Struggling Gamer Book 1 Chapter 8

Volume 1 Chapter 8 Teacher?

Zay got to his feet he had trouble standing even though it didn't kill him the hit still radled his brain , it took him a second to stand but once he did he activated his new skill magic daggers one was gold and one was red , - i can repeat what i did last time i should be able to kill it - zay thought he started to run again and slide by again using slash he was stopped mid slide because the daggers weren't as sharp as Maeras .

The Sarangay tried to kick zay but he swung around its legs and and stabbed him in the back of his knees , he pushed them in further and then the voice said

*hint once you stab into someone you can still use slash*

He used it and once he did he left a big tear in the back of his knees he fell down.

his health did not go down from the stab but thanks to the tear the Sarangay started to bleed out then he got a message

*would you like to use special skill from executioner series*

Zay said yes he stabbed the Sarangay in the neck again making a plus on the neck he then let go and reached around grabbing the opposite daggers and used slash, it cut threw the Sarangay throat its health dropped all the way the voice sounded off

*70 exp level up*

*now level 4*

*plus 5 other notifications*

Zay smiles as he fell down and passes out he could still hear everything around him,he heard two people coming close he started to freak out but he couldn't move

He heard a girl say " don't worry neither of you will die "

He then heard a man's voice " does he need healing too ,i fixed her ribs she will need rest but she will be fine"

The girl than replied" no he is just out of energy i can speed up his recovery"

he heard her say something and he felt like his energy was returning.

Zay got up after a while and stared at them they both seemed to be elfs, the girl had black hair in 2 space buns, green eyes and pale skin with a double sided lance it was red it matched her red dress The male had short white hair, purple eyes, pale skin he had big armor and a longsword.

They were both staring at zay when he came to the male had Maera on his shoulder

"let's go somewhere else we would like to talk to you" the male said with a cold gaze as he turned around , zay jumped up and followed behind they went to a hut it was filled with a bookshelf ,dinning table, two rooms and a kitchen, the male put her down in one of the rooms as zay and the girl sat at a table across from each other.

The male sat next to the girl and they both looked at zay

Together they both said "I would love for you to become my student" they then both looked at each other

"Your student i seen him first" said the girl

"I'd be a better teacher" said the male

"Wait i don't even know your guys name " zay said and the both them looked at him

"Im Evie "said the girl

" im Damian so who would you like to train you" said the boy

"Can i have some time to think " said zay

"Yes take as long as you need for now you can stay here" said Evie

"Thank you" zay said as he got up to go check on Maera

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