Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 518

Chapter 518 To Be Of Such Quality


The fingers holding the teacup tightened slightly. That light, impeccable smile stagnated momentarily as well.

“However, I heard that you rejected young Tang and hit it off perfectly with Mr. Lu.”

Lin Wanwan saw all of the changes in his expression.

She might not be good at all the underhand schemes and plots. However, as a professional actress, it was definitely her specialty to analyze facial expressions and eye movements.

Qi Junze seemed to mind a lot that Tang Chen likes her.

What did this mean

“Does Mr. Qi know what kind of person I am?”

“I don’t understand what Miss means.”

Lin Wanwan flicked her nails and smiled charmingly. Coupled with her gorgeous face, she simply looked like a vixen.

“I’m an actress. What is an actress best at? Putting on a show. Young Tang and Mr. Lu both have distinguished backgrounds. One looks better than the other. I don’t want to give anyone up so I seduced Mr. Lu and left young Tang hanging, trying to see who can fall into my hands completely. It’s not too late to make a decision only then.”

Lin Wanwan completely portrayed the image of a scum woman who was two-timing.

Qi Junze looked at her smug face. Although he was smiling on the outside, his eyes had unknowingly turned cold and carried with them faintly the intention to murder.

Lin Wanwan seemed to not have any feelings at all. She tilted her head and smiled at him. “However, I suddenly realize now that Mr. Qi is much more formidable than they are. Why don’t”

She stretched her arms and wanted to hug Qi Junze.

Qi Junze avoided her without any hesitation. The young girl sighed and said, “Junze, didn’t you bring me here so that we can have a round at it? Why are you letting me off first in order to catch me later?”

As Qi Junze listened to this sweet voice, his eyes formed a layer of frost.

He looked at Lin Wanwan from atop, and a hint of disgust was hidden in his voice as he spoke. “It looks like I have overestimated you. I didn’t expect that the woman whom both Lu Zhanbei and Tang Chen long for is actually of such quality!”

He slightly emphasized Tang Chen in his tone when he mentioned him.

Haha, Lin Wanwan laughed out loud in her heart.

Oh my, oh my. She had indeed guessed correctly.

“Junze” She called his name delicately again with a wronged look on her face. “How could you say that of me?”

Qi Junze’s eyes flashed and he bent down. His good-looking face was full of seduction and was actually better than Lin Wanwan’s deliberately charming smile.

“You really want to have sex with me?”

At close range, Lin Wanwan had to admit that this man was indeed good-looking.

She pretended to be shy and nodded. “Yes”

“Ok. However, I have a condition.”

Qi Junze looked like an elegant gentleman who was charming beyond cure. It formed a strong contrast to the words he said.

“After our short interaction, I’m sure you have some understanding of my character. I hate to abide by the rules. The same is true when it comes to women.”

He gave a hand signal and called a bodyguard over.

“As long as you are willing to play with him for one round, it won’t be too late for us to have a go.”


Lin Wanwan was in a state of disorder. Don’t guess at a pervert’s mindset. One would never understand it.

“How about it?

Lin Wanwan lifted her head and met Qi Junze’s dark eyes. She was shocked.

She understood it now.

This pervert was testing her. After all, her previous performance was totally unlike that of a vixen who had counted on her looks to make a living.

Qi Junze was not brainless. How could he not have been suspicious of her sudden change?

If she rejected it now, Qi Junze would know she was putting on an act and might be angered by this.

He wanted to play, right?

Then, let’s play to our fill!

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