Struggling Gamer Book 1 Chapter 19

Volume 1 Chapter 19 Smiling King

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Zay could only see the left side of the room

"Dam this will be a problem," Zay said holding one eye close

"This just won't do," she said as she dug her fingers into her right eye pulling it out you could hear the optic nerve snap

She held her hand out and gestured to zay to put his hand out and dropped her eyes into his hands after she put his eye in her socket then took the ribbons out of her hair raping one around her eyes and putting her hair in a ponytail.

Zay did the same it was like a magnet it went right into place

"It might take a sec for yours to work mine will take some time now all you must do is give me a name," she said

Zay looked at her for a little bit before he said "Arpina"

"Okay now it's time to finish this test," said Arpina

Zay came to with 5% HP he looked at the queen

You don't like to do anything as planned I will let it go since I can't do anything now that it's sealed

"So I passed," zay said

So what is your name said the Queen lowering her head down

" I am Arpina," she said with a curtsy

is there a reason you chose this name said the queen looking at zay

"Because it means rising sun like you said she will only grow so she will be my sun" zay said

fine leave now she will catch up latersaid the queen

Zay said "okay" as he got up and went ahead

Do you truly trust this boy he doesn't compare to any of the heroes or mages she said

"You're right mother he doesn't he will be greater he will become the smiling king," said Arpina as she held her checks blushing

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