Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 517

Chapter 517 Love At First Sight Full Of Admiration It Must Be Me He Marries


Tang Chen could find out the location of Lin Wanwan so quickly. This meant that he had always been secretly monitoring her movements, or placed a location device on her or something.

There was a trace of apology in Tang Chen’s tone besides anger. Obviously, the person who kidnapped Lin Wanwan had something to do with him.

He had quite a number of collaborators. He wondered which one of them was involved.

Upon hearing this, Tang Chen paused. This was the first time he heard Lu Zhanbei flaring up for real.

Yes it was a little scary.

He wanted to tease him but, upon thinking of Lin Wanwan, he immediately lost the mood for it.

Although he knew that she should be fine, it was still difficult for him to feel at ease.

“Lu Zhanbei, I’m not going to talk nonsense with you. Come over immediately. That place’s a little big. We’ll split ways.”

“Ten minutes.”

Lu Zhanbei hung up the call and his heart was more at ease.

From listening to Tang Chen’s tone, he felt that Lin Wanwan should be temporarily safe for now.

“Set off to Guandong Park.”

Not only was Lin Wanwan fine at the moment, she was also enjoying life.

She was forced to go to an isolated island. Then, she was invited to a luxurious villa on the island. After that, she was pushed into a lounge.

Finally, she was inexplicably lying on the comfortable chaise couch. There were two beautifully charming women kneeling down next to her, one on her left and one on her right, kneading her legs with gentle movements.

Lin Wanwan was confused.

Could it be that this pervert had gotten her here so that she could serve as an escort?

Qi Junze naturally read the confusion in her eyes. “I hope Miss is satisfied with my arrangement.”

Lin Wanwan laughed lightly. “Heh heh. I’m satisfied, very satisfied.”

“This is premium Longjing tea. Try it.”

“Thank you.”

Lin Wanwan received it. She smelled it, then took a sip lightly. She didn’t swallow it but just stared at the beautiful floral prints on the cup, as if she was fascinated.

Qi Junze didn’t say anything as well. He just smiled and looked at her.

Lin Wanwan seemed to be in a daze, but she was smiling coldly in her heart.

She had never lost in terms of patience.

Since this Qi Junze was not planning to kill her but even provided her with good food and drinks, this meant that there was something or some information he wanted from her.

“Ms. Lin.”

Finally, Qi Junze smiled and opened his mouth. He no longer pretended to be foreign with her and shouted out Lin Wanwan’s surname directly. A cold trace of light flashed past his eyes, and it was fleeting.

“You wouldn’t have forgotten the reason why I invited you over, right?”

“To chat?”


“What should we chat about then?”

“Your love life.”

Lin Wanwan was stunned. The only person involved in her love life was Lu Zhanbei.

Could it be that Qi Junze was an enemy of Lu Zhanbei? He couldn’t handle Lu Zhanbei so he kidnapped her as a hostage?

Qi Junze noticed her shining eyes and couldn’t see anything strange from her look. “I know you’re a celebrity and you have a lot of pursuers. The most famous ones are Mr. Lu and young Tang.”

From this sentence of his, Lin Wanwan analyzed a few things.

This Qi Junze could whisk her away unknown to god or ghost. He also owned a small private island and had countless capable men. His identity was definitely extraordinary.

So, it was impossible he couldn’t find out that Lu Zhanbei was her boyfriend.

However, he had to bring Tang Chen into the picture.

She recalled Qi Junze asking her if she was chatting with Tang Chen previously. Lin Wanwan curved her lips as she was enlightened.

So it was that

He was here for Tang Chen. What a roundabout way of talking.

“Yes, it was love at first sight for Tang Chen. He’s full of admiration, and it must be me he marries.”

Lin Wanwan held her face with both hands. Her look of sweet happiness was reflected in Qi Junze’s eyes.

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