Struggling Gamer Book 1 Chapter 15

Volume 1 Chapter 15 Now I'm Just Pissed

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After they all got back home they sat down for a while,

"Hey can you and Jacob go get something for dinner," said their mom

They got up and got ready then they went to the store, zay kept thinking he saw a golden glow the whole time they were walking after a little while zay started to have a bad feeling in his stomach.

Zay noticed that all the street lights we're off

"What's wrong with you keep up or I'll leave you behind," Jacob said

"Nothing" zay said as he caught up

Out of nowhere, a man stood in front of them it was too dark to get any details all they heard

"Give me everything you guys got, " he said

Zay hesitated and stood there in fear

"No, we aren't giving you sh!t " Jacobs said

The guy pulled out and gun and pointed it at zay and as he shot Jacob got in the way when Jacob hit the ground the man aimed a gun at zay

"Now empty up or you will join him," the man said

"Can we stop this your just pissing me off, you got quite the amount details but it ain't right" said zay

"Something stopped me when I tried to dig any further, how did you know I wiped anything about the otherworld," said the man.

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