Super Evolution Chapter 3

Super Evolution Chapter 3: Rushing out an Encirclement

Quick! To my side! Ye Feng shouted.

It wasnt just one now at the back anymore, but a group of zombies, and after hearing Ye Fengs voice, they went into a frenzy. Their speed increased many fold, and they sped towards him.

Seeing this scene, Ye Feng inwardly cursed, not good. He did not think that that simple action would have stimulated the zombies. He wouldnt be able to handle it if an entire group of them swarmed him.

Left speechless at the sight, he didnt know how that woman had been able to attract this many zombies.
Ye Feng was still lost in thought when

Behind you! The girl called out.

Ye Feng twirled around after hearing the womans voice. And once he did, all he saw was a bloody mouth getting ready to bite him.

Frightened, Ye Feng quickly backed peddled a few steps. Fortunately for him, he was fast enough to avoid it or he might have gotten bitten.

Your mom, is this daddy so attractive to you all? There is already a horde of zombies in front of me that I havent solved, but another one has suddenly charged out. Am I going to die here today? Ye Feng smiled bitterly.

The girl standing at a distance away heaved a sigh of relief after she realized that Ye Feng was out of danger. She rushed towards him when she felt that the zombies behind her seemed like they were getting even faster. Help! Quick! The zombies behind me-

Yen Feng couldnt help but be at a loss for words. Its not that he didnt want to save her, but to face such a large group of zombies on his own? What a joke.

At this moment, there was no reason to save the girl. After all, getting faster or not, overall, a zombies speed was quite slow; the girl could run away without getting caught. As for him trying to save her? He hadnt even solved his own problem. Ye Feng also felt angry since she actually attracted a whole lot of zombies his way.

Screw your grandfather! Just do it! Ye Feng picked up an iron bar in his hand and started hitting the zombies without mercy. The zombies roared before dashing at him.

No effect? Ye Feng felt surprised.

He just smashed down with 80% of his strength into it. He hadnt expected that it would completely ineffective, and not only that, in contrast, the zombie had become even more energetic as it charged.

If it cant be damaged, what now? Ye Feng asked, horrified.

Its head! Its Head! The girl shouted anxiously from a distance.

Hah? Ye Feng was stunned for a moment when he heard her voice.

What are you waiting for? Quick! Or else, both of us will turn into them! Smash its head open, she continued to shout anxiously.

After hearing the girls words, Ye Feng didnt hesitate. At that moment, the zombie opened its disgusting mouth and tried to bite Ye Feng again.

Chance! He thought, as he was going to do as she suggested.

Ye Fengs hand tightened on the steel pipe, and he jabbed at the zombies head as if he were a meteor that fell from the sky. And like that, its head was crushed, brain fluid and blood splattering everywhere just like a watermelon being burst open.*

His hand rose and its head was broken in. It all seemed too perfect, without a single extra action. Ye Feng had put 80 % of his strength into this, and from this action alone, he was tired, and was left panting.

Ha! Your grandpa! Ye Feng began cursing. If he hadnt been fast enough just now, he would have overtaken. If he had really been bitten, it was confirmed that he would turn into one of those things, and he would be finished.

On the other side, the girl had fled to a corner after being pursued by the zombie in the front.

The zombies face was ferocious, half of its mouth was dropping off. If it wasnt attached with bits of skin, it would have probably dropped off a long time ago. Black blood dripped down it kept uttering out quiet roars as it limped after the woman.

Watching this, the woman was about to puke. Ptng ptng, her heart raced non-stop. She said, So disgusting

Watching the zombie walk towards her step by step, she was terrified.

Ah, dont dont come any closer the girl cried. She kept backing away, but her back was faced a corner; there was no way to retreat.

How can a zombie understand what she was saying?

The Zombie let out a low roar, and pounced.

The girls face paled in fright. Her whole body was shivering as she watched the zombie charging towards her. Suddenly she gave a shout, and, drawing strength from somewhere, she abruptly grabbed the video camera in her hand and smashed it against the charging zombie.
A smash. She knocked the zombie to the ground where it stopped moving. Grasping
this chance, the girl tried to flee just as she walked by the zombie, unexpectedly, a cold arm grabbed strongly onto her bare leg. She screamed

Hearing her scream, Ye Feng rushed over. He watched as the zombie grabbed onto the womans leg and how she couldnt move

So troublesome.. Ye Feng intoxicated.

He did not hesitate. He held the rod and slammed it down on the zombie until it was a mess, and even then, he struck the zombies head again. The zombie was finished.

Handsome guy, youre so powerful. Thank you for saving me just now The woman thanked Ye Feng.

En, its fine Ye Feng waved it away. He really didnt want to talk too much to someone who had brought him so much trouble. After all, Yen Feng hated troublesome people.

Wei, dont be so cold, all right? You shouldnt treat women that way. The woman then grabbed hold of his waist, staring at him with a pair of big eyes. She looked unsatisfied with Ye Fengs cold attitude.

Ye Feng did not respond but instead asked, Oh yeah, now that the world has become so dangerous, why are you here alone? Why did you not stay with your family or something?

Hearing Ye Fengs question, the woman shifted, her attitude changing as she started to think.

Seeing the womans expression change a whole 180-degrees, Ye Feng was left puzzled, thinking if there was a problem with his question or if the woman had a screw loose.

The woman looked gloomy, and only after a while did she answer, I do not have a family. I have always been alone. I lost my parents when I was young and then I came to this city to live. I finally managed to become a reporter and even though I know that it is very dangerous outside, I wanted to record this catastrophe, to let people see that we, for the sake of humanity, should all become stronger and survive! But we encountered a wave of zombies and they killed my colleague, leaving me alone

After he heard the womans story, Ye Feng was a bit touched, and he pitied her a bit. Actually Ye Feng himself wasnt that different from her. He had lost his parents from a young age. He didnt even know who they were or had been. He could only rely on himself to survive until today. He had never thought that he would meet someone so similar. He had finally found someone who probably felt the same as him.

Fine, I know. Now that the world has completely changed, someone like you will be very hard-pressed to survive in this zombie-filled world. If you dont mind, you can follow me Ye Feng said as he looked at her.

When the woman heard this, her eyes widened, and looked at Ye Feng, shocked. Really? Thank you

Ye Feng gave a smile, nodded and said, En, thats right

The woman no longer looked so gloomy, and she giggled, Handsome guy, thank you again

Hehe, all right, lets not talk too much; now is not the time. Ye Feng twisted his head and looked at the zombies group, which wasnt far away and then whispered to the girl, Lets wait till weve thrown off the zombies and have escaped, then we can continue

Suddenly, a zombie from the group charged towards him, and Ye Feng crushed his head, and then dismantled the zombie. Now, they wont notice which way Ye Fengs went.

The girl nodded but didnt say anything. The two of them stayed closely together and carefully avoided the group of zombies. She followed him down the stairs.

Now they are on 2nd floor corridor, which was full of dead bodies. Looking at the flesh and internal organs smashed together on the ground, it was quite nauseating.

And since it was summer, the corpses were already filled with maggots; flies kept flying around the rotten flesh, and pungent stench wafted up their noses. Ye Feng nearly fainted because of the smell.

He frowned, and quickly covered his nose and mouth with his hand. He felt much better. If he had not done so, Ye Feng felt he was going to choke to death on the smell. As he walked, he remained vigilant of their surroundings for sudden danger.

When they walked to the stairs, 7 or 8 bodies were blocking the staircase, Ye Feng wanted to use the lift, but what made him depressed was that the indicator light beside the lift was not lit. It was completely dark; he tried to press to button again but no response. Fuck! He cursed, knowing the lift was broken; now, they would have to walk down the stairs piled with rotting bodies.

And to get out, they needed to walk past the staircase. Now it was worse; the rotten corpses in front their eyes made Ye Fengs scalp tingle, like walking into a snakes nest.

They widen their steps and carefully walked past.

Watching with disgust, he felt like they were still alive, as if they would just jump up and bite him without a moments notice. He tried to avoid the corpses as best he could, and not touch them.

Only, when he walked past the next body, there was a sudden change. A rotting hand grabbed his leg. Then, a mouth opened, reaching for him. Ah! Ye Feng nearly jump in fright. He hadnt expected a zombie there, but at least he was mentally prepared. He quickly took out his metal pipe and lashed at it!

With a peng sound. His metal pipe hit onto the zombies body like a stick hitting meat, but the zombie was completely fine and kept pulling at him. As that seemed to be ineffective, Ye Feng was shocked, What?! It cant be, no damage?

He continued to combo with 7 to 8 hits, even the zombies back had bent and changed shapes, but it continued moving; it wasnt dead.

The zombie roared like a lion. The stiff arm wanted to catch Ye Feng. Maybe Ye Feng has completely angered it and drove it crazy.

Fortunately, the zombie was not very fast. He had already calculated in his heart; its speed was 1/3rd of a normal humans speed, and its movements were slow stiff. Killing it was only matter of time, but how? This gave him a headache.

And then it came, a more troublesome matter appeared. Somewhere, not too far away, along the corridor, a wave of low zombie roars could be heard. When Ye Feng turned his head to look, what he saw terrified him

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