Super Learning System To Become A Master In One Second Book 10 Chapter 3598

Vol 10 Chapter 3598: Our Goal Is Not You Qin Luo

He was stunned!

Of course, the reason for stunned him is not that Williams Dulu wants Nasa to serve him!

It's the first half of Williams' words!

He said he could let himself sit in the position of Cook?

At this moment, Marco was moved!

Isn't Cook very awesome?

Didnt Cook want to squeeze himself?


Ha ha

Ha ha ha...

Now let's see who is right?

Good friend Thomas!

You want to sit on the chair of nasa, have you asked me?


At this moment, Marco Le bloomed!

If it were not for the occasion, he would even laugh out loud now!

Salted fish will not always be salted fish, he also has time to stand up!

"Huh, Huh..."

Marco was gasping for breath!

After a long while, he forcibly suppressed his excitement, and then looked at Williams Dulu with a fiery face: "Mr. Williams, I promise you!"

"Just let me sit in Cook's seat, no matter what you order, I will do my best!"

Williams Dulu was quite satisfied with Marcos answer. He slowly got up, walked in front of Marco, then stretched out his hand and patted Marco on the shoulder, saying: "Yes, congratulations Marco, You made the right choice!"

"Thank you, thank you sir..."


"But what?"

"Mr. Williams, I'm afraid you also know the contradiction between Qin Luo and I."

"I'm afraid he won't give up easily..." Marco hesitated for a moment before speaking slowly.

Qin Luo?

It's okay for Marco not to mention it.

When this was said suddenly, Williams Dulu's face suddenly became gloomy.

He was trembling all over, and his face was ugly and scary!

what's the situation?

Marco was puzzled for a while.

Didnt you just say something about Qin Luo?

Why did it become like this?

Is Qin Luo's name so scary?

Taking a careful look at Williams Dulu, Marco opened his mouth, but in the end he was unable to speak.


Williams Dulu exhaled coarsely, forcibly suppressed the anger in his heart, and re-released a faint smile on his face, saying, "Sorry, I'm gaffe."

"For Qin Luo, I really don't catch a cold!"

Yes, he doesn't catch a cold to Qin Luo!

It's even annoying!

As the future heir of the Dulu family, Williams Dulu feels that he is noble!

He is one of the most noble people in the entire United States, and even in the entire world!

He graduated from Cambridge University. During the school, he took several majors and obtained a degree certificate in economics, natural science, physics, etc.!

Without Qin Luo, he would be the jewel of academia!

But by the way!

Qin Luo appeared!

Qin Luo swept the entire academic world with almost a brutal attitude!

Fields, Wolf, Turing Prize, Nobel...


A full four of the world's top academic awards were won by Qin Luo!

Why is he?

What qualifications does he have?

These awards belong to him!

Belongs to him Williams Dulu!

As a self-reliant person, these things happened and they happened. Although Williams Dulu was angry, he wouldn't do anything!

But this time, taking the opportunity of the Dulu family to enter the aerospace field, he wanted to show Qin Luo a little bit of color!

After enduring it for so long, he finally couldn't bear it!

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