Tempest Of The Stellar War Chapter 700


“Oh, alright then. However, please inform me as soon as Boss returns to school. The problem here is rather troublesome,” said Yan Xiaosu. He couldn’t contact Wang Zheng and could only look for Zhang Shan. It seemed that he would not be able to contact Boss in the short term. He still had to face the problem head-on.

He had originally thought he could get the project directly. However, the people of Tita had arranged for an open bid surprisingly. This had caused Yan Xiaosu to have a headache. Although Ye Zisu was very confident, it wasn’t his first day in the business world. He had to make all rounded preparations such that he could present himself well to the external parties. Failure might be one in ten thousand but he could never afford to fail.

The competition for the open bidding of the giant’s mobile armour was intensifying.

Various major firearms dealers had also showcased their true technical strength. Each of their main designers was among the top in the mecha industry of the entire Milky Way Alliance. As compared to mecha, armour was much simpler. As long as it was suitable for the people of Tita, it would be enough.

Everyone could understand that the true intention wasn’t about the bidding. Moreover, this was such a clear signal. The people of Tita were nurturing new human partners on this Star. Whoever was chosen could penetrate Tita Star!

Ye Zisu had returned from the Tita tribe. As for what she had gained, it would be secret.

The atmosphere in the Lan Family was a little heavy. Even Lan You had never thought that Mu Sen would still play such a hand. On the surface, it might seem like a good thing that various major firearms dealers were spending so much time and capital on Tita Star. However, if such a strong power was to poured into TitaTitan Star, would it really be a good thing for the people or Tita, or alternatively, the entire TitaTitan Star?

This move was equivalent to luring the wolf into the room. If one couldn’t kill the wolf, one would be bitten by it instead.

Lan You managed to find Lan Ling. “Matriarch, this thing has further proven that Mu Sen is trying to find trouble. However, I already have a counter for it and would definitely let him know who the masters of Tita Star are. Matriarch, all you have to do is to stay out of it.”

The rest of the people also supported Lan You. With Lan You’s influence getting stronger, he was also taking the opportunity to override Lan Ling. Lan Ling’s personality was too soft and wasn’t suitable to be the Matriarch. It was just that he still need her as the face to the external people.

Cancelling the cooperation? Lan You smirked. A group of local bandits had thought they were really something. He had to make sure they would regret it. There was an eternal truth in this world and that was the opponent of my opponent was my ally!

Lan Ling smiled. She obviously knew about the internal and external threats of the Lan Family. However, she really felt tired. She missed that brat. Wherever he was, things seemed to get simpler. He was forever so ambitious and happy. With him around, it was interesting no matter how hard the problem was or how tired she was. Yet, all she felt every day now was that living was just like repeating the regular administrative work. What was the meaning behind living then?

“Sun Xin, cancel all my plans tonight.”

“Matriarch, the plan for tonight was to meet with Mr Lei of the Thor Organisation…”

Sun Xin frowned as she tried her best to remind Lan Ling.

“Cancel all of them” Lan Ling did not have the mood to do so. Maybe it was time for her to look for Mu Sen and talk about it. The people of Tita cared too much about relationship. Coming to this stage, Lan Ling wanted to know what Mu Sen was intending to do. If he really no longer trusted the Lan Family, Lan Ling was also not willing to continue being the Matriarch. She had thought about living her own life. For example, going on a trip…

Within the Abyss, Wang Zheng and Old Zhuo were in a heated fight. This wasn’t a duel but they were just helping each other to practise. This type of treatment was priceless. Although Old Zhuo wasn’t a pure battle type, he was of Earth Grade. Moreover, because he wasn’t the battle type, he could better consider the whole situation and guide Wang Zheng to discover his own potential.

Wang Zheng obviously started with the “Ice” ability. This was also what Old Zhuo was great in. Old Zhuo’s understanding in this aspect was still right on point. One ought to stop thinking of freezing your opponent as this wasn’t practical. At the same time, freezing had extremely lots of requirements on the environment. If the environment was too hot, one might need twice the amount of effort to achieve the same effect. The more skilled the person was, the more he/she would take note of these details. Only amateurs would be confident about freezing everything.

The hardest thing to cope when battling Old Zhuo was his ghostly disruption technique. He could really piss his opponents off till they died and the exhaustion on him was rather low to achieve the effect. This was exactly what Wang Zheng wanted to learn. He wasn’t able to achieve it at all when the Primordial Regression Technique had not reached stage 3. However, he could gradually master it now.

The crux behind it was in fact instantaneous release and concentrating the Ability X into a small area quickly. When controlling the area of the Ability X, if the area was big, it was indeed easier to hit. It might also look spectacular. However, it was easy to dodge the centre of the attack which would cause the highest damage. If it failed to connect, what was waiting for him would be his/her opponent’s counterattacks.

Old Zhuo was getting more and more surprised. This kid was crazy! It took him 6 years to reach this level of standard and yet this kid had only used a month. This was truly embarrassing others.

Old Zhuo claimed to be a genius himself. However, he also couldn’t compare to this kid that he encounter. What was more terrifying that this kid did not only possess Ice Ability X but also the abilities of Fire and Wind.

It wasn’t that Old Zhuo had not met such people. In fact, there were more amazing people. They were lots of masters on the X-Ranking. However, it was rare for his age. The most terrifying thing was that he could use multiple abilities and there would definitely still be room for improvements in the use of his abilities. This kid…

Looking at the mech opposite of him with flames emitted on one side and ice on the other, Old Zhuo was feeling a little pain in the ass. Wouldn’t this cause the powers of his abilities to reflect back on his body.

What kind of body did he possess?

Within the body of Wang Zheng, although it might looked like he was using 2 types of abilities at the same time, the truth was that it was clearly separated and was following a certain order while circulating. The best mitigating factor was the Primordial Regression Technique.

This was also one of the changes brought by entering stage 3. However, it was still difficult to combine the effects of Ice and Fire. It was just that he was a little more confident than before. As for the Combination Ability of complementary elements of Wind and Fire, it was much smoother.

During the first few moments of achieving a breakthrough in Cultivation Technique, the body conditions of one would be the best. That highly heightened senses was actually very precious. Moreover, there was a pro like Old Zhuo around. Wang Zheng almost didn’t want to leave this place.

After fighting, Wang Zheng had to take a long time to recall what had happened. Fighting wasn’t the main thing. What was important was to remember well about what he had understood during the process and turned it into his own.

Looking at Wang Zheng who was deep in thoughts while sitting against the mech, Old Zhuo was feeling helpless. Whoever had such an opponent was truly sad. He had never seen anyone with this type of talent and ability and yet was so hardworking. This kid was a natural mech warrior and was born for this.

Old Zhuo seemed to recall a comrade in the past. Everyone had the same persistence at that time and yet he was the only one left now. Touching the wrinkles on his face, Old Zhuo knew that he had really aged. However knowledge had been passed down from generation to generation. Also with teenagers like Wang Zheng, humans would never go extinct.

He was observing the situation of the surroundings. The opportunity had arrived. However, he could tell that Wang Zheng was in his best condition. Moreover, he also had something that he hadn’t complete explaining. The truth was that there was never a lack of opportunities in this place. The setup of the environment was also almost done. All he had to do was to wait for this kid. The Abyss might hinder some people but could also aid the development of others. Over the last few days, Old Zhuo was not able to see how the atmosphere of the Abyss had harmed Wang Zheng in any way. On the contrary, it seemed rather nourishing. This kid was looking rosy, ate and slept well. He seemed to be a little more muscular.

In the Elite Academy, the finals of the 5 battle groups were starting. Everyone’s attention was drawn to it. For every victor, his/her identity was no longer important. This was because from this point onwards, they would be the 5 new masters of the Xuan and Huang Grades. At Elite Academy where the elites had congregate, they were still existences at the tip of the pyramid.

For the finals, the competition timing was set in the afternoon. The relevant Grades of the 2 large Academies had suspended Grades. Although there were only people from Elite Academy X and the Milky Way Military College watching, these audiences represented the highest standards of the entire Milky Way Alliance.

As for the mecha battles, it was also of the highest standards within the Xuan and Huang Grades. Professor Jiang Feng and Professor Claudia from the Milky Way Military College would act as the host and judge respectively.

The Finals would involve real mecha in battle.

The first round would be between Olivios and Hu Kan from the third battle group.

This was a battle between the Huang Grade Grade 1 and the Xuan Grade Grade 1. However, basically no one had treated Olivios as someone from Huang Grade Grade 1. On the stand, Olivios brother, Marzu, had arrived. As compared to the cold Olivios, Marzu’ expression was more amiable and was also more mature.

These 2 brothers were the pride of Arbiter and the successors of the Heavenly Overlord Technique. They were calm and composed and without flaws.

Heavenly Overlord Technique believed that attacking was king and was indestructible!

As for his opponent, he was the most outstanding representative from the Black Tortoise Region in the past five years. He was known for his no blind spot and impenetrable defence. As one of the 4 masters of the Xuan and Huang Grades, he represented the pride of Black Tortoise. In this era where attacking was king, Black Tortoise Region had adhered to the principle of where defence came first!

Even if Marzu was to face Hu Kan, his odds were at most 6:4. Moreover if Hu Kan made up his mind to defend, this battle might last a few hours without ending. Therefore once he was on the battlefield, it was difficult to tell which side would be more effective.

Zhang Shan and the rest had also arrived at the stadium. Zhang Shan was responsible for recording the match. He wanted to show it to Wang Zheng when he returned. Moreover, he was convinced that Wang Zheng would definitely be back. He definitely would!

Olivios had chosen the Overlord. At their level, the Overlord had several weaknesses. When facing Hu Kan, his choice couldn’t be considered as not arrogant.

Hu Kan could also feel that the kid opposite of him was belittling him. However, Hu Kan’s had a stable personality and wouldn’t mind how others looked at him. He would forever live in his own pace.

Hu Kan had chosen the Draconic Tiger mech from Martial Deity Star. It was a classic mech that could attack and defend and also represented the Martial Deity Star.

By choosing this model of mech, it would mean that Hu Kan had made preparations to attack and saw Olivios as a proper opponent.

The two of them did not try to test each other and entered the heat of the battle quickly. Against any ordinary opponents, Olivios just need to exert a little effort. Not only was his physical techniques and Ability X indestructible, the killing aura around him was even more unstoppable. However, he had met his match this time. Hu Kan’s defensive physical technique was also one of the best. After all, he represented the highest standards of the Black Tortoise Region currently.

The battle between both of them was a replica of the attacking and defending battles seen in the textbooks. The cheers from the Regions which both of them represented was soaring through the skies.

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