Superhero Comic Overlords Path Chapter 834

Chapter 834: 28. Postscript: Children

Ticky Saberson, 9 years old this year, has a lively personality, does not like school very much, does not like carrots very much, he is no different from other Gotham boys of the same age, only Other people are different, he has a dad who looks very background, and several moms, this weird family lives together in the Saibo villa in the old town of Gotham.

He also has two younger sisters and a younger brother who is about to be born, so Little Titch is actually the eldest son of the Christian family.

Oh, yes, he is still an unknown variant. This is not to say that his potential is too large to be described by Omega, mainly because Cyber is not willing to call him a variant when his son is still young. Peoples tags, therefore, have not been tested by Professor Charles ability.

Little Titch's favorite place to stay is the tavern controlled by his father. He spends almost every night here. Here, he can hear many interesting stories from the old men who like to drink and drink. Here, he can meet a lot of friends who are very different from his age, and when he is particularly fortunate, Little Titch can also see guys that ordinary children will never see.

At this time, he was happily waving the trial gun in his hand, humming children's songs from the aisle and going upstairs. This store will not close until very late. Before his father takes him home, he will go to 4 Take a break in your own room.

In his hands, the newly-granted trial gun has been reduced to a level that can be grasped by his hand, just like a miniature baton. The surface of this weapon will move every time it is waved. The blue lightning is really beautiful.

For a 9-year-old boy, there is probably no gift more pleasing than this thing, and just when Little Ticky climbed the corner of the 3rd floor, the fingers sticking out of the darkness were tapped lightly. There was a clear voice on the boy's head.



Little Tic holding his head in his left hand, like a little monkey, jumped a step backward cautiously, and pointed the trial gun of his right hand forward, and then saw Demian leaning on the railing, a 19-year-old young man dressed casually The suit leaned there in a lazy gesture, and a bright red apple was thrown up and down in his hand.

"I said, didn't you give me a hug when I met your handsome brother Demian?"


Little Titch snorted carefully and hid the trial gun behind him, but he did not forget that his stubborn "brother" always liked to grab his toys before he was an adult. The talent for spoiling things.

But a few seconds later, he still shouted reluctantly:


Demian was Cybers first godson. Although Cyber, as an atheist, it would seem strange to have several godsons, but to be honest, he was really good with his godsons. As for these children, they will also regard him as a real second father.

"Look at you stingy...I won't grab your new toy..."

Demian put the apple in his hand, and took a bite. The juice was splashing. He squeezed his eyes at Little Titch and whispered:

"I brought you a gift from the adult horse galaxy, do you want to see it?"


Little Ticky's eyes suddenly widened, and full of surprises, little children, like gifts.

Five minutes later, Demian followed Little Tic into his room. In fact, it is more like a showroom filled with all kinds of weird collectibles. Here, all of them are little Tic's "baby" .

"Ah, it's just not been in two years. Your stuff here has at least tripled... Haven't you changed your habit of picking things up?"

Demian walked to the wall full of various things. In front of him, there was a small orange light ball, placed on a silver-white metal glove, constantly buzzing, looking like Tell Shake in place.

"what is this?"

Demian turned his head curiously and asked, behind him, Little Titch sat in his special chair, absent-mindedly saying:

"That was my birthday gift from Mr. Fury when I was last year. You better not touch it. Last time Carter accidentally knocked it down, this bad tempered toy flew everywhere, and the result was three points. One of the brothers Tan has lost power."


Upon hearing the advice of Little Ticky, Demian's eyes glowed with interest. He rubbed his hands and gently touched the small light ball in front of his eyes with his fingers. As a result, the balance of the light ball was broken at the next moment. , It flew out in an instant, screaming like a fiery little devil, flying at a speed exceeding the sound, flying crazy in the whole room and knocking down everything on its flight path.

"Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang"

It was like the sound of a machine gun firing, just for 3 seconds, the entire tidy room was completely messed up by this irritable little devil.

"Oh! God! I swear I didn't do it on purpose!!"

Seeing this scene, Demian immediately realized that he was in trouble. His figure began to go back and forth in the air quickly, trying to grasp the screaming devil ball with his hands, but every time he touched the gadget, Demian's body would be affected by the light. The high-speed vibration of the ball flew out.


Demians screams accompanied his body continually ringing in the room, making the already bad situation worse. Little Tickey sitting in the chair looked blankly at the room that was about to turn into a garbage dump. He sighed angrily, and he knew long ago that letting Demian enter his house would turn out to be the case.

The next moment, he slanted his head sharply, and the little light ball rubbed his hair against the wall behind him, and began to collide wildly again.


Little Ticky stretched out his finger, and the silver-white glove that was thrown on the ground fell into his hand quickly. He took the glove in his hand and lifted it up without looking. At the next moment, he jumped in the air. The ball of light seemed to feel a certain strong attraction. It strangely crossed a line in the air, and finally landed firmly in the hand of Little Titch.

"Look, I told you not to touch it..."

Little Titch put his "treasure" in the original position, turned around, and akimbo like an adult. Behind him, the embarrassed Demian lay on top of his collections, and there was a piece of silt on his left eye. green.

Seeing Demian's unlucky look, Little Titch's mood suddenly became better. He shrugged his shoulders and snapped his fingers. At the next moment, the recovery circle in the room started, and the messy gadgets returned quickly. Where I should have been.

"So, little guy, you are actually avenging me, right?"

Demian rubbed his eyes and stood up from the ground. He grabbed his hair and looked at the child up to his waist. He relieved his breath and his eyes became tender. He reached out and patted on Tickys head. Take a shot:

"Sorry, little guy, I didn't come back on your birthday last year. I want to apologize to you... I was fighting with a group of interplanetary pirates. I wanted to send you an email, but my artificial intelligence computer also It was broken by the **** guys... but speaking of it, I should also thank them..."

Demian's hand stretched out behind him, and the faint spatial response was beating in the air. At the next moment, he spread his hand exaggeratedly and lifted a bird cage with a black cloth.

"Dang Dang Dang Dang Dang!"

"Brother Demi Ann's late birthday present!"

However, Ticky raised his head, but did not like much in his eyes. He opened his hands silently, hugged Demian, and said with a choked voice:

"Im not angry because you didnt come to my birthday party, I was angry that you were injured but you didnt tell us... Uncle Bruce and I stayed in the Ma Xings hospital for 3 days until you woke us up Before he left, Uncle Bruce did not want to destroy your dream of becoming a star ranger, but I didnt care. At that time, I almost thought I was going to lose you..."

This sudden feeling revealed Daimian also silenced. He put the bird cage in his hand aside and hugged the little Tickey's head with his hands. He said softly:

"I dont tell you, because I dont want to worry about you either, and because when I left, I vowed to be a hero and see you again...I want to set a good example for you, right?"

"But speaking of it... that mysteriously missing interstellar pirate...you did it, right?"

Demian squatted down and reached out to wipe the little Tic's tears. He looked at the child in front of him, and he asked softly, "Is it the godfather? Or my fat, dauntless dad? You are using Does this approach avenge me?"


Little Tic sniffed his nose, and he said a little embarrassedly: "I did it with Sim...then my mother was banned for a month."

"Then you are really amazing..."

Demian scraped Little Ticky's nose bridge. He sat cross-legged on the ground with his hands behind him. He looked at Little Ticky:

"This time I promise, I will come back for every birthday party in the future, and... I will keep myself from being hurt... try my best~ So, let's take a look at the gifts now!"


The black cloth covered in the golden birdcage was pulled away, and at the next moment, a miniature fireball flew out of the birdcage, smashed on the little Ticky's arm, splashed a lot of Mars, and scared him. And after the flames disappeared, he widened his eyes and saw the weird creature in the bird cage.

It looks like a bat, but it is covered with gray-black scales, with a horn on the head, and a beautiful tail feather like a phoenix on the back. It looks very fierce.

"This is a dragon bat, a bizarre creature on the planet I fell. It is said that it has the blood of a dragon, it can breathe fire, and it can release some magic, wisdom, but it can be tamed, and it is still in its infancy. After maturity, the wings are just like small planes... I saw it at first glance, and I knew that you would love it."

Demian talked endlessly, but Little Titch pouted:

"No! I don't want it, it's too ugly! Maybe Joel will like it... I can give him this ugly thing when he celebrates his birthday next month!"


Demian's eyes widened: "Ugly? No, I think it's cute..."

"That's because everyone in the Wayne family loves bats! The blood of bats is in your body, but I already have better pets!"

Little Ticky retorted, and then with a trace of child's pride, walked Demian to his window. He stood on the chair and opened the window. In the vast night of Gotham outside the window, Little Ticky put his fingers In his mouth, a loud whistle blew, and a moment later, a group of flame-like creatures fluttered their wings from the darkness to Little Titch.

In the time when Demian blinked, a small body of gold-red appeared on the shoulder of Little Titch, with a beautiful bird feather on the top of the head, and a slender tail feather creature behind it, which stood on the shoulder of the little master It was like a burning flame, and now, it is looking at the strange Demian with a proud look.


Demian couldn't help but exclaimed:

"A young immortal bird alive...how did you get this thing?"


Little Titch snorted in satisfaction. He took two pieces of flaming crystals from his pocket and fed them to the undead bird on his shoulder. He stroked the flame-like feathers. He said softly:

"This was sent to me by Aunt Phoenix... She said she was going to leave for a long time, and I didnt want her to leave, then she gave me this little guy, she told me, wait until this little guy grows the ninth root When tail feathers, she will come back..."

Speaking of which, Ticky's mood was a little lower, and he looked at Demian, who also had a trace of regret in his eyes.

"Me, you, Carter, Joel, we all like Aunt Phoenix, she will take us across the world, eat delicious food, go to places where no one else can go..."

"Father told me that I have to keep it for at least 300 years before it can grow a ninth tail..."

Little Titch let out a sigh of relief and quickly cheered up again. He reached out to Demian with full confidence in his eyes: "It's just 300 years. Let's work hard together to raise it quickly." I really miss her...I miss Aunt Phoenix..."

Looking at Xiao Tiqi's confident eyes, already knowing other things, Demian couldn't bear to destroy the beautiful fantasy that Phoenix left to Xiao Tiqi. He took Xiao Tiqi's hand and whispered:

"Then if the undead bird grows the ninth tail feather, does Aunt Phoenix return?"

"Then I will go find her!"

Little Titch said in a deep voice, at this moment, he spoke almost exactly the same as Cyber. He looked at Demian and said firmly in the childish voice:

"Even if I look for every star, I will find her...the family should live together, I don't want to let every one of you leave me! I...I will protect you!"

This continuity of firmness made Demian a little distracted, but a moment later, he nodded with a smile:

"Okay! If she doesn't come back, we'll go find her... let's go together!"

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