Struggling Gamer Book 1 Chapter 23

Volume 1 Chapter 23 Not Weak

Zay had clenched his eyes shut waiting for the pain but nothing, he didn't listen to the voice he was worried about his insides but once he opened his eyes he saw the question box right in front of him with the man's knife slowly inching closer.

-time to decide 1:00-

The voice said as it started to count down



Zay didn't waste any more time. He didn't really have a choice, he tried to reach for the yes button but his body wouldn't move an inch, he sat there trying and trying.

-Time remaining 0:10-

Zay didn't know what to do it was right there just out of his reach, he clenched his teeth knowing it would be like always he could see it but never reach out to grab it,

-time remaining 0:05-

Zay started to focus on the button saying

"Yes yes yes I accept please yes"

The voice then sounded off again

*you have accepted now downloading new world please standby*

There was a bright flash as Zay felt the world around him become nothing. It felt like he fell through space forever, once he could see again he was laying down looking at the sky, Zay then sat up and looked around.

A bright blue sky and the sun felt so real on Zays skin he liked it

-at least it wasn't hell- Zay thought, he then seen a life bar at the top of his vision.

"Huh what's this"

Zay said as he looked up to see a mini map and a life bar he was surprised by this so he thought


As he said that a window popped up it was almost see-through,



Class: none


Title: not dead yet







*Exp till next level 15*

He was surprised he then thought

"I'm not weak"

then saw how his title has a question mark, he taped on it and a small screen came up.

You ain't that easy to get rid of you hang on and don't let go the closer you get to your end the stronger your grip.

Zay was shocked about what he read but he didn't really understand this, he looked up and covered his eyes as he looked around

"I can't stay in the heat to long I'll go towards the forest then" zay started walking a bit before he stopped

"Starting item's" zay thought as he opened his inventory

Lighter purifier pouch and a cloak gauntlets he looked at the items and effect as he put his cloak on, as he started walking again

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