Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 887

Chapter 887:

Bai Hong said at this moment, "Dad, don't be soft-hearted. According to the situation, Bai Chenxi and Bai Jingrou knew the existence of their biological father since they were young. It can be seen that even after Huang Zhishu married my elder brother Bai Jin, they still have a good relationship with Guan Jiping. Don't tolerate it."

Fang Xinxin also said, "Grandpa, Qinghao caught a right-hand man of Xiang Feili, the leader of the Blood Fiend League, and knew from his mouth that Guan Jiping had been making Xiang Feili the old face, because he deceived Xiang Feili and said It was Qing Hao who chopped off his two fingers, and Xiang Feili was used by him to avenge the old white face and sent people to assassinate Qing Hao several times."

Hearing this, the old lady looked at Guan Jiping with Jiongli's eyes, and found that his left hand was missing two fingers. Then he asked Qinghao, "Did you chop his finger?"

Bai Qinghao shook his head.

"I also blamed my grandson." The unbearable feeling in the old grandfather Bai Chongshan's heart disappeared instantly. These jackals almost nearly lost his only grandson. If Qinghao disappeared before, he won't be able to return...

His old man could not bear the consequences at all.

With a sigh, Bai Chongshan seemed to be a few years old in a blink of an age, becoming even older, and waved his hand, "Qing Hao, they, leave it to you, don't look at grandpa's face."

Bai Qinghao nodded, "Take it with you, and give Guan Jiping, Huang Zhishu, and Bai Chenxi to Xiang Feili, and attach the paternity test certificate to her."

When the three heard this, their faces were as pale as bloodless.

Because they all know that Guan Jiping has always deceived Xiang Feili as a little white face and said that he hadn't married in half his life because of her.

Xiang Feili's demon is not fertile, so he lied to her that he didn't want children for her.

If she knew it, their family played her around, to the extent that the woman was cruel...

Unfortunately, the Bai family no longer gave them a chance to speak. They sealed their mouths with tape, and several bodyguards escorted the three out of the living room.

The grandfather Bai Chongshan felt that his eldest son Bai Jin was ashamed of his ex-girlfriend Hu Lewei and sent someone to pay Hu Lewei.

And Bai Qinghao's biological mother Ye Yunzhi thought of the end of Hu Lewei's lifelong hemiplegia. If Xinxin hadn't saved herself, even if she hadn't been killed by a flowerpot falling from a high altitude, she would have ended in the same way.

So Ye Yunzhi's partner Xinxin got better.

Three days later, the bodies of Bai Chenxi, Huang Zhishu, and Guan Jiping were found on the sea.

The trios delusional conspiracy to commit suicide was revealed, and the outside world only regarded them as embarrassed and committed suicide.

But Bai Jingrou, who was paralyzed and blind in the prison, was hanging up to kill Fang Xinxin by her relatives, but Fang Xinxin was alive and well, but was shocked by the bad news. That night, she tied her clothes to the toilet pipe and hanged herself. .

In order to thank Bai Qinghao for preventing her from being tricked by the old white face, Xiang Feili not only promised again and again that she would not send anyone to assassinate Bai Qinghao, nor did she want to be chased by Bai Qinghao, she took refuge in Bai Qinghao, Become Bai Qinghao's subordinate.

The grandfather Bai Chongshan was not close to Huang Zhishu's mother and children. Although he was sad for a while, he slowly walked out of the pain.

A year passed unconsciously. Fang Xinxin usually lives in the Royal Court with Bai Qinghao. Their love is as sweet as their first love, and occasionally they return to the old house of the Bai family to accompany the old man.

The only regret is that there has been no news in Xinxin's stomach.

This afternoon, Fang Xinxin went to the old house of the Bai family and saw Jiang Xingnan under a tree in the courtyard.

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