Super Evolution Chapter 1

Super Evolution Chapter 1: The End Approaches

Place: An Unknown Room in An Unknown city in Hua Xia Country

Time: Hua Xia, Year 3015

A Chilly Autumn wind. Ye Feng was alone, leaning on the windowsill. He breathed in the bitter smoke, a nicotine taste reaching the back of his throat. Ye Feng coughed until his nerves were a bit numb.

Morning, the first sunlit ray sshone through the sky. Unconsciously, he had leaned on the window for the whole night.

Thinking about the break up with his girlfriend yesterday, it had upset Ye Feng for the entire night. Now, he was distraught, blankly staring at the people on the street running here and there Ye Fang snapped to. Adding it up with the lovelorn feeling, suddenly, he became pissed and cursed, On such great morning, mornig shift or not, is it necessary for you to run as if their lives depended on it? Tchlike the rush for reincarnation.

Eh, wait a minute

Ye Feng felt strange, so he glanced up and carefully looked at the street. As a result, the scene he laid eyes on frightened him, and that was because he found out that all people on the street were acting as if they were hopped up on drugs. Everyone was fleeing like crazy; and at the back, some people were even covered in blood.

Are they filming a movie? Ye Feng wondered.

Whatever, what does a film have to do with me? The sadness didnt allow him to think much now.

Fine, fine, film your movie. Its none of my business anyway; even if the world ends, so what? Ye Feng was too lazy to think much. After he finished talking, he laid on the bed and fell asleep.

Because Ye Feng just wanted to sleep, maybe it would help to forget all his pain.

At this moment, atop of a large building outside the window, the display screen suddenly showed an emergency notice. A beautiful woman frowned and said, Greetings, citizens. I represent the highest class of Hua Xia in announcing this emergency notice! Right now, in the whole of humanity, an unknown virus has suddenly appeared. It is spreading rapidly and is far above the imagination of Hua Xias government. Please do not panic though. Scientists are urgently researching a cure, so please wait and do not randomly move around, because once you are infected, currently, you cannot be cured. In addition, do not touch any infected people. I repeat, do not move around and touch

The sound was cut, Ba ta, and the screen went black.

H City; in A Very Huge High-Class Government Building:

In a dark, enclosed room, seven to eight people wearing military uniforms sat at a table.

Nobody spoke; the atmosphere, intense.

After a while, a middle-aged man spoke seriously, Everyone is here to talk about the current situation at hand.  I think everyone should have already been briefed. The viruss infection rate has already surpassed our expectations. It is already NTH times the original speed. If this continues, the infected people will increase, and then humanity will be extinct.

When the middle-aged man paused, everyone was silent; they lowered their heads and thought deeply.

It seemed like the atmosphere became even more depressing. The middle-aged man coughed on purpose, wanting to ease the surroundings, and continued to say, But everyone, dont despair. Against such a disastrous virus, scientists of the United Nations are now researching a cure, and I think that we will have results soon.

Leader, I want to know, how long will it take to complete a cure or a vaccination? One of a man asked, looking displeased.

The man known as Leader calmly answered, If without any accidents, I believe in a few months we will have the result-

What? We need to wait that long?! If no one is vaccinated before that, according rate of its spread, humanity will have already gone extinct! Didnt the last meetings leader say that this is just a normal virus? Its not that serious, right?! But now on the streets, the people are biting , and now, eating each other cannibalizing! This virus is not some normal thing; the virus changes a human to a most primitive beast! Leader, you are just giving lip service! A young man, roared in dissatisfaction.

Lee Long, please be careful with your words, do you know who you are talking to?! Beside the leader, with a beautiful body and a pretty face, a lady scolded. She seemed very unhappy about Lee Longs opposition against the leader.

Hearing the lady scolding him in front of so many people, Lee Long felt his pride was in tatters and, compressing the flame in heart, said, Zhao Yan, what problem do you have with what I just said?! It is still not your place to correct me!

You The lady grew solemn, and her face turned red; she didnt know what to say.

Okay, enough arguing. Look at the time!! Leader scolded in turn.

Humph Zhao Yan huffed.

Leader looking at Lee Long and continued, About a vaccination, all the scientists in the world are doing their best to look into it, so we will soon have results. Everyone can be at ease about that. Lee Long is right, this is not a common virus; this is a super virus that humans have never seen before.

Professor Lee, you should come out and explain it to us all Leader turned his head and looked at a white-haired old man, passing the topic onto him.

Hello, I am Professor Lee, who is responsible for the research into a vaccine. Looking at our results, this virus DNA molecular structure is very strange; we couldnt find any molecular structure like it on earth In the beginning, the virus was very slow to spread, but, unknowing of the reason, the virus was likely affected by a foreign substance, which caused a sudden mutation. The worst part is that the mutation speed is fast. No one has yet to give a reasonable explaination because this is already beyond human knowledge. However, everyone, do lose hope. Our research is still ongoing. Even with these results, everyone must believe that humanity will not be wiped out by this virus.

Okay, well end the day here everyones dismissed, try to prepare the best you can

After hearing the leaders words, everyone left silently.

After everyone had gone, the lady named Zhao Yan walked up to the leader, and said softly,  Uncle Hai, what exactly is this virus? The outside world is too terrifying. Can we really make a cure in only a few months time?

Leader sighed lightly, his eyes showing melancholy. Watching the fiasco outside the window, he laughed bitterly, Ai, I said this just to comfort everyone and also to comfort myself in a way. Can we make the vaccine? That is something else entirely

Ah, then what do we do? If we cant solve this epidemic, then we will all be infected eventually.  Uncle Hai, if humanity is really going to go extinct do we just sit and wait? Zhao Yan asked anxiously.

After she finished speaking, Leader walked to ZhaoYans side and patted her shoulder in comfort, Yan-er, you must have faith. Humanity will not easily go extinct! We humans have survived for so many years. How can we be annihilated by just one virus?! Moreover, now that we use advanced technology, we have already made numerous things to go against this viral epidemic relax, we will not go extinct! we will not!

After hearing what the leader said, Zhao Yan nodded her head, her face showing resolution and said, Uncle Hai, you are right. We should believe humans can overcome this disaster. Humanity will have an even greater future!

Leader walked to the window, watching the bloody cruel scene down in the outside world until he couldnt bear it anymore and closed his eyes. He said softly, his voice filled with melancholy, Humanitys fateis the prophecy really true?

They did not know that this worldly chaos was the true beginning of the catastrophe that brought utter human extinction

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