Superstars Of Tomorrow Chapter 439

438 Biased

When many people saw the seemingly terrified Jinro pop up, the large majority guessed whether this was some sort of tactic by Jinro's team.

Right! It definitely was a stratagem! Impromptu battle tactics!

On the viewing terrace, Schwarzer was thrilled upon seeing this. "Hahaha, you are finished! You are in trouble, Old Jin! You are a captain. How can you not know that surrendering doesn't work either!"

Back in internal training, surrendering wouldn't make things easier. Schwarzer firmly believed that Jinro either had an ulterior motive or was plotting something when pulling out this trick. However, he would definitely be viciously crushed!!

The two other remaining members of Team 9 were also paying close attention to Jinro's activity and counting down the seconds.

Would the elimination countdown stop here thanks to Jinro?

Everyone both in game and outside was counting down the seconds.

Time was up, and Jinro was still alive. When the thirty seconds were up this time, Fang Zhao fired a shot in front of Jinro's feet.

Jinro was quick-witted and understood Fang Zhao's intention. He hurriedly jumped backwards. "Ah! I will leave at once!"

Then, he ran helter-skelter away.

The audience in the stands waiting to see Jinro get oppressed: "…"

Schwarzer: "How biased!"

Fang Zhao had never ever shown mercy during their internal training matches!

The SilverLight team members who had surrendered in terror before felt aggrieved.

In the next minute of this special guest match, "Black Sis" and Bruce disconnected in succession. Jinro remained alive and active.

Bruce: "… Traitor!"

Jinro: "I said surrendering would definitely be fine."

Bruce: "Bah! I will never surrender to you SilverLight people! Look at Black Sis! She too would rather die than surrender!"

"Black Sis: "… I wanted to surrender, but I was too nervous and didn't notice a vine tripping me up. I didn't have time to say anything before I was shot and eliminated."

Bruce: "…"

Of the entire Team 9, only Jinro remained. He had really been a coward until the end! And, he had really survived!

Schwarzer: "How biased!"

"Zhao God has changed! He is no longer that cold-hearted and merciless Zhao God who kicks, cripples and beats to death those who surrender!"

The other SilverLight team members all nodded their heads.

No mistake!

Too biased!

Fang Zhao had rarely used guns back when he had trained them. He had used whatever he could get his hands on. That was called being savage.

Regardless of how people saw the match, the SilverLight members only had one evaluation—Too gentle!

Since when had Fang Zhao become this gentle?!

Is it the influence of becoming an idol?!

Or has he been infected with by art in his one year of advanced study?

He had been so gentle that they were going to forget their psychological scars etched in their hearts.

After Jinro became the sole remaining member of Team 9, the match became leisurely once again. The audience watched Fang Zhao fighting monsters online and picked up some practical tips. Jinro stayed on the side giving commentary.

The two commentators at the competition venue: "…"

When will this Jinro shut his mouth and give us a chance to talk?

Jinro was commentating joyously. He even started to wonder whether he should become a commentator rather than a professional eSports coach when he got too old to keep up with the competition after retirement.

Jinro had reckoned that the possibility of Fang Zhao cooperating to put on a show was high due to it being an exhibition match. This was the reason why he had decided to try surrendering. After all, surrendering to his own former captain wasn't a big deal. They were both Silver Wing personnel. What was there to be embarrassed about?

The truth showed that Fang Zhao was indeed rather cooperative in this sort of match that was largely commercial and for entertainment. With that in mind, Jinro gave himself a pat on the back for being so wise!

Internal training sessions were more strict and rigid. But this was different.

Fang Zhao had also studied this sort of match beforehand. It was just an exhibition match. As long as the players had fun, the audience enjoyed it and the investors made enough, the objectives of this exhibition match would be achieved. There was no need for a bitter and serious fight to the end.

Besides, Fang Zhao had already discovered that he could hear the various sounds in-game and differentiate minute discrepancies. His hearing was like a data stream that allowed him to have even more precise judgment.

On top of the vast experience gap he had over others, he almost felt like he was cheating.

Fang Zhao appeared like he was playing along with a bunch of kids and even gave the SilverLight captain Jinro some face in front of millions of viewers.

When the thirty minute time limit for this match was up, Team 9 obtained victory with one member surviving. However, no one felt like a winner. They had only won this match because of Jinro's shamelessness.

Fang Zhao also came out from the special booth to join in the post-match interaction activities. He was all smiles as he patiently cooperated with the other team members and engaged in some fan activities.

Jinro chuckled from his teammates' mocking. "At least I managed to help you all deduce who the BOSS was. Seem that God Zhao isn't easy to deal with. There is a saying from the Old Era, "Where's there's life, there's hope. Only by surviving can we win."

The others: "Pooh!"

Fang Zhao was rather impressive, but everyone agreed tacitly that Fiery Bird had given him an unfair advantage. After all, Fang Zhao was an endorser of Fiery Bird products. Furthermore, upon viewing the match recordings of other special guests, surely Fiery Bird had given him an unfair advantage.

After this match ended, Team 9 members' expressions were also turned into an emoticon pack, which quickly went viral. .

Team 9 Expressions Pack Series——



[Who am I? Why did I suddenly disconnect?]

[I am awesome, I am cool, yet I got killed]

[Captain! Don't shoot! It's me!]

Jinro's surrender videos and animated images were circulated the most and garnered a lot of "hahahas" online.

"A real pussy!"

"Deserving of being called the survival mode godly gamer. His will to live is immensely strong[XD]."

"I am very interested in the internal culture of the SilverLight team. I wonder if all their members followed Jinro's style after Fang Zhao left."

Regarding this, all SilverLight team members (except the captain) expressed, "Please do not associate the captain's actions with that of the team members!"

At the same time, Fang Zhao's snippets of performance in the match were also being cut and analyzed.

"I want to know how Fang Zhao could determine the location of his opponents so precisely!"

"That scene when he kicked the stealthed enemy looks painful!"

"As expected of someone who experienced actual combat during military service. It always seems like he has a killer's aura! How ruthless!"

After all, this was only an exhibition match. As long as the spectators enjoyed it, everything was fine. However, Jinro was trending worldwide. Of course, this had partly been due to the Fang Zhao factor.

Jin-Puss-ro, Thickskinned eSports God and such nicknames spread far and wide. Although these were said jokingly, a sensitive person would definitely mind.

Jinro didn't mind one bit. Furthermore, he replied self-righteously, "What's wrong with being scared when facing an old military instructor? Right, we are all gaming gods. But he is a super gaming god!"

Some people weren't happy with Jinro's words. "Military instructor is fine. Why must you say 'old' military instructor? My Zhao God is clearly very young!"

There were even people who wondered whether Fang Zhao's reason for not returning to competitive eSports was because there weren't any opponents who posed a challenge. If a person like Fang Zhao emerged in the eSports circles in future, perhaps Fang Zhao would return?

Regarding these conjectures, the small portion in the know could only grin.

Even if a talent like Fang Zhao appeared again, there was a high chance they would be poached by the military.

Yanzhou. Yanbei Retirement Facility.

Those retired veterans who looked after their grandchildren or great-grand children also watched competition livestreams and related news. Every day, when they went out for walks, they would gather to chat.

Regarding this, Great-grandfather Fang had previously expressed, "There really isn't much point in watching these kinds of gaming competitions that are mainly for commercial and entertainment value. Why are you all watching it at your ages?!"

Great-grandfather Fang had been closely following Fang Zhao's dissertation and advanced studies and didn't have much interest towards gaming.

Two days later, Great-grandfather Fang posted in all of his chat groups.

"Quick quick quick, my Little Zhao is at the All-star Match! [Share]"

"Didn't you look down on gaming competitions?" someone asked.

Great-grandfather Fang had to justify himself. "What nonsense! This is called eSports! Even if we are old, we can't have the mentality of being old! We have to keep up with the times! Even military news mentioned these kinds of simulated online games! Sigh, I'm not going to bother arguing with you backward-thinking old fogies!"

After informing everyone, Great-grandfather Fang felt a little rueful as he browsed through the news.

Sigh! I should have gone to watch it live!

Damn those entertainment reporters!

Netizens are right. These entertainment reporters just won't do!

Especially the one called Wang Tie. King of Paparazzi? More like King of Garbage!

As Great-grandfather Fang was browsing through the comments section of the All-star Match's official account, he saw someone say, "It's alright to praise Fang Zhao's gaming skill, but all this praise is going overboard! What is 'So cool it makes one puke blood'?"

Narrow-minded Great-grandfather Fang replied, "What is wrong with 'So cool it makes one puke blood'?!"

In his opinion, this wasn't an exaggeration, but rather a cold hard truth!

What a cool kick. When it landed, that person puked blood. I had that demeanor in my youth!

As for comments like "too vicious", "thick murderous aura", "cold-hearted" and what not….

Rubbish! My Little Zhao has such great character! What cold-hearted?! He still spared one out of the twenty man team!
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