Strike Back Proud Goddess Chapter 320

Chapter 320 I Can Do Anything For You

Translator: Henyee  Editor: Henyee

Lu Li took a look at Xiao Jing, and then at his watch. It was indeed time for lunch. He stood up and took a look at the elites of Long Xiao as he said, “Then let’s continue after lunch. The meeting will be resumed at two pm. Now let’s go to lunch.”

Xiao Jing followed Lu Li out of the meeting room and asked casually, “Do you watch the news these days?”

Lu Li looked back at Xiao Jing. Although he was expressionless, there was a surprised gleam in his eyes. Xiao Jing took out his cellphone and showed Lu Li the real time news. “This news. Didn’t Qiao Liang tell you about this?”

Lu Li looked at the screen and immediately recognized that the bodyguard was Qiao Liang although he had disguised himself. He raised his eyebrows and looked at Xiao Jing. “Tang Xi?”

Xiao Jing nodded. “Why did he go to the capital?”

Lu Li looked at Xiao Jing’s worried look, raised his eyebrows and asked, “Why did you ask me this? Are you worried about Qiao Liang or worried that Qiao Liang may reconcile with Tang Xi and dump your sister?”

Xiao Jing was speechless and remembered that these people hadn’t known his sister was just Tang Xi reborn. He shrugged. “I have faith in my sister’s charm.” He took his cell phone back from Lu Li’s hand. “Since there is a belle waiting for you, I won’t bother you anymore.” Then he walked towards his office holding his cell phone.

Lu Li looked at his back, smiled and turned to walk towards the elevator. As he walked, he made a call. “When will you come back from the capital?”

“Tomorrow evening.”

Wen Ning sitting in the cafe opposite to the Qiao’s International Building stared at the gate of the building. When she saw Lu Li walk out of the building, she gave an excited smile, hurriedly stood up and left the cafe with two packed cups of coffee. When Lu Li saw Wen Ning hastening out of the cafe, he quickly walked towards her and waited at the roadside. He put a hand into his pocket and looked at the girl who was smiling happily towards him with a smile.

If it weren’t for that encounter that night, he thought he might never have the chance to wait at the roadside, leisurely go to lunch with her and see her smiling so brightly like this.

Perhaps they might meet in the office of Interpol or… on the battlefield.

When the green light was on, Wen Ning darted through the crowd carrying the coffee and ran up to Lu Li. Lu Li took over the coffee from her and Wen Ning smiled. “It’s Blue Mountain coffee. I know you like it.”

Lu Li took a sip of the coffee and asked her, “What do you want to eat?”

“I know a very good restaurant. Let me take you there.” Wen Ning took Lu Li’s hand and said as she walked, “I’m going back to Country M this afternoon, because I have to deal with my job. When will you go back to Country M?”

Lu Li fell silent when he heard Wen Ning was going back to Country M. He had a hunch that their future was becoming uncertain again now that Wen Ning was leaving. He hated this feeling. It was she who confessed her love to him and took the initiative to approach him. Why did she suddenly have to leave?

Wen Ning found Lu Li was standing still in the same place, so she looked back at him. “What’s up?”

Lu Li looked at her and asked with a straight face, “Why are you always so self-willed? You confessed your love to me and then you just walk away? How can you do this to me?”

Wen Ning was confused at Lu Li’s words. “I don’t understand what you’re talking about.”

“You said you wanted to chase me, you said you would marry no man but me, you said you would be with me in this life, but now you say that you are leaving.” Lu Li clenched his hands and his face gradually darkened. He stared coldly at Wen Ning and asked, “Wen Ning, am I so easy to manipulate in your eyes? You tease me when you like it, and kick me off to the side when you don’t need me anymore?”

Wen Ning’s heart sank. She squinted at Lu Li and suddenly cracked a smile. She took Lu Li’s arm and asked, “Are you afraid I will dump you?”

Lu Li’s face became even darker and he sounded sullen. “Are you pleased to see me like this?”

“Yes!” Wen Ning nodded in excitement.

Lu Li scowled but Wen Ning held his arm more tightly. “I’m very pleased to see you caring so much about me.” Lu Li paused and Wen Ning continued, “I’m just going back for work, I’m still your girlfriend. But if you don’t want me to go back, I can quit my job as long as you request it of me.”

Perhaps Lu Li was not accustomed to Wen Ning’s sudden confession of love, or he was surprised at her words. Lu Li froze there for quite a while before he looked at Wen Ning and asked in a low voice, “Quit your job? But you’re already a senior inspector.”

Wen Ning said, “I’ve been a senior inspector for years and have served Interpol for years. Now I just want to be Mrs. Lu as long as you agree.”

Her words completely broke down the high walls in Lu Li’s heart. He gazed at Wen Ning and his eyes were so unfathomable as if they were going to suck Wen Ning in. Feeling Lu Li’s emotions, Wen Ning smiled. “I can do anything for you as long as you will be happy.”

Lu Li gazed at Wen Ning and it had been quite a while before he looked away. “I don’t want to be a chain around your neck. You like your job so much.”

He couldn’t be so selfish as to destroy her career just because he wanted her to stay with him. Although they were doomed to be antagonistic because of their jobs, he just wanted her to live happily.

Wen Ning smiled, took Lu Li’s hand and whispered, “I would be happy to quit my job and come and work for you, as long as you requested me to.”

Lu Li took her hand and walked towards the parking lot with her. He laughed as he walked. “What if you are an undercover agent of Interpol? I dare not put you beside me.”

Wen Ning paused and then said lightly, “Although you’re telling the truth, please realise that I’ll still be hurt by your words. Don’t you know this?”

Lu Li took a look at Wen Ning and his tone remained unchanged. “I can’t lie to you. You’re no longer my student, nor that innocent little girl. Now you’re a senior inspector at Interpol. I can’t guarantee to my colleagues that you’re not an undercover agent.”

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