Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 398

Chapter 398 Couple Fights

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Tian Ba stopped and wagged its tail. Its bright and blinky eyes made her heart go soft.

She could never leave like this!

Lin Wanwan clenched her teeth and picked up her pace. Even when she was far away, she could still see Tian Ba looking in the direction of her departure. She felt a little down somehow. “Hais… I really want to stay with my boy.”

Lu Zhanbei had never seen her longing for anyone’s presence like this. Something tickled in his heart. “Do you have to act as if you will never see it again?”

Lin Wanwan sensed the envy in his voice and could not help but chuckle. “Are you jealous of a puppy right now?”

Lu Zhanbei’s smile looked forced. “Not at all. Only female dogs interest Tian Ba. It will never consider you.”

“…” Oh my god!

Lin Wanwan held back the urge to tear him into pieces and chose to fight back verbally instead. “How do you know Tian Ba’s preference? Are you the same species as him?”

Lu Zhanbei didn’t even flinch. “How can a mommy not know the preference of her child?”

Lin Wanwan could only glare at him, but it was sure a lost fight. “Whatever, just get into the car!”

Lu Zhanbei seemed to enjoy these moments. The hint of satisfaction in his eyes lingered for quite a while.

As Lin Wanwan made her way into the car, she received a call from Jiang Zhiming, informing her that the construction at the studio was complete and she could start filming.

Lin Wanwan had to postpone her plan of buying a car and changed their destination to the studio.

When they arrived, Lu Zhanbei handed her a business card. “This is for you.”

Lin Wanwan took a look. It was the card of a 4S store in the capital.

“Buy your car there. They will give you discounts.”

“Alright!” Lin Wanwan put the card in her bag carelessly. “Bye!”

Lu Zhanbei stayed ’til her figure disappeared from his sight.

Lin Wanwan put on her makeup and costumes and put her heart into work.

The murderer was found and forced onto the rooftop by the police. The girl in a white dress started explaining her reason for committing the crime.

Two years ago, her lover was brutally abused and murdered by five underage boys. The law couldn’t give them the punishment they deserved, so she had to take matters into her own hands.

In the end, she looked at Lu Li. “Come here.”

Lu Li pushed through the crowd and walked over to her.

The girl handed her a mask. “Take this. Everyone in the world is wearing a mask. I just hope that you can bring justice to those who deserve it and bring peace to this world. I believe in you, because… you are Lu Li.”

“Enough talking. It’s time for me to join him.”

After finishing her words, she leaped off the building.

Lu Li closed her eyes. A clear drop of tear rolled down her cheek as she mumbled to herself, “I’ll finish what you started. Farewell.”

“Cut!” Jiang Zhiming wiped his face with his palm. His eyes were a little teary. “You guys are awesome. I am so touched, seriously!”

Lin Wanwan found it pretty funny. Is there a little princess living in every man’s heart?

After finishing filming the first unit, Jiang Zhiming ended the shoot for the day. Lin Wanwan packed her things but was called out by the director before she left.

“Wanwan, I have discussed the terms with the broadcast station. The drama will be on-screen after another story is completed. The bad news is that the timing for the show is set at 10 pm on Fridays and Saturdays.”

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