Supreme Uprising Chapter 726

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Jin Wuxue was holding on to a piece of paper. Its content was Luo Yunyang’s recent activity.

After looking at these splendid battle records and recalling the difficulties he had encountered when he had recommended Luo Yunyang some time ago, Jin Wuxue only had one thought: Look at this young man now!

“Junior Brother Jin, you really recommended a decent, talented person. He was able to enter the top 100 of the Pure Sun Outstanding Elites List. Not bad!” a wrinkled old man told Jin Xuewu. “However, the way this fellow goes about things is a little brash.”

Jin Wuxue smiled at the old man. “When a star is born, it illuminates everything. Certain people are fortunate enough to be illuminated by this starlight. This cannot be blamed on others.”

The wrinkled old man snorted and turned to leave. He was Lu DIngxiu’s master, so he had hoped that his own disciple would be the one entering the Divine Sacred Hall. However, the current situation had left him helpless and resentful.

As he sighed and thought about Luo Yunyang’s actions and methods, the sect master of the Glazed Titan Sect, Yue Liuli, also heard about the Three Era Supreme Sect’s decision.

Luo Yunyang would be entering the Divine Sacred Hall!

Many thoughts ran through her mind when she saw this message. She really didn’t know whether she should congratulate this disciple or whether she should beat some well-meaning advice into him.

“Master, Senior Brother Luo’s style of handling things will make him many enemies. He really isn’t a wise person!’ Chu Mohan reached Yue Liuli’s side and spoke softly.

Ever since she had been rejected by Luo Yunyang, Chu Mohan had felt a gloom she had been unable to dispel. Luo Yunyang’s placing to enter the Divine Sacred Hall and his unique opportunity to rise quickly made Chu Mohan feel a little sour. This intensified her unhappiness.

What right do you have to be so haughty? What right do you have to look down on others? Chu Mohan got more and more pissed as she thought about it. She couldn’t help grumbling in front of her master.

Yue Liuli glared at Chu Mohan coldly. Under her icy stare, Chu Mohan felt naked.

“I hope this is the first and last time you say such things in front of me. Regardless of what Luo Yunyang says or does, you are not allowed to pass judgment!”

After lecturing her disciple, Yue Liuli told her, “Congratulate Luo Yunyang on my behalf for receiving the placing to enter the Divine Sacred Hall.”

Actually, Luo Yunyang had already received the news from someone sent by Jin Wuxue while Yue Liuli found out.

The Pure Sun Great Cosmos was great, but it didn’t have a Sky Vision. Thus, the communication in the Pure Sun Great Cosmos was way more inferior compared to the communication in the Divine Union.

Luo Yunyang appeared happy about finally obtaining a chance to enter the Divine Sacred Hall. He had already received the inherited techniques of the Divine Martial Hall, but he couldn’t pass up a chance to gain the Divine Sacred Hall’s inherited techniques.

10 days later, Luo Yunyang arrived at a star more than 1,000 light-years away from the Pure Sun Great Land. This star was the gathering spot that the Three Era Supreme Sect had informed him about.

When Luo Yunyang reached the star, the Three Era Supreme Sect disciples welcomed him to a palace made from Divine Origin Pole Jade.

“You are Luo Yunyang?” someone asked coldly as Luo Yunyang entered the palace.

Luo Yunyang ignored this hostile question and meticulously scanned the palace as well as the three huge thrones.

These thrones weren’t decorated, but the black thrones seemed to contain a vast might.

Luo Yunyang clearly sensed a restrictive sensation when he looked at those three thrones. The throne in the middle, in particular, gave off an unrivaled vibe.

“Do you have a death wish?” the man who had spoken shouted furiously when Luo Yunyang ignored him.

Luo Yunyang didn’t know who this young man was. However, the fact that he was trying to provoke him in such an overbearing manner right from the get-go pissed Luo Yunyang off.

Thus, when that man spoke again, Luo Yunyang didn’t reply. Instead, he sent a punch flying at him.

Although he wasn’t using the Mahākāśyapa Titan Mark, the Great Titan Mark was already very powerful. Thanks to the violet Sacred Glass Flames that were combined with it, it seemed like it contained immeasurable power.

The young man’s face stiffened as he faced that power. He had never imagined that Luo Yunyang would attack without warning him, or that the Great Titan Mark he was witnessing would actually be this powerful!

The man shouted instantly and put his hands in front of him to form golden lotus flowers that gathered before his body.

Every single one of these golden lotus flowers contained magnificent power. As the lotus flowers fluttered, they formed a golden lotus boundary.

That man was like the ruler and supreme entity of this lotus flower world.

The technique used by this man was called the Golden Lotus Omnipresence. It was the most well-known defensive technique of the Three Era Supreme Sect. A Celestial Domain-Grade cultivation grade was required to use this sort of technique.

Without a Celestial Domain-Grade cultivation base to form a boundary, establishing this lotus flower boundary to shield the body would be impossible.

Generally speaking, even with a similar cultivation base, it would be difficult for the Great Titan Mark to break Golden Lotus Omnipresence. However, as Luo Yunyang’s Great Titan Mark descended, violet blazes came into contact with the golden lotus flowers that were everywhere.

The many golden lotus flowers started to burn immediately. In no time, the hallowed world of the golden lotus flowers had already turned into a world of violet flames.

The other man panicked when he saw this. Although he wanted to suppress the violet blazes, how could Luo Yunyang’s Sacred Glass Flames be so easily put out?

“Enough, stop now!” A stern voice rang out in the palace hall. A tall young man with simple features walked out from the back of the huge hall.

He snorted coldly as he glanced at the violet Sacred Glass Flames burning the golden lotus flowers and put out his hand and swatted them.

His swat seemed really gentle, yet as he moved, Luo Yunyang’s Sacred Glass Flames were extinguished and the Golden Lotus Omnipresence boundary turned into nothingness.

Luo Yunyang was observing this man as he made his move. After cultivating the techniques of the Pure Sun Great Cosmos, Luo Yunyang had already become aware that the cultivation techniques of the Pure Sun Great Cosmos far surpassed those of the Divine Union, where he belonged.

Although that man’s attack had been very light, it had contained an irreversible force. This force was just like the rules of the universe. It couldn’t be reversed.

Eternal Wisdom Mark!

Three words popped up in Luo Yunyang’s head. There had been records of the Three Era Supreme Sect’s top martial techniques in the Glazed Titan Sect’s Secret Scripture Trove.

Among these records were only three first-rate martial techniques that were praised as unbreakable.

The Eternal Wisdom Mark was one of them!

Luo Yunyang’s mind went to work when he saw the Eternal Wisdom Mark. The cultivation base of the person who had walked out was only at the Celestial Domain Grade. However, Luo Yunyang believed that he could easily take on a peak Universe-Grade.

If he relied on the Eternal Wisdom Mark, even the Sacred Emperors of the Divine Union wouldn’t be a match for him.

Luo Yunyang had defeated a Sacred Emperor while he had been at the Celestial Domain Grade by relying on the Divine Martial Armor and his attribute regulator. However, the person before him relied on the strength of his body.

“Greetings, Sky Origin Zongzi!” Practically everyone present greeted that man when he stepped out.

Sky Origin Zongzi, who was one of the Three Era Supreme Sect’s Three Great Zongzis, was the Zongzi of the Eternal Sacred Mountain. The Glazed Titan Sect was actually a branch sect that had originated from the Eternal Sacred Mountain. Sky Origin Zongzi’s status was even higher than Yue Liuli’s. 1

“No need for formalities.” Sky Origin’s gaze fell on Luo Yunyang as he spoke. “Luo Yunyang, although your cultivation is not too bad, shouldn’t Yue Liuli have taught you how to behave? If you act so willfully again, then I can only inform Yue Liuli that she has to teach you properly!”

Luo Yunyang didn’t have any issues with Sky Origin Zongzi, but Sky Origin Zongzi hadn’t determined the truth of the matter, which made things difficult for him.

Luo Yunyang, who felt a sudden urge, wondered if he should have a match with this Zongzi.

Fortunately, he suppressed this urge. He was here to obtain the Divine Sacred Hall’s inheritance. He wasn’t willing to give it up over a small trifle.

Thus, Luo Yunyang didn’t reply. He only met Sky Origin Zongzi’s gaze coolly before looking elsewhere.

Deep down, Sky Origin Zongzi was displeased. He was one of the Three Great Zongzis of the Three Era Supreme Sect. His status was higher than an ordinary Universe-Grade powerhouse’s. However, this person, who came from a small subsidiary, had actually disregarded what he had said. How preposterous!

Unfortunately, making a fuss over this wouldn’t be beneficial to anyone. After all, there weren’t just people from the Eternal Sacred Mountain around. There were also other Zongzis from the two other sacred mountains.

“Ha ha… Sky Origin, you have arrived. Let’s talk about tomorrow.” A lively man with a gentle face appeared in the sky.

He looked at Sky Origin Zongzi and sat on the throne to the right. Sky Origin sat on the throne to the left.

As those two sat down, a very formidable man of average height walked in.

He wasn’t moving fast, yet each step he took intimidated everyone.

Under normal circumstances, Luo Yunyang could immediately deduce a person’s cultivation base and what sort of Origin Source Law constituted their cultivation when he met them for the first time. However, when this person walked out, the pressure formed was so vast that it made one feel hazy.

“Alright, this is just something trivial. Let’s not get too caught up.” Although the man didn’t speak fast, his tone was resolute.

“No one will return empty-handed from this trip to the Divine Sacred Hall. However, the objects you obtain will depend on your own combat ability.”

At this point, the man said calmly, “The Sect Master and the older generation have forcibly managed to find these resources for us. You mustn’t waste them!”

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