Struggling Gamer Book 1 Chapter 22

Volume 1 Chapter 22 Birth Of The Gamer Remake

life has always been unfair to me I was never good at anything I ain't smart or strong, all I could do is game and that can't help me live"

"I'm Zay and this is how my great game began"

today started like any other. I woke up to the birds singing outside the Window otherwise it was quiet. I got up to get ready. My room ain't big since I don't stay with family but it is good enough space and it's cheap.

After getting in and out of the shower I hurry to get dressed and rush to school, I ended up late but what can I say a normal day the day didn't last long it felt like it was over before I knew it I tried to go unnoticed by the bullies but all you can do is try.

"Hey you thought you could go without checking in to me will I have to raise the fee"said a boy with bright brown hair and grey eyes as he pushed zay to the floor

"Come on please can you let me go this once please ????? " zay said as he got on his hands and knees

"I can't do that then everyone else will try this so give me the money me and my friends want to get something to eat" said ???? As he kicked Zay before he told his friends to go take watch.

????? Beat zay as the others stood outside

-why why am I always losing, why can't I ever win, why is everything always taken, why is the world against me - zay thought as ???? Kicked him over and over

- because the weak will sit under the feet of others- zay heard echo in his head

"I'll take on the world and everyone in my way" zay mumbled as he continued to get beat

"What must you have a concussion here let me just put you out of your misery" ??? Said as he grabbed zay by his hair and picked him up

Zay gritted his teeth and said "I'm tired of this bullshit" 20 minutes later Zay left the bathroom covered in blood he heard someone screaming to call an ambulance as he left.

As soon as he left he stopped at home then Zay was off he rushed to his part-time job, zays part-time job was a DVD stocker he would put them back on the self once they were returned, it was an hour walk to get there as soon as Zay was there he got into uniform and got to work

Zay had a long shift today he wouldn't leave till 11 he did his best to stay busy but at one point he didn't know what to do, Zay finally decided to go on a break outside, once outside zay leans on a wall and out of the dark of the Ally a tall man steps out.

"Give me everything you got and make it quick!!" that man said

"Sorry I can't I need to keep it all " Zay quickly Said

The man then ran at Zay with the knife pointed at zays stomach but before he got close Zay punched the man in the face the man went down as zay was walking back in the man got up , Zay turned around and tried to dodge but it didn't help right before it made contact with zays inners everything stopped and a voice said.

-do you wish to become stronger-


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