Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1567

Chapter 1567 Ill Make You Lose In Frustration

Gongsun Zhiyu was completely focused on pill concoction and didn’t notice what flame Ye Mo took out. Ye Mo instead admired this guy, it wasn’t easy to be fully focused on pill concoction under such circumstance.

Ye Mo slowly chucked the immortal spirit herb in the pill cauldron and used mist lotus heart fire to refine the immortal spirit herb.

Seeing Ye Mo do thing step by step while Gongsun Zhiyu was so fast his movements couldn’t be seen everyone knew that Gongsun Zhiyu was better than Ye Mo in every way except a flame.

Qin Nianmei was desperate lokoing at this. she knew Ye Mo was a level three immortal pill master but she didn’t expect his pill concoction skills to be this bad. The only one who knew that Ye Mo’s pill concoction skills was too much stronger than Gongsun Zhiyu was Feng Chunmo.

Half an hour later, Gongsun Zhiyu was using pull pill spell and pulled out 12 pills in three seconds. They immediately had a pill aroma and was placed in the bottle he prepared.

Ye Mo’s spirit sense immediately recognized the grade of Gongsun Zhiyu’s pills. When everyone was amazed with Gongsun Zhiyu’s proficient pill concoction method, Ye Mo took out a jade bottle and instantly took out 12 pills.

Seeing Ye Mo finish too, Qin Nianmei breathed easy.

“hmm…” everyone thought Ye Mo would lose for sure and didn’t notice that Ye Mo was only about ten seconds slower than Gongsun Zhiyu. He clearly moved so slowly before but his pill concoction was no slower than Gongsun Zhiyu, maybe even a little faster.

“very well, very well, Zhiyu…” Qin Peifu suddenly stopped as he found Ye Mo was done.

He immediately changed his words “both of you are prodigies of pill dao, finishing the same abstruse essence pill in under half an hour. Now allow elder Yang of our sect and brother Gongsun to judge together.”

Gongsun Yin quickly said “martial sister Yang Zai can have a look I don’t need to. After all, Gongsun Zhiyu is my disciple.”

“in that case I’ll have a look at their pills.” The beautiful great eternity immortal female cultivator nodded.

Seeing Ye Mo send his pills over to elder Yang Zai, Gongsun Zhiyu hesitated for a moment and gave his bottle to elder Yang.

Ye Mo wanted to laugh, Gongsun Zhiyu was scared elder Yang would cheat just because she said something fair.

Yang Zai didn’t seem to notice this and took both jade bottles.

She looked very calm before but after looking at it, she was shook.

Seeing this, everyone wanted to know what would make a great eternity immortal so shocked.

“martial sister Yang what are the results?” Qin Peifei asked desperately.

Yang Zai sighed “pill master Ye probably won by a little bit.”

“what?” Gongsun Zhiyu called out in shock but then he immediately realized his disrespect and quickly apologized.

The cultivators started chattering. Clearly, they didn’t believe elder Yang’s judgement. Thinking about how she helped Ye Mo before, clearly everyone felt she intentionally made Gongsun Zhiyu lose.

But no matter what they couldn’t doubt her. After all, no one would be dumb enough to doubt a great eternity immortal publicly.

Gongsun Yin’s face was bad but he didn’t make any request and said “haha, since pill master Ye can beat Zhiyu a little he’s indeed not bad. Zhiyu come back.”

He immediately agreed to Yang Zai’s judgement and didn’t ask to see the pills.

Gongsun Zhiyu was unsatisfied but he didn’t argue and went back.

Even Qin Peifu sighed, since Yang Zai wanted to help Qin Nianmei, it menat Qin Nianmei already asked for her help. Since Ye Mo could concoct abstruse essence pill he wouldn’t be that bad. Plus he was who his daughter liked so he said nothing.

Seeing Gongsun Yin’s face how could Yang Zai not know what he thought. He gave the two jade bottles to him “although I decided that Ye Mo won but I’m no immortal pill master, I might have misjudged. Martial brother Gongsun is immortal pill great master so it’s better you have a look…”

“no need, no need…” Gongsun Yin said but he still took the jade bottles.

He really wanted to see what Ye Mo was concocting so slowly that could beat his disciple.

The two jade bottles were opened again, Gongsun Yin rapidly looked at them and his face changed. Moments later he sighed “pill master Ye’s abstruse essence pill is indeed a little better than Zhiyu. Pill master Ye probably won. Pill master Ye wasn’t bluffing indeed his accomplishment would be unlimited in the future.”

“master?” Gongsun Zhiyu looked at his master in confusion. theoretically his master wouldn’t help Ye Mo so why did he say Ye Mo won? Was Ye Mo’s pills really better than his?

Ye Mo saluted with his fists “that was just pure luck, that was the hardest cauldron of pills I’ve concocted so far. The win is truly due to luck…”

Seeing Ye Mo’s genuine expression, everyone realisd that Ye Mo’s cauldron was probably really good due to his luck. Perhaps this was fate between him and Qin Nianmei.

Qin Peifu also looked at Gongsun Yin in confusion. he really didn’t believe Ye Mo would win.

Seeing everyone look at him, Gongsun Yin pointed at the two jade bottles “out of Zhiyu’s 12 pills, there is one top grade, 8 middle grade and 3 low grade…”

Everyone looked at Gongsun Zhiyu with awe. The main signature of immortal pill master reaching immortal pill great master was concocting 12 top grade level three immortal pills. Gongsun Zhiyu had one meaning that he was making progress towards immortal pill great master. this process might be long but it was better than countless immortal pill master who ha dno hope.

Soon, everyone thought about Ye Mo. Didn’t that mean he had at least one top grade pill?

Gongsun Yin said “pill master Ye also has one top grade pills but there are 9 middle grade and 2 low grade…”

With this, everyone realized how Ye Mo won. He had one extra middle grade pill and one less low grade pill. this difference was really fine.

If it wasn’t that this control wasn’t something people could control, people would even think Ye Mo did this intentionally but not even level six immortal pill great master might be able to do this.

Everyone could only sigh that Ye Mo was truly lucky.

Gongsun Zhiyu was immensely frustrated. Ye Mo won him by a mere middle grade pill. he would rather his cauldron have failed than to lose in such a frustrating way.

“come, try the immortal spirit fruit of our Extreme Sword sect…” Qin Peifu changed the subject.

Qin Nianmei rejoiced. She didn’t Ye Mo to easily beat Gongsun Zhiyu like this. she didn’t use the other cards she had prepared. She waved to Ye Mo “Ye Mo, quickly come over, sit here.”

Seeing his daughter’s happy look, Qin Peifu smiled. He felt her eyes were quite keen to be able to find an immortal pill master better than Gongsun Yin’s disciple.

Ye Mo bowed to Yang Zai and then walked to the table next to Qin Peifu but didn’t sit down.

“okay, great.” Qin Peifu started to like Ye Mo now.

Seeing that he was going to say more, Ye Mo quickly bowed and said “qian bei, wan bei got news not long ago there’s something important that I need to go back for, so…”

Ye Mo was done with the mission so he had to go, he was scared this Qin Peifu would ask things.

Qin Nianmei didn’t expect Ye Mo was leaving this quickly. She was grateful that Ye Mo helped her but now Ye Mo was leaving without even sitting down. Seeing the questioning glance from her father, she felt uncomfortable.

This guy was too heartless. he didn’t even want to stay a little longer after the deal was done but she could only help Ye Mo now “yes dad, when he came he had things he didn’t deal with. After he finishes it, I’ll let him stay here.”

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