Struggling Gamer Book 1 Chapter 3

Volume 1 Chapter 3 New Skill

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It took Zay a day to get to the town it was a dessert where Zay woke up it was a little bit from the edge of a forest, well on the way he decided to go more into depths of what he had it took him a while to find his inventory but when he did he was surprised he had a short sword, Cloak, lighter and a container of water.

Each seemed to had an effect the Cloak made you unnoticeable the container purified and water that went into it and the sword would come back if it got to far away the lighter can start a flame no matter what, Zay was happy to see this he then tapped it then it appears in his hand, as Zay was looking at the sword he then saw a red blip on his minimap making it's way toward him and fast.

Zay didn't know what to do he immediately got the Cloak and equipped it and then got down, a giant scorpion came out of the sand it was looking around like it knew Zay was there, Zay said examine

Name: scorpion of the night



Age: 34

*50 exp till next level*

Zay was scared he didn't know how to dill with this, he then clenched his sword and gritted his teeth as he slashed at the arm it was tough all it did was crack the shell,the scorpion the attacked Zay with the other pincher it almost got Zay's lower half but he made sure it hit is gut.

He then jumped back holding it blood was dripping and then he felt the pain again but he had to keep moving so he gritted his teeth and kept moving, he then slashed at the head leaving another crack then the voice said

-a new skill learned slash-

He didn't care too much about it and thought slash then as if he was being controlled his arm moved more firmly and slashed its head and it broke the shell.

Zay had to jump back again or he would get hit by the tail, he then attempted again but the scorpion moved and dived into the sand zay hit the arm cutting it off.

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