Struggling Gamer Book 1 Chapter 13

Volume 1 Chapter 13 Sub Quest

"GODDAMMIT!!!" zay shouted as he put his finger in his mouth, he heard his voice echo go down the tunnel it sounded like it had no end - how far could it possibly go - the glow was farther up ahead so Zay decides to keep following the salamanders.

It wasn't long before Zay came to an open room the path leading out to a platform it was

surrounded by lava, the voice sounded off

*to much heat + 1 to fatigue *

*you have found the chamber of the salamanders *

zay kept walking not paying it any mind as he kept walking forward the salamanders fell off the platform and into the lava Zay hurried over to where it fell.

Zay sat their worried as he's sawing the lava bubble where it went in, he didn't know why but he got a horrible feeling in his stomach so he jumped back ,he was lucky he did the lava shot up and hit the ceiling sending some of it to the platform , zay dodged all the Debris almost getting squashed a couple of times.

WHO DARES TO ENTER MY CHAMBER UNINVITED said in a voice that thunders in the chamber

Zay looked up to see a huge salamander he quickly said




Class: feral queen

Title: salamanders QUEEN


-Dammit this might not end well for me - Zay thought

"I am zay I do not mean to intrude " zay said as he got down on a knee and looked down

seems you have some manners so I'll let it go so tell me why you are here she said in a softer tone

"I followed a salamander here I was curious when I saw the glow and felt its heat ma'am "

do you mean this one as she lowered her head down to the platform showing the gold glow

"Yes that's the one " zay said with a smile

I thought I felt your energy in her but still what you do she is stronger than she should be at this age she said as she looked zay up and down closely

"I think she went in the fire that I had set up" zay said in a nervous tone

fire does make us stronger but not like this, ah I see it now you don't belong on this worldshe said as she backed up

"So what now" zay said

tell you what she is strong enough for a pact now, so if you passed my trials ill let you make it she said

"What would they be ?" Zay asked

two trials 1 is a test of the strength of your mind, the second one is a test of your resolve I won't say it won't be hard or painful tho she said with what seemed to be a grin

"Yes I accept" zay said as the voice sounded off

*sub-quest started *

*salamander trial #1 mind in the smoke*

as it finished saying that the salamander queen opened her mouth letting out a huge smoke cloud that surrounded Zay he clenched his eye's shut.

As zay opened his eyes he found himself in bed he got up to find himself in his old room -was it all just a bad dream - zay thought as heard footsteps getting closer.

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