Supreme Origin: Time King Book 9 Chapter 207

Volume 9: Rescuing Peuh Chapter 207 Xxi Elliot Branches

Zaid, Luna and Keith became dumbstruck with the sudden news. Then they stared at each other with an expression of ecstasy.

"We must go."



The four of them headed to Elijah's residence in Origin City. Inside the quiet garden of his gigantic villa. Elijah was standing next to a artificial lake and anxiously looked at the room a few meters away from him. He felt restless, walking back and forth around the lake. In the garden together with him you could see some people waiting by his side.

"Son, stay calm." His mother spoke while patting his shoulder. His father, grandfather and everyone else stared at his nervous self. Elijah smiled helplessly. He knew there was no danger, but the fact he wasn't about what to expect made him tense.

"I hope the child will hatch soon." Elijah murmured. He could feel in the laws of time the child will hatch soon, but this didn't stop his thousand thoughts of 'What if something goes wrong?'. Hours later, Elijah could not wait anymore and was about to enter the room when...

"Wa.... Roar!" The sound of a baby crying followed by a mighty roar was heard. Everyone in the garden stood up and stared at the door.

"It's a boy!" Elijah heard Cassie's voice from inside and he directly pushed the door only see Yawen affectionately holding the baby with her eyes fixed on the small baby in her bosom. Her eyes were full of gentleness and concern. Even Elijah stopped for a second, attracted by the warm radiance being emitted by Yawen. She quickly noticed Elijah and raised her head to look at him. Seeing the change in the surroundings, Cassie walked out of the room silently while giving space for the couple and her little brother.

"Ell, look. We finally have a child." Elijah walked over to Yawen and carefully observed his son within his wife's arms. Others could not notice, but when he stared at the baby's royal golden eyes he could feel a aura similar to himself.

"Let me hold him for a while." Elijah took him into his bosom when his senses instinctively when he noticed something. There was a colorless liquid flowing in the child's veins, this liquid was not ichor but something of a higher level. Something he was familiar with.

"Trinity force..."His child had trinity force flowing in his veins to a amount even he felt scared to count.

"Ba Ba Wu..." The baby emitted some strange sounds from his mouth. Elijah and Yawen could not hold back their smiles.

Elijah smiled and said."This child is very strange. He has two hearts, trinity force flowing instead of blood, his body seems to be stronger than a divine beast, but his aura is on the same level of a mortal child.

"What should we name him?"Yawen asked and Elijah thought carefully and he stared back at his wife.

"Elliot, Elliot Branches." Elliot was his mother's father and the member of an intergalactic police force. They protected a entire star sector in a small galaxy before the Empire fell and his mother's family started living in his planet.


Elliot was an extremely smart child. In two days, he already learned how to talk just from observing the conversation of the surrounding people. In one weak, he managed to spread his stellar wings while resting in Cassie's arms scaring the hell out of them. Soon, Elijah was seen chasing his son several times in the sky. He could even use his mother's dragon form to transform in a small golden dragon and spit fireballs. At least he knew how to distinguish to not attack his own people despite having set his mother's clothes on fire a few times.

"Elliot!" Elijah was standing in the garden as he yelled to the sky. Soon, a small golden dragon covered in flames appeared in the sky and then he arrived before Elijah. The little dragon turned into a golden-haired Elliot. His eyes were full of emotion.

"Dad! What we are going to do today?" Elliot hugged his father's neck feeling excited and happy. Yawen also walked from the time and stared at them. It has only been one month since he hatched, but he had the mind of a eight year old child.

"Dad has something to do today. I'm going to the time war. It will take some time before I'm back, be sure to obey your mom." Elijah pinched his son's cheek. Today he had to go meet the other celestial beings. He did now how long it would take, but he already decided to go.

"Elliot, what about going to play with your sister. I think she is on the second floor." Yawen patted the little Elliot in his head and the later nodded contently.

"Why didn't I think of that!" A pair of starling wings spreaded and his thin figure vanished into the Villa.

"Are you really going? I'm having a bad feeling about this time war." Yawen hugged his neck and asked as she rested her face on his shoulders.

"You know I have to go. For some reason I can feel it is something important." Elijah kissed her lips as he consoled her.

"You have to be strong now. We have a baby now, this is more that enough reason for you to stay strong. The two of us know how long it took for us to arrive here, but I will always see you as the majestic and amazing master I had."


Walking out of a huge gate. Elijah saw himself in the middle of countless people. He had never seen so many gods in one place. It as a main hall of what looked like a palace. Doors made for true giants and tables for all types of beings. A groups of gods drinking in a bar in the corner. A luxury restaurant with menu for all types of celestial beings.

"Welcome for the seventy-eighth edition of the Time War." A emotionless voices spoke. "Find your places and rest for a while. The real event will start in twenty-four hours.

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