Stubborn Love Of A Roguish Scion Chapter 235

Chapter 235 Eat I Will Take You To See Her Tomorrow

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Ye Erruo furrowed her brows. “What?”

“I had a friend who passed away recently and their dog went missing. We just found it, but I suddenly need to head to P City for a while. I don’t feel at ease if the servants are taking care of Aby.”

He paused for a moment before adding, “It is just a dog. Not much effort is necessary to care for it, so the maids can take care of it. However, this dog was very important to my late friend. Naturally, it is very important to me as well.”

Ye Erruo hummed in acknowledgment, patiently listening until he finished his words.

“Aby has a rather strange personality. It does not allow other people to touch it and is unwilling to even let me touch it on a regular basis. The dog likes women, though. It loves to get close to beautiful women.”

It only liked women? Was this dog a pervert?

“I do not know many people here. I thought about it and only found you suitable for this responsibility. I would only feel at ease if you did it.”

Ye Erruo bit her lips. This was indeed not a big deal, but it was a big deal to her. If Mo Jiangye had not been allergic to dogs, she could probably have helped him. Unfortunately, Mo Jiangye really disliked Bo Jinyan.

After Bo Jinyan was done speaking, he waited for her response. Upon seeing that she had not replied after waiting for a while, he let out a sigh. “Forget it. If it’s not convenient for you, it’s alright.”

“I am sorry, Bo Jinyan. I can help you with other things, but I really can’t help you take care of a dog,” Ye Erruo said apologetically.

He had saved her previously. Now, he was having trouble and had managed to find her. Even though Mo Jiangye would not allow her to have any contact with him, she would logically still have helped him if this had been something she could do and she didn’t have to meet him and could just help him in secret! However, this was really something she could not help him with.

“Alright. I will not insist since it is inconvenient for you.”

“My husband has a serious dog allergy. I am really sorry,” she explained.

Bo Jinyan smiled gently. “Oh, right. I forgot. You are also pregnant. Pregnant women can’t touch animals.”

“What the heck? Ye Erruo, are you really pregnant?” Yao Tiao, who was shocked, exclaimed unconsciously.

The volume of Ye Erruo’s phone call was not too loud or soft, but Yao Tiao could still hear bits and pieces of the conversation.

Ye Erruo hurriedly covered her mouth and glared at her.

“Mm? Is someone next to you?”

“My friend.”

Bo Jinyan’s sexy voice came once again from the phone. “Your friend naturally must be very pretty as well. Why not ask your friend to help me take care of it temporarily? I can give her a ton of money as a form of appreciation. I really can’t find another friend to help with this.”

Ye Erruo gritted her teeth. “You want to discuss this with her?”


She passed the phone to Yao Tiao. “I am not sure if you are interested in taking care of a dog.”


“Hello! Are you a friend of Ye Erruo’s?” Bo Jinyan greeted her politely.

Yao Tiao was instantly attracted to the voice on the other end of the line. “Yes, yes! I am Ye Erruo’s friend.”

Bo Jinyan smiled as he began to roughly tell Yao Tiao about his situation. The two of them talked for about five minutes before Yao Tiao hung up the call with a smile.

“You agreed to his request?”

“Of course. Ten million yuan as remuneration for taking care of a dog for one month. Why would I not agree?” the money-grubber said.

After hanging up the call, Bo Jinyan pinched his brows and looked disappointedly at the lifeless Red Bean in front of him.

He used his leg to kick the kennel Red Bean was hiding in. “Eat! I will take you to see her tomorrow!”

Red Bean hid its face in its long fur and shifted its body, leaving him to only see its butt as it continued to pretend to be dead.

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