Supreme Origin: Time King Book 9 Chapter 206

Volume 9: Rescuing Peuh Chapter 206 Xx Before The Time War

After his meeting with Odin, Freya took Elijah to a small tour around Vanaheim.

"Over there is Folkvang, where we train the brave warriors that died in battle and here is the gaming room everyone gather to play online games after the training. We have the best team of LOCB in all the nine worlds."


"Yes, League of Celestial Beings. The best moba the in the market. All the champions in the game are real celestial beings and their skills too."

"Wow, does gods participate in competitive games?"

"Of course! Let me see, our main team should be practicing right now, do you want do watch their training?" Entering the game room he saw the main team having a match at the moment he walked inside. Elijah had heard about midgard online games like Lol, but he soon realized the rules of this celestial game was different. There were three lanes without any jungles and each time had to destroy the celestial cores of the enemy team. Some celestial beings can give the effect (Final Kill), this effect destroys the celestial body and soul, making the team have one less champion. At third minutes the world serpent, Jrmungandr will appear and the team that kill it will be able to summon the serpent to their side.

Elijah quickly made friends with them and they invited him for a match. He searched from the celestial beings on the free week and chose Fafnir, a mage/tank. After the match ended, Elijah just left the gaming room with Freya and he turned to her.

"I'm sorry lady Freya, but I can't stay here much longer. This man has to prepare to the time war, also my son is about to hatch in the next two years."Elijah just finished talking when he realized he talked more than needed when he saw the look on Freya's face.


"My wife was from the Eternal Void clan, but she is a dragon now. Therefore my son can only be a dragon."Elijah explained while scratching his head.

"Oh! I've slept with a dragon too, they have gigantic... Sorry." He knew what she was about to saw and he didn't give it much thought. He was used to some gods being overly eccentric, even old Elijah was a bit like that.


In the distant Solaris City of Peuh, a man in yellow robes was accompanying a elegant woman followed by another couple as they would chat and laugh while doing so. The man had a light blue skin, blue hair the multiple tattoos all over his face would occasionally shine. The woman was a youthful heaven-grade beauty wearing a red dress. While the other couple was a man in a green suit and a female elf.

"Little Lu, how long we have to wait until brother Elijah's baby is born? It has been close to two years and he is about participate in this time war."

"It is not two years."The woman wearing the red dress said as she stared at her husband, then she continued with a concerned tone: "Big brother Elijah had accelerated time over fifty times so the egg is more than a hundred years old. It was written in a book that a dragon's egg can take about a hundred years to hatch, but sister-in-law is not like other dragons. She turned into one because of brother's origin that had a dragon's power."

The female elf hearing what they said turned to the man beside her and asked: "Little Zaid, I know he saved my people and from what the three of you said, this brother of your is extremely amazing?"

Zaid had an extremely confident expression on his face as turned to her. "That's is of course. Who do you think it is the owner of this planet. Once you've seen him fighting for real, you'll understand how amazing his is. He has control over ninety-nine laws."

"Big brother Elijah is really amazing." The red dressed Luna said with a happy expression. She could never had guessed the boy that rescued her that day would be so good. Even after recovering her memories about Keith, she would have strange dreams every night after looking at Elijah's mesmerizing face and this was not her fault. Any living being would be mesmerized by the pleasant aura around Elijah, the supreme origin of l.u.s.t was also not good as it would make anyone of the opposite s.e.x having wet dreams after looking at his face. Yawen and Aina even teamed up to make sure Elijah was always wearing a mask. It was good luck that this origin was locked when he visited Vanahein or he would be waiting for the birth of another child right now while being beaten by Yawen, Aina and the female from the Eternal Frost Clan.

"That's of course. Do you seen that moon over there?" Zaid turned to the big moon shining above them in the sky.

"Yes. I Can see it and it is the most beautiful moon I have seen. Any moon elf would love to live in this world just because of that moon." The female elf could not hide the look of admiration when she looked at the moon. As beings that loved nature that moon was something extremely pleasing to her eyes.

"And do you know Peuh's moon was destroyed in a past invasion nearly ten years ago?" When Zaid reached this point she realized where he wanted to say and she was stunned just by thinking of it.

"Are you saying..."

"That moon was made by big brother. Even the Origin path that many follow was established by him. However the origin path was not made entirely by himself but made from the knowledge he received by a ancient race that ruled this universe before the celestial beings. Even then this does not decrease my brother's merit of finding something like that and have converted this system to something mortals could merge with." The two couples were chating when they heard Elijah's voice in all their heads.

"Zaid, Luna, Keith, the child between me and Yawen is about to hatch. Come here quickly. Ilyana can also come, the more they see my son's birth, the better. The only reason I won't transmit it in live is because I've been kicked by my wife the moment I asked about it."

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