Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 455

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His slender figure was engulfed by the night sky. Lin Wanwan couldn’t clearly see his facial expression, but she could detect a trace of pleading from his tone, which was pretending to be indifferent.

Her heart turned sour and she smiled brightly. “I won’t. Even if you chase me away, I won’t leave.”

The frown between Si Han’s eyebrows loosened. A subtle but real smile crept up his thin lips.


He didn’t want to find out why Lin Xiao would encounter transmigration, which typically occurred only in novels. He also didn’t want to explore such a baffling and incredible thing that had actually happened in this world.

For such matters, the lesser he knew, the better. That was considered the best form of protection for her.

Lin Wanwan recalled how Si Han had vomited blood previously and hurriedly called out to him. “You must have drunk quite a lot for the past few days. That’s why you have gastrorrhagia now. Come back here. I’ll accompany you to the hospital to take a look!”

Lu Zhanbei knocked on the steering wheel impatiently. “No need. I’ve already notified Gao Yang just now. He will immediately rush over to take a look at him.”

Gao Yang was Lu Zhanbei’s personal doctor.

“That’s good.”

Si Han’s playful gaze landed on Lu Zhanebi’s face. “In order for us not to come into contact, you have painstakingly gone to such efforts. Should I thank you?”

Lu Zhanbei pretended to be kind and said, “Her business is my business. So, you’re welcome.”

Si Han curled his lips.

This man didn’t just have the status of a king in Xia country. His skin’s level of thickness had definitely reached that of a king’s as well.

“I’m going in now. When you’re free, remember to come and find me so that we can plan for the subsequent jobs.”

Lin Wanwan saw that there was no longer a layer of gloom on Si Han’s face like before. She felt happy in her heart and hurriedly nodded.


Seeing Si Han’s back view disappear at the end of the cobblestone path, she patted Lu Zhanbei’s elbow. “Let’s go.”

Lu Zhanbei started the car and adjusted it to the automatic mode. He asked casually, “Where are you planning to sleep tonight?”

Lin Wanwan hugged his arm. “Shall we sleep on the same bed tonight?”

Lu Zhanbei shook his head. “No.”

Lin Wanwan frowned. “You’re not happy to?”

Lu Zhanbei actually nodded. He pretended to be serious and said, “I’ve said this before. If you want to do something to me then, I would be embarrassed to reject you and that would put me in a spot.”

“…” Put him in a spot, his a*s!

He was pretending to be so serious. If there was a day she were really to throw herself into his arms, it would be weird if he weren’t going to give in to his brutish nature!

Lin Wanwan could not be bothered with him again. She closed her eyes to rest.

It was really an exhausting day. However, she had confessed to Si Han the biggest secret of her life. That was considered taking a load off her mind.

The next day, Lin Wanwan hurried to school before her morning revision began.

After class ended, she logged on to Weibo when she was free and realized that Si Han was actually on the hot searches.

“Gold medal artist manager Si Han finally makes an appearance to mourn Lin Xiao. What a touching sight!”

The article below was full of comments that encouraged Si Han to buck up and make a comeback.

Although Si Han had always been living behind the scenes in the past, his popularity was actually much higher than those Little Fresh Meats’.

He had single-handedly averted all the crises Lin Xiao had faced. Coupled with that unique and handsome face and that abstinence style that charmed many girls, it was not known how many fangirls he had attracted.

She didn’t expect that though it had already been three years, there’d be no trace of his popularity declining.

Lin Wanwan sighed silently in her heart. She really despised this shallow society where looks were prioritized…

On Saturday, she arrived punctually at the filming venue for “King of Limits.”

It was just that, as there had been an accident, the filming didn’t go as smoothly as Lin Wanwan had imagined.

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