Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 515

Chapter 515 To Kill Without Batting An Eyelid

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If there were only these few people, Lin Wanwan might have tried to fight them.

However, Qi Junze gave off a strong sense of danger like never before

He was like a king cobra. His beautiful appearance was just his protective cover, and she was uncertain if she could handle the other partys poisonous fangs.

Instead of being captured in a sorry state, it was better to see what he was up to!

Lin Wanwan forced herself to calm down and entered the cabin.

Qi Junze, who followed closely behind her, stood at the cabin door. He hooked his fingers at the bodyguard who stood at the side.

"Come here."

The bodyguard stepped forward and signaled with his eyes to ask for instructions from Qi Junze.

"Kill them."

Qi Junze glanced at the few men standing on the beach. Their voices were soft and gentle, as if talking about how the weather today was good.

Lin Wanwan was shocked and turned her head rapidly.

Obviously, that bodyguard was very shocked as well, and he said in a struggling tone, "Mr. Qi, why? My real brother is there. I"

Under the eyes of Qi Junzes smile, he couldnt utter the rest of the words. He gritted his teeth, as if making up his mind to be ruthless, and pulled out the pistol from his waist. He aimed at the people below with trembling hands. He closed his eyes and pulled the trigger again and again.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Amidst the never-ending gunshots, a few people let out pitiful screams and fell into a pool of blood.

"Mr. Qi" The bodyguard revealed a smile that was even uglier than a cry. "Ive completed the mission youve given me."

"Well done." Qi Junze complimented him. Then, he suddenly stretched out his hand. "Give me the gun."

The bodyguard trembled and handed the gun over.

Qi Junze played with the gun elegantly. Then, he casually raised his arm and aimed the muzzle at the bodyguards temple.


The pitiful bodyguard maintained a stiffened smile and fell to the ground, his eyes wide open.

Qi Junze lifted his long legs lightly and stepped on his corpse.

"Since you have a deep kinship with your brother, then continue it with him in hell."

"" Upon witnessing this scene, Lin Wanwan was shocked.

Oh my! This person looked like a human on the outside but was actually a pervert!

The rest of the bodyguards who witnessed this scene lowered their heads. They were expressionless and not shocked at all. It was obvious they were already used to Qi Junzes cruelty.

Qi Junze ordered his men to close the cabin door. He approached Lin Wanwan. His gentle and handsome smile was the same as when they first met. It was as if the man who killed several people just now wasnt him.

"Miss, follow me. I believe this will be a pleasant journey."

Seeing how brutal this pervert was, Lin Wanwan suddenly felt that this was getting tricky.

"Why did you kill them?"

"If my approach had made you feel uncomfortable just now, Im willing to apologize."

Qi Junze was like an elegant aristocrat who came out from Old England. The smile on his face was measured just right.

"As my men, they were discovered so easily by others. Shouldnt I kill such useless people?"

Lin Wanwan was once again shocked at his ruthlessness.

"Then what about the person who killed them? He didnt do anything wrong. He just loyally executed your commands. Why did you kill him too?"

"For fun."

Qi Junze said it lightly. Seeing that Lin Wanwan was shocked, he raised his eyebrow, as if finding it very strange.

"Real brothers killing each other. One of them thought that he had survived. In the end, he couldnt escape death. Dont you find it very interesting?"


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