in silence.

A batch of blank badges were made, and on these badges, the influence of fate was exerted. This special force will guide the badges to find people with strong desires, even if these people are very ordinary, even if they are not the protagonist or supporting role , Even if they are nothing but obscurity in the fate of the whole world.

Then, Silence dropped these members into the worlds that had already purchased Worldgate.

The number is not large.

is just as a test after all.

And just at this time.

He suddenly realized that he had made another money.

At first glance, it was Butterfly Ninjas sister. Butterfly Chana also chose to join Tonis guild just like her sister, and thus directly obtained the funds for opening the can.

In addition, there is Ghost Mai Tsuji Mumai, who also started to collect a lot of money and open the cans.

Sure enough, after releasing the membership quota, the speed of making money has changed drastically.

Silently thought for a while.

decided to keep going.

put the member selection system made by himself into some of the worlds opened before.

for an instant.

Nearly a hundred people have the membership qualifications.

Especially in the Pirate World, this world does not lack large pirates full of ambitions, nor a navy full of justice. There are countless people who have left their own traces in their fate. The ship of fate before. , But also called a small part of it.

And now.

The real big era has just begun.

Only in the short period of time it was opened, the silent trading points began to rapidly battle.

Among these qualified people, there is no shortage of local tyrants.

"This is what makes money." Silent and satisfied.

At this speed.

He will soon make up for the money used to create the Chamber of Commerce reform, and then go wild.

Silence continued to focus on the world of ghosts.

This world is still an important experimental world. If there is nothing to question, silence will copy the development of this world to the rest of the new world.

At this moment.

Under the stimulation of Butterfly Ninja and Butterfly Chana, the rest of Zhu's heart more or less aroused the desire for the jar.

And Toni is always happy. UU reading www.uukanshu.com

Because the butterfly Chanel also opened a career in the treatment department, and he was still an earth spirit who was full of love and peace for everything.

This is a true resurrection skill.

is big tits.

is no less than the Paladin Tsunade.

"Posted!" Toni only had this sentence in her mind.

Although Chanel Butterfly has not developed this skill, nor the corresponding resurrection items, it also means that Tsunades monopoly has been broken. Looking at the current Tsunade, we can see that people with weak resurrection skills are here Among the members, there is still a large market.

Tony is more than just a scientist.

She is even more a shrewd businessman.

Otherwise, he would not insist on establishing a guild.

And now.

She finally understood the true value of this new world mission.

is simply an excellent opportunity to grab newcomers!

"Thank you so much, Mikoto." Toni hugged Misaka Mikoto's shoulders and looked at her excitedly. "Thanks to you for inviting me to this world, I made you the vice president of the guild, no, I have to heir, child, I will definitely train you to be a truly outstanding and attractive woman!"

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