Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1568

Chapter 1568 Immortal Music From The Heavens

Qin Peifu smiled. “In that case send Ye Mo off first and then come back, I have some things to ask you.”

“I know.” Qian Nianmei quickly agreed and then pulled Ye Mo’s hand as they walked out.

How come Ye Mo not know what she meant? She was scared that not long after he left her father would try and help her find a dao partner again, so she did this in front of everyone.

“Martial brother Ye, I’ll come send you off too.” Feng Chunmo was very disappointed to see Ye Mo leave. She still wanted to ask Ye Mo to help with pill concoction again.

“What are you doing? Nianmei is sending Ye Mo off, you don’t need to go join her.” The nun dressed great extreme immortal next to Feng Chunmo quickly stopped her.

Only Bing Yu knew what was going on. She clearly saw Feng Chunmo walk out of Ye Mo’s room with untidy clothes. She could only sigh.

Feng Chunmo could only sigh as well upon seeing her master stopped her.

Now that Ye Mo left, she could only ask Qin Nianmei about him.

Qin Nianmei sent Ye Mo to the door of the sect and said unhappily, “Aren’t you a bit too desperate. You didn’t even stay here for a day and you’re going to leave.”

Ye Mo said plainly, “The deal between us is done, I don’t like staying here.”

Ye Mo was being honest, he didn’t know anyone here and they were all more powerful than him. It was fine if Qin Nianmei was really his dao partner, but she wasn’t.

“Never mind, I really didn’t expect you to be able to beat Gongsun Zhiyu in pill concoction. I thought it would take a long while for me to convince my father, but it succeeded so fast. Thank you,” Qin Nianmei said.

Ye Mo waved his hand. “No need to thank me, we’re just doing a deal. Plus, there’s something you haven’t given me yet, aren’t you…”

Qin Nianmei rolled her eyes. “I didn’t forget.”

She took out a rune and a jade slip. “The map to the Chaos Star Realm is inside. This is the space laceration rune. But I need to remind you, it’s suicide to go there with your power. You helped me and I feel you’re a good person so I don’t want you to die immediately.”

“Thank you, whether or not I die is my business. After our deal, you are you, I am me. Goodbye.” Then Ye Mo got on Blue Moon and disappeared.

“Pfft, serves you right to die in the Chaos Star Realm!” Qin Nianmei cursed behind Ye Mo’s back. Suddenly she felt a little sad, she truly didn’t want Ye Mo to die. He was very cunning but he kept his promise. Plus, concocting that cauldron of pills was probably the hardest thing he had ever done.

After Ye Mo left, Gongsun Yin no longer had the mood to stay at his friend’s place and left with Gongsun Zhiyu.

Qin Peifu had seen Ye Mo, Ye Mo’s overall performance was barely satisfactory. He wasn’t mature but he had real capability. As for maturity, that was no problem, after some things it would change.

Yang Zai took Bing Yu and left the main peak of the sect. Then, she suddenly asked, “Bing Yu, you don’t seem to be happy. You’re rarely like this, is it because Hai Chuanwu still pesters you?”

The ice cold female cultivator quickly said, “No master, it’s because I feel like martial sister Nianmei and Gongsun Zhiyu are a better match. That Ye Mo doesn’t seem very mature and he won by luck…”

Yang Zai looked at her disciple in confusion. She rarely said anything usually, why did she suddenly exclaim about such things?

Yang Zai sighed. “Do you really think that Ye Mo beat Gongsun Zhiyu by luck?”

“Did he not?” Bing Yu asked in shock.

Yang Zai said seriously, “Although I’m not certain that Ye Mo did it on purpose, his luck is a bit too good. He won with an extra middle grade pill and his procedure wasn’t fast. How come he finished only ten seconds later than Gongsun Zhiyu?”

“But master, if he could control pills to such extent, didn’t this mean he was a top grade immortal pill great master or even an immortal pill grandmaster?” Bing Yu asked in confusion.

Yang Zai frowned. “This is something I don’t understand either. Even an immortal pill great master might not have such accurate control. If Ye Mo did this intentionally, then he’s too scary.”

“He said that was the hardest cauldron of pills he had ever concocted. Didn’t that mean he was just lucky?” Bing Yu asked in confusion.

Yang Zai sighed. “You can understand this from another perspective. Because he had to concoct a cauldron of pills just a little bit better than Gongsun Zhiyu, it took him a lot of effort. I feel this is more applicable to Ye Mo’s character. Plus, the instant Gongsun Zhiyu finished pill concoction, Ye Mo’s spirit sense quickly scanned his pills.”

“Huh…” Bing Yu stared at her master in shock. “Is this possible?”

“It’s impossible, so that’s why I’m doubtful. If this is true then that Ye Mo is an unimaginable talent. For such a person, it’s not that he doesn’t deserve Nianmei but that Nianmei doesn’t deserve him.” Yang Zai sighed.

“Master, cultivation needs a stable mentality. Ye Mo seems very impetuous and immature. Such a person shouldn’t have such capability right? Plus, even if he has some capabilities, it shouldn’t be that Nianmei doesn’t deserve him?” Bing Yu said.

Yang Zai fell silent for a while and said, “I feel it’s very strange too – how could an impetuous person become an immortal pill master great master? Unless…”

“Unless his actions were intentional. He had to beat Gongsun Zhiyu and make the sect leader accept him as Nianmei’s dao partner but also needed to leave a bad impression. This is too conflicting.”

Bing Yu fell silent. If her master’s guess was right, then that Ye Mo was too insane. Why did such a prodigy come to the Extreme Sword Sect and immediately get together with Feng Chunmo? Feng Chunmo usually wasn’t such a woman either. Did she know that Ye Mo was extraordinary?

“Bingyu, don’t underestimate any cultivator. Our sect is great eternity immortal sect and is insurmountable in Gong Hua Heaven but Gong Hua Heaven is just a low heaven domain. There are middle and grand heaven domains. In the vast immortal realm, there are too many prodigies, your path is still long. I hope to take you to see the prodigies of the middle heaven domains, perhaps there your view would broaden.

“Master, I understand. I plan to go out for trial anyways and come back when I reach great immortal.” Bing Yu bowed.

Yang Zai nodded. “Okay, the immortal realm is cruel, but if you can’t survive in the environment yourself and always stay in the sect, you will never accomplish much. Before, I wasn’t about to break through to great immortal so I left the sect and found my own fortune.”

The Chaos Star Realm couldn’t be reached through teleportation formation, one must fly there; but it could be reached from any heaven domain directly. The time varies, the slowest was using a low grade immortal artifact which took a few decades, the fastest was just a few days.

In the nearby domains, the cultivators realized that it was the fastest to go to Extreme Wind Heaven first and then go to the Chaos Star Realm from there. It would take at most one month using a low grade flying immortal artifact that way.

Ye Mo only had a low grade flying immortal artifact, he would need half a month even flying to the teleportation formation. But Ye Mo didn’t mind. He just wanted to improve his power.

On the way, he met immortals using all sorts of flying immortal artifacts, some of them were riding immortal beasts.

Ye Mo was very contemptuous towards this, only a rare few were faster than flying immortal artifacts, most of them just looked cool.

Ten days later, he was halfway to Gong Hua Heaven’s teleportation formation.

Today, he stood at the front deck of Blue Moon studying the jade slip left behind by Feng Chunmo’s brother. Then he heard a wave of immortal music.

The sound wasn’t loud but it was very clear and comfortable. He scanned with spirit sense and didn’t see anyone playing music.

Ye Mo judged the direction the sound came from and sped over with Blue Moon to see what it was.

But he only went a few hundred kilometers before an even faster dashing light stopped him.

Ye Mo immediately knew it was a middle grade flying immortal artifact, so without hesitation, he released Zi Xu.

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