Super Evolution Chapter 4

Super Evolution Chapter 4: A Hard Battle

Just as Ye Feng stood stunned, the zombie at his side reacted violently.

As if it could feel the presence of the living, it wobbled as it stood up slowly from the ground, corrupted flesh and all

Staring with its white, turbid eyes, it kept its gaze in Ye Fengs direction. Its crushed moved up and down, giving off a sound of the friction between its bloody, yellow teeth. Slick bloody liquid dribbled down

Ye Feng felt nauseated he was at the point where hed spew up his stomach contents.

A throaty whine came from the Zombies throat. It threw a hand forward, try to grab hold onto Ye Feng. From its frantic movements, it was as if he were but food to it. It wouldnt stop until it could ripped him apart.

Two, now three zombies charged towards Ye Feng, and another one rushed towards the girl.

Looking at the situation, Ye Feng didnt dare to be the slightest bit careless.

He didnt even have the time to take a breath, but he couldnt rest yet. Again, he stood there and didnt move.

Then, he took a stance and kicked off the closest, small-ish zombie.

A Peng sound echoed, and then the zombie flew far back.
Because of what the woman had said earlier as well as the previous experience from killing a zombie, this time, Ye Feng knew for sure that the head was the weak point. He lifted up the pipe in his right hand, and slammed down on a zombie that was about to reach him. There was a Peng! sound and its head was split open. Following that, the zombie collapsed.

Taking advantage of the zombies falling momentum, Ye Feng quickly backed away a few steps. He took this time to catch his breath, and made sure to maintain his distance from the remaining zombies. This was because it took a lot out of him to break open a skull.

Ye Feng lamented, though. Fortunately, he had worked at a construction site for years carrying cement. If not, hed probably wouldnt be able to muster enough force to kill them.

Ye Feng then touched his throbbing right hand and grimaced in pain. Three zombies were left. They did not retreat because one of them died. Instead they continued. And considering the horde that was nearby and on its way, if he and the woman did not act fast, they would both die here. Ye Feng was in a bind.

Wei! How could you?! You dare to not save me?! How can just watch me die On the other side, the woman was being chased by a zombie. She saw that Ye Feng hadnt come to help her, and feeling a bit piqued, she shouted at him.

While Yen Feng was thinking, the yellow-clothed woman suddenly stood in front him. Her voice had interrupted his thoughts.

Ye Feng found himself starting at an exquisite face tinged with a slight blush. Two big, round eyes looked into his own. Her chest was big and it bounced, and her long hair, messy from all the action theyve been through, added with her her tall, slim body, made Ye Feng suddenly feel more aware of her.
You, you pervert, what are you looking at?! The woman blushed, anger shown on her face. Seeing Ye Fengs eyesight to her chest, she quickly covered them with her arms.

What was this girl thinking? The situation was already so dire but she could actually be worried about this kind of thing? Ye Feng just ignored her, turning his head to look passed her. He was right. The zombie wasnt able to catch her; in fact, she left it in the dust. Only, eventually it would catch up to them, and quickly.

Are you going to speak, hmph! Since you didnt want to save me, you are not a man the girl said, panting with rage.

Listening to the girls nonsensical words made Ye Feng speechless again. He was currently fighting a bunch of zombies, how could he go on a trip to save her? Not to mention that with the
zombies speed, could the zombie even catch up and harm her?

Ye Feng suddenly felt that the girl might be the usual big chest, no brain type. Ye Feng had always disliked troublesome matters, yet this girl seemed to always involve him in them in some way. Ye Feng looked at her and said, I cant even guarantee my own safety, and you have even given me a lot of trouble.

With her hands on her hips, she harrumphed, You have the nerve to say that like you are a man but when a weak woman like me is being targeted, you didnt even try to save me. If you dont want to save me, fine, but you even dare to say I bring you trouble?! Who are you to say that?.

He then spoke:

Do we have any sort of relationship? Why should I save you? Just because you are a woman? I dont owe you anything, okay?

Truthfully speaking, Ye Feng felt indifferently about this woman. He wasnt the type that couldnt bear to walk away just because one was beautiful. He was the type that if the person gave him an unpleasant feeling, left a bad taste in his mouth, or just gave him trouble, regardless of looks, they were baggage; not because Ye Feng was not a real man, but because it was his mentality.

The woman grit her teeth from Ye Fengs cold remark, her face turned red.

You you are not a man! Its common sense to save the weak the girl cried out.


Now, Yen Feng didnt have any good feelings for the woman, no tender affection. She was just big boobs and no brain. And now, she was just making trouble for no apparent reason.

Ye Feng did not bother with her anymore. Since there were a few zombies in front that might threaten his life, he needed to settle them as soon as possible. Or else, the large horde of zombies not far away would pose a serious problem should they rush over.

Ye Feng couldnt control that many. His only option was to clear the way of these few first, and escape. If not, he wouldnt even be able to go down the stairs. Thinking of this, he picked up the steel pipe and rushed forward again.

The pipe slammed upon a zombie at the very front. He then launched an attack on the remaining few.


Suddenly, a tall and strong looking zombie rushed from the group, and Charged at Ye Feng.

Watch out! Behind you! The woman screamed.

Yen Feng turned to look, somewhat surprised. Damn, thats a large zombie! The thought flashed across Ye Fengs mind.

The Zombies sudden charge caught Ye Feng unprepared.

Mother-hell! Where did that he come from? Ye Feng couldnt help but curse.

Ye Feng retreated as quickly as he could. He tried to avoid the attack. But this zombies speed was a bit faster than the others, and the timing was off. A claw-formed hand swiped. This was bad, Ye Feng thought. If he were caught, it would be strange if his arm was not ripped off. Just as the claw neared, he swung the pipe at it.

Bang! And like that, the Zombies claw was separated from its body. Taking grew some more distance.

Ye Feng stared intently at the large zombie, and looked down at the wound he gave it. This time, he felt lucky for not getting scratched and his skin torn open. If so, he would be certainly infected. Ye Feng did not know whether to laugh or cry. Ye Feng smiled as he looked at his shirt with the claw latched on. There was a big hole in his clothes.

After removing the claw, Ye Feng stared at the large zombie who was a head taller than him. The zombies height might be above 1.9 meters. Ye Feng felt like a child as he stood in front of it.

This was going to be quite hard to settle. It was also much fiercer than the rest of others, and if Ye Feng couldnt reach him, how would he be able to hit the head?

The Ye Fengs brows wrinkled. He was not a coward, but his speed was a faster, and used it to his advantage. He picked up the steel pipe, and after hitting the head of another zombie that was closest to him, he immediately turned and struck towards the large zombies legs.


As if it felt pain, the tall zombie gave a hoarse roar, and lunged at Ye Feng.

Although he couldnt attack the large zombies head and finish it off, Yen Feng thought of severing the large zombies legs and knees.

As long as you fall and hit to the ground, I shall see how you can fight me. A lamb to the slaughter, Ye Feng thought.

With that in mind, Ye Feng gripped the steel pipe tighter and rushed out once more

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