Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 454

Chapter 454 Two Difficult Men

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“We agreed before that if you haven’t found your true love by thirty-years-old, both of us would be a couple. So…”

He picked up a strand of hair that was dangling by Lin Wanwan’s ear and gave an evil smile.

“Don’t worry. Before that, I won’t do anything that’ll let you down.”

As his words fell, the air pressure in the car suddenly dropped.

Lin Wanwan’s heart beat fast. Oh no, someone was about to fly into a rage.

Indeed, Lu Zhanbei smiled coldly. “You don’t have to worry about that. She has already found her true love.”

“Who? You?”

Si Han raised his eyebrow. Without waiting for Lu Zhanbei to answer, he said, “Lin Xiao…”

“Call me Lin Wanwan from now on.”

“Ok. Lin Wanwan, are both of you dating?”

Lin Wanwan glanced at someone’s cold expression. Then, she glanced at Si Han, who had a fake smile on his face. She secretly complained in her heart.

In the end, she gritted her teeth and decided to speak the truth.

“Not yet at the moment, but…”

Si Han’s laugh interrupted her words. He played with her hair, as if rewarding her.

This act caused Lu Zhanbei to shoot cold daggers at him. However, it was as if he didn’t feel them as he smiled even more gently and amiably.

“Looks like I still stand a chance.”

Lin Wanwan held her forehead. He hadn’t changed his habit of bearing grudges at all.

She and Si Han were friends, relatives, and confidants. However, this relationship didn’t include them being lovers at all.

Perhaps they cared about each other too much and knew that love was hurtful. That was why they had tacitly set the boundaries for this relationship right from the start and never stepped beyond them.

In the end, the media even termed such an intimacy as “there was a kind of friendship called Si Han and Lin Xiao.”

The car stopped in front of the winery. The back seat door automatically opened. “It’s late. You should head back to rest. Goodbye.”

Si Han listened to his tone intended to rush him and looked at him in disdain. He asked after that, “Lin Wanwan, where are you sleeping tonight?”

Lu Zhanbei stepped in to reply first, “Of course she’s sleeping together with me.”

Si Han said in a meaningful tone, “Don’t forget. She’s still underage now.”

Lu Zhanbei replied plainly, “Don’t forget about her actual age as well.”

“Lin Wanwan, take out your ID and show it to Mr. Lu.”

“Si Han…”


Lin Wanwan no longer wanted to listen to their childish bickering. She glared fiercely at both of them and said firmly, “I’m returning to the school tonight!”

Lu Zhanbei smiled slightly. “At this point in time, the main gate should already be closed.”


Seeing Lin Wanwan hesitate, Si Han immediately took the opportunity to say, “I have already helped you to manage the winery for three years. Now, it’s time to return it to the original owner. Why don’t you sleep here tonight? I’ll accompany you to do the procedures tomorrow morning, ok?”

Lu Zhanbei rejected it slowly. “This is something that can be easily resolved with a phone call. There’s no need to go to such trouble.”


Before Si Han could rebut, Lin Wanwan hurriedly said with a headache, “Si Han, go back and rest first. Don’t worry, I know my limits. Please also believe in Lu Zhanbei’s integrity!”

“He has integrity?” Si Han sneered to express his disdain.

Feeling Lin Wanwan’s angry glare, he raised up both his hands in compromise. “Ok, you value relationship more than friendship now. I’ll leave, alright?”

However, after getting off the car and walking a few steps, he suddenly turned his head and said, “Hey!”

Lin Wanwan was full of question marks, and she waited for him to continue his words.

“You’re not going to leave again, right?”

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