Tempest Of The Stellar War Chapter 939

Chapter 939 A Higher Being

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“When did you make it?” Gazing at the huge mech, Wang Zheng was caught completely off guard.

Lan Ling was like a little girl receiving praise. She gave a delighted smile. “You think we’re just lazing around all day? An economic development needs a commensurate amount of military backing. It’s true that space troops are not easily built up, which is why we focused our energies on this. Currently, we have 100 of these, as a secret weapon. This design was also bought at top dollar.”

Of course, this was not OMG’s technology. In order to increase the Tita military power, especially the ground forces, Mu Sen and Lan Ling had also done their best. Armor was easy to manufacture, but the battle power was limited. And this giant mech would definitely be a useful tool in ground battles, in unforeseen ways.

Wang Zheng nodded. Looking at it from the overall strategic perspective, they could only delay the opponent in ground battles, and then use their allies’ influence to raise protests. The Solar System would definitely raise a clamor, and they could only hope that the Hail Cloud Alliance and the Alliance chairman would follow suit. As for Jasper’s side, they would have to depend on their luck. After all, such international plans were completely dependent on the costs and benefits.

But as for Tita Star, first they had to be able to hold off the opponent. This batch of heavy mecha should pack a solid blow against the invaders.

“How are their battle capabilities?” Wang Zheng was very concerned about this. Size was unimportant in battle.

“Ordinary human constitutions cannot operate these mecha. But the giants can wield them with ease. But they’re not very suited to complex controls, which is why besides coverage type attacks, the important thing is thick and ample defense, so they can be the point attack. Heaven says that a trained mech giant can demolish an entire special forces squad,” Lan Ling said proudly.

But Wang Zheng shook his head slightly. He was no longer a fresh-faced lad. Such mecha were indeed unexpected, but how they fared would eventually depend on the enemy’s formation.

“Wang Zheng, we have already made preparations in case of failure. But regardless of outcome, we will fight to the last.” Lan Ling’s face shone with resolution. This girl, who had once fled from her responsibilities, was maturing. She was learning to shoulder responsibility. Perhaps it was Wang Zheng’s arrival that had made her impervious to fear.

In truth, Wang Zheng was no stranger to war, but none of his experiences had been quite like this. His concerns were closely entangled within. In the past, whether attacker or defender, he was not too personally vested.

At this moment, Lan Ling’s Skylink rang urgently. An emergency!

Far away on Earth’s Beijing, Victorious Return Hotel.

Xiao Fei had recently been worrying about the Tita Star situation as well. Although she was now the military school principal, and had exerted herself on occasion, only when one met with such momentous matters did one truly feel weak and powerless. Besides, her concerns were now elsewhere.

“Oh Fei Fei, don’t worry about these things. Girls should be cuter. You must be polite, it’s your old classmate, and the startup company has just entered the market. In terms of ability and intellect, he’s not bad at all. A worthy object for your consideration.”

Beside Xiao Fei was her mother, Lady Yang Qinlin. She had worried her heart sick over her daughter. She was on the web daily, searching for the most eligible bachelor for her illustrious daughter…

Xiao Fei eyed her mother. What a headache. She would rather drown in official announcements than be a puppet to her mother’s whims. She was not the eight-year-old little girl waving her sparkler around like a magic wang. Magic was a childish fancy, violations of basic scientific knowledge…

“Dad, please come and control your wife…” Xiao Fei quietly sent her father a plea for help.

“Oh Fei Fei, it’s not like you don’t know who contributes the most to this family. It’s so rare that your mother has let me off today, can’t you let me be? How much has Papa fended off for you for all these years? Today, let Papa enjoy his day off. Besides, in terms of finding a husband, I’m behind your mother on this.”

Her father’s response had been quick as an arrow, only the contents were not what Xiao Fei was hoping to see…

As her parents, they were not at all concerned about international affairs. Their primary care was their daughter’s future.

A pity that Wang Zheng was not around to see this scene, or he would know that the witch Xiao Fei also had enemies. Clearly, Xiao Fei’s witch-like characteristics were inherited from her mother’s real powers, a fabled and legendary strength.

“Stop texting your father. The guest is here already, and you’re still on your rump? Stand up! And smile! The cute way that I thought you all these years. Don’t you dare say you need me to teach you again. Your only mission this year is to get yourself married off.” Yang Qinlin flicked her finger. At the crook of her daughter’s finger, she immediately knew what was going on.

Xiao Fei had a sudden urge to run and hide, but at the last moment, she still stood courteously, donning a smile that showed no teeth. Her eyes crinkled and her lip lifted just so. She was the perfect picture of cute.

At this moment, the doors opened, and a handsome young man walked in. He immediately smiled when he saw them, and quickened his pace over. “Aunt, Xiao Fei, I’m sorry I’m late.”

A courteous, proper impression.

Yang Qinlin gave an approving nod. “It’s us that were early. You’re Fei Fei’s old classmate, so you should know she’s a rebellious shrew. I encourage you to tame her.”

“Mom!” Xiao Fei wanted to wail. Who even sold their daughter like this? Was she even her real mother? She wasn’t a phone top-up freebie.

“You two chat, I’m off to the salon.” Yang Qinlin gave her daughter a warning look. She had better maintain the cute look. What a suitable suitor, was he easy to find? And also an old classmate who knew her.

In truth, Xiao Fei’s successes were already enough in her parents’ eyes. As a woman, starting a family was her natural job. She need not work so hard. Scientific research could continue after marriage.

After seeing the intimidating Lady Yang leave, Kong Bin smiled and sat down. “Xiao Fei…”

“Save it.” After the old woman had left, Xiao Fei reverted from the damsel to the witch.

“Keh, after so many years, won’t you give me a chance?” Kong Bin had been infected by Xiao Fei’s mood, and was irritated.

From elementary school till high school, the two had been classmates, until Xiao Fei had left Earth for college. It could be said that Kong Bin had started chasing Xiao Fei from middle school. But each time he confessed, he was rejected harshly by Xiao Fei. After being separated for so many years, he had carved his own modest success. His fire for Xiao Fei had rekindled when they met at the last school reunion. This time was different because he had his future mother-in-law’s support. But from the way today was going, it seemed hopeless. He lost every battle he fought.

Xiao Fei let her hair down and bunched it up. From a demure girl, she reverted to her queenlike state. The way she held herself was clear that there was no chance to be had.

Kong Bin gave a bitter laugh. “What should I tell Aunt later?”

The moment her mother was mentioned, Xiao Fei winced. Jinxes were jinxes. “You will say that we interacted. And be careful of your tone and expressions, or she will tumble to us. Honestly, I’m not cut out for marriage. Considering the family, looking after the kids, dealing with a husband… Just thinking about it stifles me. You should know me, I’m not suited for that life.”

Kong Bin sighed. He knew all this. Only, after receiving Xiao Fei’s mother’s favor, and being invited to court Xiao Fei, he had held a sliver of hope…

“Will you remain unmarried forever? Have you never met someone to your liking in all these years?” Kong Bin was disbelieving.

Xiao Fei’s eyes softened for a moment, but Kong Bin did not catch it. “Just let me say one more thing. If we get married, I won’t interfere with your life. You can still continue enjoying your work.”

Xiao Fei gave Kong Bin a half smile. “Oh? And what do you plan to do with Little Star and Little Moon in your treasure house?”

Kong Bin’s mouth fell open… Suddenly, the principal of Ares College did not seem so average. It was as though Xiao Fei had prepared beforehand, and was just waiting. Ah, who asked him to be a normal man?

Kong Bin sighed. Just as he was about to explain his Little Star and Little Moon, he suddenly saw someone walk over, and his face straightened up. “That’s right, I came over today because of something else as well.”

At this point, Kong Bin stood up, and bowed slightly to the person approaching.

Xiao Fei was startled, and turned as she stood up. She saw a friendly old man who was eyeing her enthusiastically. “This is…”

“Xiao Fei, let me introduce you. This is my most important client. He…”

Old Merchant cut Kong Bin off with a wave. Kong Bin immediately backed down. “You’re even more than the rumors make you out to be. The real life Professor Xiao Fei is even more beautiful than the magazines.”

“Thank you.” Xiao Fei’s expression as mild. She was not about to soften just because the other person was a peaceable old man. Instead, she was alert and waiting to hear his intent. Clearly, his introduction through Kong Bin was an announcement of his power, and not just because she had made the cover of a magazine.

“Professor Xiao Fei, how do you see the parallel qualities of multi-dimensional space?”

The old man shot a question that would completely tear down all of Xiao Fei’s defenses.

Xiao Fei’s instincts were alerted. “Who are you?!”

The old man smiled. “I’m here to discuss how the Tita Star situation can be solved.”

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