Tempest Of The Stellar War Chapter 701


Zhang Shan, Eisen and the rest were dumbfounded by what they saw. This type of control, this type of attack He was simply not a human. On the big screen, one could approximately see that during the clashes, there were both physical attacks and Ability X. One could also have the most realistic view on the wear and tear on both mecha. This type of practical battle mecha monitoring system was in fact of the highest grade in the Milky Way Alliance. Even the testing of super mecha used the same equipment.

Olivios had been attacking since the start of the battle and didn’t seem to know what defending was at all. Yet, Hu Kan hadn’t made a counterattack. Although the Black Tortoise Region focused on defence, it didn’t mean that they didn’t know how to attack. Defending was the prelude to attacking. Moreover Olivios had been too arrogant. Many seniors would have liked to hang him up and whip him. It was just that they didn’t have such strength.

What was known about Olivios’ Ability X was that it amplified vibrations. As for Hu Kan, his Ability X was of the “Earth” attribute of the Major and Minor Cycles. It could defend against both physical and Ability X attacks without difference. Hu Kan had undoubtedly reached the early stage of B-grade Ability X. His distribution of energy was very logical.

Although the Draconic Tiger mech was in a defensive stance, its usage of energy was low. Moreover his defence was also suppressive in nature.

Zhang Shan was looking at the match without blinking. He wanted to tell Wang Zheng after he returned that Olivios would be one of his main opponents. This match was likely one of the few times that Olivios would be forced to show his true strength.

What made Zhang Shan felt pressurizing was the fact that Olivios’ Ability X had reached the highest grade of C Rank. This was already the standards of the Xuan Grade. He might not be experienced in using it, but he was not lacking in strength. Zhang Shan could imagine if those silly Xuan Grade guys who were thinking of taunting Olivios had really done so, they would definitely be pummeled.

Facing an opponent with stronger ability, defending while looking for chances of counterattacks was actually better. However, Olivios seemed to not know what was defending and was attacking fiercely without thinking. He was lunging the spear fiercely and was even using his large shield to try to suppress his opponent.

Hu Kan was also getting furious from being suppressed. The attacks of this brat were just of this level and he didn’t know anything about advancing and retreating. Hu Kan had totally seen through his moves. He was indeed a younger version of Marzu. However, he wasn’t even afraid of Marzu, let alone Olivios. Moreover, Hu Kan had been competing with Marzu for many years and knew about the moves of the Heavenly Overlord Technique well.

After a violent clash, Olivios’s Overlord was knocked back. The Draconic Tiger mech was going to start its counterattack.

The beam saber was slashed down at almost twice the speed before Olivios could change his move.


The shield had blocked it but the Overlord couldn’t withstand the force and started to stagger backwards. At this moment, one could notice that Hu Kan’s Draconic Tiger mech seemed to have merged with the earth. He looked just like a giant standing there and could even reach the skies.

After a flat piercing attack, Hu Kan followed up with a sudden lunge forward. Using the shoulder as a shield to breakthrough, there was another collision. This collision was slanted downwards and forceful. The Overlord rumbled and its legs had obviously buckled. This was all about the details.

He definitely lived up to his great reputation!

Once Hu Kan struck, Olivios was beaten back to his original state. This had caused those seniors in Black Tortoise who were feeling bottled up to roar in frenzy. Every person who specialised in defending had a frenzied heart for attack deep in their heart. It was just that they prefer to strike after their opponents were blocked. There wasn’t any warrior who would not have a desire to attack.

The weakness of the Overlord had shown now. It wasn’t agile enough!

Under normal circumstances, one wouldn’t be able to tell. However if faced with a master, without completely outclassing them, the opponent would then easily play one.

Luckily Hu Kan was a prudent person and didn’t have such a fetish. However the results were worse. This was because a prudent person would not give his opponent any chance.


The Overlord could only defend against all the attacks he was receiving. Even if that was the case, it didn’t possess defensive capabilities. The mech slid over 10 metres before stopping. However, Hu Kan did not take the opportunity to continue attacking, demonstrating well how a senior should act.

A huge round of applause sounded from below the ring. All of them thought that Hu Kan was being a great senior. It was just that Jiang Feng and Claudia did not made any compliments on this detail. The participants sitting at the front row was also silent.

If Hu Kan pressed on tightly earlier, he would really be in trouble.

Although he had been on the receiving end all along, Olivios’ spear had been very stable. If his opponent was to show any weakness, this spear would take his life.

“Boss, Olivios is really arrogant.” said Luo Fei as he was chewing something. It was always his favourite hobby to eat things while watching the competition.

The surrounding clearly wasn’t happy about this little sidekick of Lear. It was especially so as this brat always spouted such nonsensical things.

Lear only nodded his head. Olivios was truly arrogant. This was because he was judging his opponent’s bottom line. This was usually the case when a strong person was facing a weak person. The truth was that he wasn’t at an advantage and Hu Kan had also discovered this point.

As freshmen, Olivios was not showing respect to all the elites in this place by doing such things.

Hu Kan took a deep breath. If he couldn’t give this kid a complete defeat, he could no longer hang around in this place. Even though he had a composed personality, he was still a little pissed off.

The Draconic Tiger started to exhibit some signs of Ability X. The power of the Earth! The people from Black Tortoise Region specialised in the power of Earth. Takumi was the same too. However, the rampaging power of the Earth was actually the most terrifying.

Draconic Tiger took a step out suddenly and the momentum immediately blasted towards Overlord. Hu Kan was going to use his Ability X to crush his opponents in a face to face battle. Olivios didn’t have a chance of winning at all.

However, facing the challenge of the Draconic Tiger, Olivios’s Overlord had chosen to face it head on.


A stalemate?

Their aura exploded outwards and the two mecha clashed together. Facing a Draconic Tiger with the power of the Earth, any attacker would feel a sense of helplessness.

At least that was what the majority in the stadium would think.


In a head-on collision, there wasn’t any use of anything fanciful with the standards and styles of these 2 people. These were also not their rhythm of things. In the end, it had become a simple collision.

Olivios was still

After a head-on collision, Olivios had retreated 3 steps while Hu Kan didn’t budge at all.


Hu Kan wanted to strike while the rod was still hot. He continued to control the tempo with his beam saber.

The Overlord took another step backwards with the Draconic Tiger suppressing him.

Olivios seemed to be trying to defend with all his might. However, surprisingly, he gritted his teeth, stabilized himself and blocked it forcefully

The floor exploded.

Hu Kan who had the power of the Earth had the absolute advantage. However, a change had occurred

The Draconic Tiger was knocked back 3 steps by the vibrations. The Overlord leapt up. During the small leapt, Olivios pressed down hard with his large shield.


Draconic Tiger blocked it forcefully. However, the lethal spear had arrived. Hu Kan tried his best to change his moves.


After blocking the spear, he was sent flying by a kick from the Overlord.

At the same time, the spear in the hands of Olivios was thrown out. At this moment, Hu Kan only had one choice. The Energy shield!


As the energy shield was blocking the spear, the Overlord had already leapt to the sky.

When the Overlord mech was rushing towards Hu Kan, the Draconic Tiger had already landed and had time to make his preparation. It was hard to attack but easier to defend!

The Draconic Tiger suddenly held the shield in both arms. Hu Kan released his Ability X totally. The entire mech together with the energy shield seemed to have become one with the earth

Come on!

Hu Kan’s eyes lit up. The sky crashing impact of the Overlord was a classic case of a double edge sword. If the power was blocked, it would be reflected to the Overlord itself. The pilot might even die from the shockwaves.

Although it was just a competition, the risks weren’t low. If it wasn’t you who died, it would be me!


Hu Kan’s mech had already made ample preparations. By combining Ability X with the energy shield, it would represent the highest realm of defending. Physical attacks would be useless and so was Ability X.

As long as he could withstand it, the large recoil would be enough to cause Olivios to be not able to do anything in the next 7 to 8 seconds.

Achilles and the rest were frowning slightly. As one of the most famous mech of Arbiter, this move was familiar to everyone. Clearly the problem was with the pathing.

Based on Olivios’ current angle, he would probably land in front of Hu Kan and it would not be a direct hit

This type of error

Instantly, almost all the top notched masters had made this prediction. Their eyes were similar to machines. It might look like it was difficult to execute but it was actually the most basic thing. From the release of the spear to leaping into the sky, it was to not give Hu Kan the opportunity to move. If Hu Kan had moved, he wouldn’t be able to defend with all his might. Moreover with Hu Kan’s confidence, he would definitely choose to defend and not escape.

However, Olivios himself was slightly off

This teenager


In the blink of an eye, the Overlord was descending from the sky.

A loud sound erupted as it exploded.

It was indeed slightly off however

God, what had happened???

Even Jiang Feng and Claudia revealed an impossible look. The energy shield of the Draconic Tiger had been completely destroyed and there was a huge crack on the mech. It was already on the brink of collapsing.

As for Hu Kan, he had already lost consciousness.

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