Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 516

Chapter 516 Sos


From the short conversation, Lin Wanwan realized that this pervert could not be analyzed through a normal person’s thinking.

She feared it would be very difficult for her to escape on her own.

“Miss, please.”

Feeling that the helicopter was slowly rising, Lin Wanwan closed her eyes and headed inside.

Although Qi Junze didn’t take away her mobile, she didn’t dare to openly ask for help either.

If she annoyed the other party, she was afraid the bad situation would become worse.

Now, Lin Wanwan could only hope that Lu Zhanbei understood her distress signal and would rush over as soon as he can!

When Lin Wanwan said that she wanted to sleep, Lu Zhanbei didn’t realize that something was wrong.

He did so only when he started reading the chat records with Lin Wanwan. This was a habit he had grown into this month.

Every time he thought of her, he would read these words.

As he read, his face changed and his smiling lips lost its smile.

“Why do you like to bully me so much? Are you an S?”

“It’s O.”

“It’s late. I should sleep. You sleep early too, S!”

These were the last three messages Lin Wanwan had sent out. Coincidentally, the last word for all three messages was in English, and they combined to be


Lu Zhanbei stood up from the chair in his study room and clenched his fists tightly.

“Gu Mo!”

Gu Mo immediately pushed the door open and stepped in. The smile on his face disappeared when he saw his serious expression, and he was stunned.

“Sir, what happened?”

“Arrange a flight to Country G for me. Immediately! Right away!”


Gu Mo wanted to say that he still had an important meeting to attend to next. As he started saying one word, Lu Zhanbei immediately interrupted him violently.

“Don’t give me a damned ‘but,’ just do it!”

Gu Mo was astounded. This was the first time he’d heard Sir using vulgarities. Something big must have happened!

“Yes!” Gu Mo left quickly.

Lu Zhanbei dialed Mo Jiushang’s number and the tone of his voice was almost cruel. “Get prepared. Bring some people to go to Country G with me.”

Mo Jiushang’s voice with deep sleepiness traveled over, “How many?”

Green veins were visible on the back of Lu Zhanbei’s fists on the table, which showed how angry he was at that time.

A glimpse of scarlet red flashed past his light phoenixes. With that coupled with the ferocious smile on his lips, one look at him can set off fear and trepidation.

“The more the merrier. This time, it’s to kill someone’s entire family!”

Whoever dared to touch a single strand of Lin Wanwan’s hair, not only would his family not be able to live, even the ancestral graves of eighteen generations wouldn’t be spared!


Gu Mo and Mo Jiushang worked fast. Within fifteen minutes, both of them were ready.

Lu Zhanbei didn’t hesitate at all and boarded the plane.

As the cabin door closed, his mobile suddenly rang.

Lu Zhanbei initially ignored it. However, it kept ringing.

After a few tries, he picked up the call with annoyance.

“It’s me.”

Tang Chen’s low voice traveled into Lu Zhanbei’s ears, carrying with it anger and some forbearance.

“Lu Zhanbei, I’m at a private airport near Guandong Park. Come over here immediately.”


“ I know where Lin Wanwan is.”

Instantly, Lu Zhanbei’s handsome face was covered with frost. He was very smart. In the blink of an eye, he had guessed many things.

“Tang Chen, I will temporarily not hold you accountable for monitoring Lin Wanwan. If she loses a strand of hair this time around, you and your partner will both die!”

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