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  • Super God Gene

  • Genres : Action -  Fantasy
  • Status : Ongoing
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    Super God Gene2073 votes : 4.92 / 5

Super God Gene summary:

Description The future unfolded on a magnificent scale into the Interstellar Age. Humanity finally solved the space warp technology, but when humanity transported themselves into the other end, they discovered that place neither had a past nor future, nor was there any land under the starry skies…… The mysterious sanctuary was actually a world filled with countless tyrannical unusual organisms. Humanity faced their great leap in evolution, starting the most glorious and resplendant new era under the starry skies. “Slaughtered the God Blood organism ‘Black Beetle’. Received the God Blood Black Beetle’s Beast Soul. Used the God Blood Black Beetle’s flesh. Randomly obtaining 0 to 10 points of God Gene(s).” 超级神基因

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Super God Gene Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 1510 Tina2 months ago
Chapter 1499 Kill2 months ago
Chapter 1280 Doll5 months ago
Chapter 1254 Jue6 months ago
Chapter 1248 Rich6 months ago
Chapter 1153 Baby7 months ago
Chapter 1102 God8 months ago
Chapter 981: Tutor10 months ago
Chapter 963: Relic10 months ago
Chapter 925: Bone10 months ago
Chapter 885: Debt11 months ago
Chapter 770: Rouge12 months ago
Chapter 763: Oasis12 months ago
Chapter 530: Twinone year ago
Chapter 415 humanone year ago
Chapter 373 satanone year ago
Chapter 369 sosone year ago
Chapter 342 trialone year ago
Chapter 314 mushuone year ago
Chapter 288 mapone year ago
Chapter 279 nestone year ago
Chapter 261 duelone year ago
Chapter 255 bowsone year ago
Chapter 216 goneone year ago
Chapter 215 tradeone year ago
Chapter 195 bustyone year ago
Chapter 184 probeone year ago
Chapter 180 loverone year ago
Chapter 80 a testone year ago
Chapter 50 siegeone year ago
Chapter 42 dollarone year ago
Chapter 38 my guyone year ago
Chapter 27 sosone year ago
Chapter 20 herone year ago
Chapter 7 dollarone year ago
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