Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1241

After going in the Golden Page World, Ye Mo didn’t have that feeling of unease anymore. He immediately knew that the feeling was caused by the jade box. If he didn’t send that jade box out, perhaps Yin Xu would be at the hotel already.
Ye Mo released the Mist Lotus Heart Fire, and this time he threw the scale in. He thought that Mist Lotus Heart Fire was a heaven flame and red coloured, so it would be able to mold the scale.
But eight minutes later, Ye Mo was disappointed, the scale only melted a little bit. With this speed, he would need a few days to melt it, and that was just the first step. How many days would he need to fuse it with Blue Moon?
Soon, Ye Mo realized that time wasn’t even the problem. If his fire melted the scale this slowly, he wouldn’t be able to fuse. This was the simplest method in forgery.
Realizing this, the reason he wasn’t scared of Yin Xu was because he was a forgery grand master. If he got the Kun scale, he could mold it into his Blue Moon. Once Blue Moon was a half immortal artifact, even truth realisation state cultivators wouldn’t be able to catch up to him. However, the reality was that his Mist Lotus Heart Fire wasn’t enough to mold the Kun scale.
Ye Mo felt very annoyed, his brain operated rapidly to think of a way out.
If he didn’t deal with the city lord, he really wasn’t scared of those disaster transformation state cultivator but he was facing truth realisation state cultivators now.
Ye Mo couldn’t think of any other way other than upgrading Blue Moon.
In order to do that, he needed to mold the scale, but other than upgrading his heaven flame, there was no other way.
Thinking about the Mist Lotus Heart Fire, Ye Mo remembered he still had a Flame Lotus heart. It was given to him by Lu Wuhu and he hadn’t used it.
Ye Mo immediately took it out, and felt its scorching heat. Without the need for Ye Mo to do anything, the Mist Lotus Heart Fire had already swept it away.
Ye Mo looked satisfiedly and believed his heaven flame would be able to reach green color this time.
But Ye Mo was soon disappointed, the Flame Lotus heart was devoured rapidly but his mist Motus Lotus Heart Fire only became a little darker; it was still red.
Ye Mo took out the Kun scale, it melted faster but wasn’t enough to upgrade Blue Moon.
Ye Mo put down the Kun scale dejectedly while thinking how he could upgrade Mist Lotus Heart Fire.
He took out all the ores Meng Hanan gave him and put them in front. He was planning to test them all to see which material would be useful for the Mist Lotus Heart Fire.
Soon, Ye Mo was surprised to see his Mist Lotus Heart Fire lean towards a blue ore.
Ye Mo immediately remembered that it was the ore he got from the Qu 18 Disks, it was a little hot and he felt it would benefit him at the time. Now, Ye Mo realized it would benefit the Mist Lotus Heart Fire.
Ye Mo took it over immediately and it was soon swept into the Mist Lotus Heart Fire. The Mist Lotus Heart Fire exploded after devouring that blue ore.
The heat rose drastically. Ye Mo felt the flame getting hotter and hotter.
Ye Mo was shook, he had already spirit controlled Mist Lotus Heart Fire – how could he feel the heat?
Soon, Ye Mo felt that he was slowly losing control of the Mist Lotus Heart Fire, it was as though it was going to fly out of his hands.
Ye Mo knew things weren’t good, he quickly burnt some blood and used Three Birth Chant to control the Mist Lotus Heart Fire.
Luckily, bad things didn’t happen and the flame gradually calmed down.
Moments later, the Mist Lotus Heart Fire started to show a green color. After another 15 minutes, the flames turned aqua.
15 minutes later, when Ye Mo saw the flame turn into a blue color, he was astonished. He realized what the blue ore did, it could upgrade any rare flame into a blue color.
Such a terrifying ore, this was the rare treasure of the world! Ye Mo was sure that the blue ore was much more valuable than the Kun scale.
Many people thought it was hard getting a rare flame, but it was much harder to upgrade it.
If it was below red color it wasn’t too bad, but after red, it would be countless times harder.
Yet this blue ore could upgrade his Mist Lotus Heart Fire to blue color, it was too absurd. Ye Mo couldn’t think of an ore that was this powerful. Not even a level 10 ore would be able to do that.
Ye Mo rejoiced that he made the decision to take the ore, it was perfect for him.
Half a day later, the Mist Lotus Heart Fire had calmed down and a water blue flame jumped around on his palm.
Ye Mo was surprised and overjoyed, he could feel the terrifying power of the Mist Lotus Heart Fire. He felt he could even use it to attack a truth realisation state cultivator.
Mist Lotus Heart Fire now gave him endless hope. He admired the flame for 15 minutes before taking out a few materials to test.
They all soon melted into liquid, Ye Mo used very little spirit sense and cultivation essence to control it.
Usually, it would take him a day to forge a low grade cultivation artifact, but now it only took him four hours. Plus, aesthetically speaking, it was much prettier than before.
With the Mist Lotus Heart Fire’s upgrade, Ye Mo’s forgery skills and pill concoction both improved.
Putting this newly forged low grade cultivation artifact aside, Ye Mo took out the Kun scale and threw it into the flame.
Now, the scale melted rapidly. In just moments, it was done.
Ye Mo quickly took out Blue Moon and molded the scale into it while throwing out hand signs and inscribing formations.
He couldn’t completely mold the scale into Blue Moon, but just partially was enough for now.
Three days later, the Kun scale was gone and Blue Moon let out a phoenix-like howl. It seemed a little more alive. Ye Mo was overjoyed. In order to better control Blue Moon, he started to spirit control it again.
A day later, Ye Mo got up. Blue Moon was now a half immortal artifact. He desperately wanted to test its speed.
A big part of his plan had succeeded, he only needed to hide Blue Moon’s chi and then leave Yin Hai City.

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