Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1242

Ye Mo heard that immortal artifact would have divine damnation when completed but he didn’t see any divine damnation. It was probably due to the incomplete laws of his world. Second, he didn’t completely mold the Kun scale in.
More importantly, his Blue Moon was just barely half immortal artifact, it was still a far way away from immortal artifact. Plus, half immortal artifacts didn’t have divine damnation anyways.
Ye Mo’s Blue Moon wasn’t completely upgraded so it’s chi was exposed. Ye Mo couldn’t perfect it more for now, but he could inscribe some stealth formations on it to cover its chi.
Then, Ye Mo left the Golden Page World and put away all the restrictions. Ye Mo put the red jade box back into the storage ring before coming out of the room.
He came out and saw Ji Ling and them discussing something. Their faces were very serious.
“What’s going on?” Ye Mo asked in confusion.
Ji Ling answered, “Hanan told us about your deal with the city lord. Ye Mo, this was too risky, if we leave the city now, perhaps we’ll be followed.”
Ye Mo nodded, “Ji qian bei, it’s not just probable, it’s certain that we’ll be followed. There’s no way that the city lord won’t hunt us. But we should leave now in case anything else coming up.”
“Martial brother Ye, are we leaving now?” Guang Wei asked in confusion.
Ye Mo nodded in certainty. “Yes, we must go now as fast as possible.” He didn’t talk about Blue Moon, he wouldn’t say anything about this before going out of Yin Hai City. No matter how confident he was in his formations and restrictions, he wouldn’t do such a thing. Who knows if Yin Xu would be able to hear it?
Seeing that Ye Mo had made up his decision, Ji Ling didn’t ask and quickly packed away all the formations and restrictions. Moments later, they left the hotel.
At the same time, Ye Mo noticed that there were many people watching them outside the hotel. But Ye Mo was sure they weren’t sent by the city lord. Yin Xu didn’t need them.
When the seven came to the city gates, Ye Mo saw that Yin Sha was waiting outside the city for him. There were two disaster transformation state cultivators next to him. Ye Mo didn’t see that cauldron filling state female cultivator.
Guang Wei looked worriedly at Ye Mo. “Ye Mo, these people seem to have been watching us, what do we do?”
“Ignore them, let’s just leave.” Ye Mo ignored Yin Sha’s murderous eyes and walked out.
As expected, no one stopped them from going out. When they came to that huge grassy plain, Ye Mo swiped with the card and a void formation door appeared.
“Go in quickly,” Ye Mo said and went in.
Moments later, the seven appeared on that huge rock again. Ye Mo breathed easy, he felt free here again, not oppressed like in Yin Hai City.
“I feel much more comfortable,” Meng Hanan sighed.
Ye Mo didn’t ask about her feelings and took out Blue Moon. “Quickly get on, we need to leave.”
Ji Ling immediately saw the stealth formations Ye Mo had added. He thought of the Kun scale, did Ye Mo really refine it? He didn’t ask Ye Mo about it as now wasn’t the time.
When they got on Blue Moon, Yin Sha and them quickly followed. However, they were on a top grade flying cultivation artifact instead of the low grade flying cultivation artifact from before.
When they got on, Ji Ling and them found that Blue Moon wasn’t any faster than before but instead a little slower.
Teng Yi also noticed this and said, “Ye Mo increase the speed to max, we need to run.”
Meng Hanan answered for Ye Mo, “We can’t increase to max speed yet. If we do, the nearby truth realisation state cultivators would know that ordinary flying magic artifacts wouldn’t be able to chase up to us and will come after us immediately.”
“Sister Meng is right.” But Ye Mo had another reason, that Yin Sha was too cocky. He would feel uncomfortable if he didn’t teach Yin Sha a lesson. Thus, they couldn’t go too fast.
A few hours later, Ye Mo stopped Blue Moon.
Meng Hanan asked in confusion, “Martial brother Ye we just got 100,000 kilometers away from Yin Hai City, why did you stop?”
Meng Hanan thought now was the time to speed up.
Ye Mo knew what she meant, he pointed at Yin Sha. “I don’t like that guy, I want to teach him a lesson.”
Ye Mo knew that even if the city lord was going to attack him, he wouldn’t do it in front of Yin Sha and them.
Outside the no fighting range, Yin Sha wanted to stop Ye Mo and them but saw Ye Mo stop himself.
Before they said anything, Ye Mo came out of Blue Moon and said to Yin Sha, “If you want to fight hurry up. I don’t have much time.”
Hearing this, Yin Sha and them laughed. A cauldron filling state level six pointed his finger at a disaster transformation state level six telling him to hurry up and fight? Was there something funnier than this in the world?
Only Guang Wei looked worried. She knew Yin Sha was disaster transformation state middle stage while Ye Mo was cauldron filling state. How could he beat Yin Sha? Ming Xin didn’t know Yin Sha’s power. Meanwhile Meng Hanan and them didn’t worry about Ye Mo at all. Ye Mo could kill disaster transformation state middle stage Yong Yan at cauldron filling state level two, he was now cauldron filling state level six. Even if he was no match for Yin Sha, he wouldn’t lose by much.
Yin Sha turned around to the two disaster transformation state tertiary stages and saluted with his fists. “Two brothers, watch him and don’t let the others run, watch how I teach this kid a lesson.”
Yin Sha then releaed his Yin Yang lock and his power rose drastically. There were explosions in the air due to his pressure.
Ye Mo saluted with his fists at this moment. “Friend, it was my fault that I took Guang Wei away before, but she’s my friend”
Yin Sha and them were dazed, Ye Mo was being very cocky just then as though he didn’t fear anyone, but now he was scared?
Yin Sha snarled, “What? Scared now? It’s too late! Weren’t you very cocky at the trade hall? Destroying someone’s dan tian and taking 11 cultivation women – I’ll tell you right now, even if I let you go today, you think you can get away? Keep fucking dreaming!”
Ye Mo frowned and took out a red jade box. “This is a blue lightning source bead, it’s very precious. I’ll give it to you friend, please let me go.”
Then, he opened the jade box to show Yin Sha and threw it over at him.
Yin Sha immediately wrapped the box with his cultivation essence and checked it carefully before opening it. It was indeed a blue lightning source bead. He was overjoyed.
This was more precious than seven or eight cultivation women. If it was some lightning spirit root cultivator, this was the best thing for them. It was a priceless treasure for them.
He didn’t expect that Ye Mo gave him something this precious before he even attacked. Clearly he had more precious things.
Ye Mo didn’t even wait for him to finish and released Zi Xu. Rings of purple ray emanated like a beam from Zi Xu and they covered the heavens as they swooped towards Yin Sha. Instantly, Yin Sha couldn’t be seen anymore, there were just purple rays.
Illusion Cloud 7th Strike, Formation Shatter
Ye Mo’s strike locked the surrounding space and at the same time, he sent over a few spirit sense transformed blades.
Yin Sha didn’t take this cauldron filling state level six cultivator seriously and casually let out his Yin Yang lock. He didn’t want to kill Ye Mo, he wanted Ye Mo alive.
But instantly, he felt something was wrong. The space around him froze and it was hard for him to use his magic artifact.
“This is domain, initial completion domain” Yin Sha was extremely shocked. Even his domain wasn’t in initial completion, yet a cauldron filling state cultivator had achieved this.
In his shock, Yin Sha forcefully used his Yin Yang lock. He broke free of Ye Mo’s domain instantly and the Yin Yang lock swept towards the purple rays. But at this moment, there were piercing pains in his sea of consciousness.

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