Struggling Gamer Book 1 Chapter 18

Volume 1 Chapter 18 Deep Crimson Red

Zay sat there thinking as he looked up

"It's so warm that it's a beautiful crimson red that tints the whole roof of the ceiling."

Zay looked down and a little girl sat in front of him. She had golden eyes and bright brown hair she had a crimson dress on with golden bows in her hair.

"Who are you," said zay looking at her

She looked at him before she said

"I should ask you that you are the one that followed me "

"Why do I feel like I know you? " zay said tilting his head to the side

" I don't know I've only taken appearances that you can feel more comfortable with," she said as she started to stand up.

"Okay, then why are we here? " zay said looking up at her, zay looked around the fire that engulfed him.

Now gone the place he was in gone there's nothing just white

"You've asked some questions now let me ask you some, first why do you look so sad your eyes are such a pretty color?" She said as she grabbed him by his cheeks looking him in his eyes

"I'm not sad I'm curious at the moment" zay said

" no, your eyes look like the eyes of loss and despair I don't see why," she said

" I know no despair, I've felt loss but now I don't even fully remember what I lost, and what do you mean being such a pretty color they're brown" zay said with a more serious look

" No they're not brown they are a deep crimson red with something brewing, second question: what are you willing to do to receive my power, what are you willing to give me," she said her forehead now on his.

Zay sat there looking up and staring into her eyes

"How about one of my eyes you seem to like them I might as well since I haven't grown attached," zay said

" I already like you. I think we will have fun together," she said with a look growing over her face in an instant she was in front of him again.

Zay lunged forward in pain, his head felt like it was on fire, he held his eyes shut because of all the pain, he looked up once it settled down, his right eye was gone, she held it in her hand.

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