Stubborn Love Of A Roguish Scion Chapter 299

Chapter 299 A Nest Of Rabbits

“I want these” He pointed at the two bunnies.

Suddenly, a young child beside them glared at Mo Jiangye with her huge eyes. “No, you can’t have them. That pair of bunnies belongs to me.”

Ye Erruo looked at the toddler and laughed. “Mo Jiangye, you want that pair of rabbits?”

“I can’t have them?” He narrowed his eyes.

The toddler got a little anxious. In a girly voice, she said, “They are mine.”

Mo Jiangye shot a glance at her. “You want this!”

He pointed at a white rabbit on the side.

“No, no. I like the pink one.”

“Then, this one!” He pointed once again at a completely pink bunny.

“I don’t want that. I want the rabbits with both colors.”

Ye Erruo was speechless. She did not understand why he would want the bunny toys.

“Those are mine,” Mo Jiangye said softly.

Only then did Ye Erruo notice that the words “Ruo” and “Ye” were embroidered on the pair of bunnies. What an unusual coincidence!

The two bunnies were the same kind of rabbit, a mix between grey and pink. They looked very similar to the huge rabbit toy they had at home.

“Where are your daddy and mommy? Why are you alone?” Ye Erruo asked gently.

“I want the bunnies.”

Suddenly, his eyes lit up as he saw an identical pair of bunnies without the embroidered words. “I’ll help you get them,” he said in a soft voice that was rare to come by.

He swiped his card directly and chose the numbers that corresponded to the location of the bunnies. The pair of rabbit toys immediately dropped to the bottom.

Mo Jiangye bent down and handed the bunnies to the toddler. She was small, soft, and adorable. The two bunnies were stitched together, so her face could barely be seen when she hugged the soft toys to her chest.

Mo Jiangye’s gaze was strangely soft. If his daughter was as small as this in the future

“Ai Ai, come here!” An elegant woman called out from not that far away.

“Thank you, big brother.” The little toddler gave him a small peck before running away with the bunnies.

Mo Jiangye’s body became taut as he remained frozen in the same spot.

That elegant woman gave Ye Erruo a friendly smile as a form of gratitude before carrying the toddler away.

“Has your soul been fished away?”

Mo Jiangye regained his senses and touched his face. “Baby Ruo, I’ve just been molested by another woman, yet you aren’t jealous at all?”

“I’ll kiss it back.” As soon as she said that, she pecked him on the cheek.

He bit his lips and stood up. Thereafter, he bought every toy in the claw machine with the words “Ruo” and “Ye” embroidered on it.

This was a nest of rabbits!

The price to purchase the soft toys that needed to be caught in the first place was ten times more expensive.

“You bought so many of them. How are we going to carry them all?” The corners of Ye Erruo’s lips twitched as she looked at the nest of bunnies while the claw machine continued to drop toys down.

Mo Jiangye touched the words on a bunny’s body with his warm fingertips and said, “There’s a way.”

Not long later, someone came along to help them pack all the bunnies. They were all placed in their customized packaging before they were put in a huge bag.

“Sir, your things. Please carry them properly.”

Bo Yu hurriedly went forward and grabbed the sack. He stared at the bunnies in the bag from time to time, wondering why Young Master would buy so many children’s toys.

“This is you, and this is me,” he said solemnly while looking at the bunnies in his hands.


“No one can ever separate us.” He caressed the area where the two bunnies were joined. The moment they were forced apart, the two bunnies would break.

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