Supreme Origin: Time King Book 9 Chapter 208

Volume 9: Rescuing Peuh Chapter 208 Xxii Celestial World

Celestial World, Celestial Time Palace. Elijah had never visited the Celestial World before, but he knew one of two things. The Celestial World is a external cosmic realm created together by all the celestial tribes in order to have a place all the celestial beings could gather instead of only staying in their own world. It's creation happened after Yawen's sealing which means she had know idea of its existence.

Different from the other cosmic realms having planets, stars and countless galaxies, the celestial world was simply a huge mass of land bigger than the entire milky way and a few other galaxies together. Even for a god it was close to impossible to see all of it. However with the passage of time many gods, immortals and saints started having children in the mortal world and some of them were born at the peak of mortality and for some reason they were all stuck at the divine path Demigod Realm. After causing a lot of trouble, those demigods were give permission to own a land in the celestial realm and live there.

"It would be good if Yawen was here too..." Elijah sighed before leaving the Time Palace. Having strength comparable to a celestial realm rare divine beast and the supreme origin of time giving a similar aura to the laws of time while he was the only one that knew how special the supreme origin was.

'Gods of the same domain have difficulty fighting each other because they can't affect much somebody with the same domain. Like how a god of fire can't give any heavy injuries to a Immortal specialized in the use of flames.' From what he knew this was southwest region of the celestial realm also known as Eroth, the dividing border that divides the divine territory from the immortal territory. A place that no one likes to go to because of the many battles between the two territories taking place every day. Or at least until some deities and immortals of time decided to gather in this small city and make it the base of the Celestial Time Palace, thus making all the battles in the region end.

Of course there is many other territories in the celestial world. Demon, Devil, Beast, Fairy, Elven, Elemental, there is a total of 11 territories if you count the 8 Eternal Clans. Elijah asked a few people he met about the celestial world and the celestial time palace and he heard some rumors about how the head and main founder of the time palace suddenly disappeared three hundred years ago while its vice-head, Caien, an imperial deity of time and human-form divine beast vanished two hundred years ago.

He asked more, but no one there knew nothing about the head. Even the few celestial beings he met. Elijah had four hours left when he decided to grab something to eat and left for a mortal food restaurant. He knew about the time palace huge banquet halls with every food he could think of, but he found it too crowded and wished for a more silent place and then he found a place just for him.

[Milky Way Burger.] 24/7, Come and eat in a restaurant owned by the god of fast food, Mcxaos himself. Elijah was about the enter the place when he stumbled upon a towering figure.

"Sorry." Elijah looked forward and saw a huge and burly man with blond hair. He wore an armor made of lion's fur and a helmet made the head of the same lion he used to make his armor.

"It's nothing." The man replied before walking away with a bag full of burgers as big Elijah's head. He was sure this man's figure it was familiar or something he has read before, then he shook his head.

"Nevermind, I should eat quickly and then return to the palace." Like the celestials, Elijah had no need for food and even so he would always eat regularly. Maybe it is more about the pleasure of eating than the energy he got from it. The better was the attendiment, he just sat when he heard a voice asking what he would want, then with a single thought a large bottle of wine with a spatial pocket with enough wine to fill earth's seven seas with a little still remaining, thirty two worldbreaker burgers and one heavenly fish and ch.i.p.s. There were close to a million celestial beings in the city and no one had the courage to fight within the city's territory.

[Those who wish to participate in the time war return now. The artifact will be activated in thirty-two minutes.]

"It seems the time war is about to start. Then I will explore this place later, but with Yawen, Elliot, Cassie and Aina. I still haven't found a way to bring Claire to this time, yet this man here has a long way to go and it wouldn't take long for me to reunite all my family. There is Chloe too, but in her case I should not do anything and leave the choice for her to decide. If she were to recover her memories or if she wish for a new start with me I will gladly accept and Yawen won't care much about it as she is the one that knew the most about my relationship with her." Since he aged Elijah started thinking he should not leave loose ends and prepare for the end. He guessed that even if he won, he would certainly lose his life in the process. So he really wanted to finish everything he started and leave no regrets. Layla for example, she was engaged to him long ago (At least for him) and even after searching a lot he discovered she fell in a rift connected to the world tree and was stuck on earth, 1941. He calculated his supreme origin will have to be a least at the third stage before being able to go there.

Inside the time palace, Elijah saw something that nearly made his soul collapse. IA silhouette of an artifact in the shape of a huge diamond gate with ninety-nine colorless gems emitting the same vibration were encrusted into its immense figure. it appeared out of nowhere and stood between reality and the void while thousands of eyes fell on it. Others may not see what he saw and there was one thing he was sure of.

"An Origin Artifact... No, it is something even greater." Despite having some traces of the origin race, it was something much more refined and of completely higher-grade. Even the origin gate inside his soul or the one in the ark-two was nothing but trash when placed next to this one. As for the ninety-nine gems, they looked like the origins made by a much more skilled person. So much that his supreme origins were shaking uncontrollably from over excitement and respect toward each gem. He could also see thin runes and thin little words he wasn't familiar to. Then the Origin towers appeared on his mind, even if of a lower level, they had some similarities that made him think it was all connected into one thing. Or maybe if he went to a origin time again he could see even more of its splendor.

"I'm sure if all the power within this gate is released at least this entire chaotic space would shatter."

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