Tempest Of The Stellar War Chapter 940

Chapter 940 X98

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Wang Zheng and Lan Ling rushed over to the command center. It looked like OMG’s armament factories had already been turned into a sea of fire.

The enemy had struck.

In space, Jiro Federation and Diweng Alliance had teamed up to fight pirates. With the interstellar route secured, they had started a large scale military demonstration which had locked down the star field. In the demonstration period, all commercial grounds were forbidden from access. Of course, if one decided to force their way out, then all dangers were on one’s own shoulders.

Such disputes were not new in the Alliance. But the target this time around was Titatitan Star. Titatitan Star had no protecting country and was not part of any major federation or empire. Besides the human rights groups’ protests, there was no other resistance. It was simply a military demonstration, with no other substantiation. Would you not allow them to fight and threaten pirates?

And in truth, the pirates were getting bold recently. It was half fiction, and no matter what, they were well entrenched.

If Tita Star wanted to delay them, then they were making preparations as well.

The space situation had been completely settled. Not just that, the troops’ signals were locked down, which prevented Tita Star from having effective communications with the outside world. They were like fish in a net.

“They sent warships to attack?” Lan Ling demanded furiously. The military had no warning at all. How could this have happened?

“Not warships. Look, these are never-before-seen… mecha.” Mu Sen’s expression was solemn. Clearly he was frustrated.

At this moment, Heaven had rushed over as well. On the big screen, OMG’s factories were being destroyed.

A fiery red mecha descended from the skies with terrifying firepower. An inferno Ability X completely overrode Tita Star’s defenses. The factories naturally had defenses, and very strong ones at that. But against such super soldiers, they were defenseless. Normal mecha against super mecha… Before an Earth rank pro with a super mech, they were all food.

The resistance lasted a mere 10 minutes. The armament factory burned, punctuated by explosions. The red super mech fighter left unhurriedly, as though wandering through its own back garden.

“Any response from Jiro’s side?” Lan Ling asked.

Mu Sen shook his head. “They won’t respond. They’re just waiting for our groveling response now. If we do not accede, such things will continue to happen.”

Mu Sen knew that humans were strong, but had not anticipated it to this level. Lan Ling’s face was ashen as well. She had just bragged of their heavy mecha to Wang Zheng, but clearly the giant mecha were still within normal levels, and nothing compared to super soldiers. They still could not deal with them.

If they continued to let these super soldiers run rampant, Tita Star would be finished before the war even began.

They all looked towards Heaven. In such matters, Heaven was definitely better than everybody else.

Heaven frowned and brooded.

“Heaven, do you recognize the mech? Which country’s is it? Jiro Federation and Diweng Alliance cannot possibly have a mech with such technology. Could Aslan be intervening directly?” Lan Ling asked.

If Aslan had really taken a hand directly, then regardless of the result, Tita Star was finished. The difference in power was overwhelming.

“Not Aslan Empire. Wang Zheng, do you find it familiar?”

“Looks like a runic mech.” Wang Zheng nodded.

“Close, but not the mech that Elite Academy X researched. Aslan is leading this field. Of course, Arbiter and other countries are also researching it. These mechas are not that classified. There is a small black market, with astronomical prices. They’re almost warships.”

“You mean these mecha are leaking from these countries? Aren’t they afraid of replicas?”

Heaven shook his head. “As far as I know, it can’t be replicated. And sometimes, when the Underworld receives some big mission, we can raise some requests. If I’m not wrong, this person should be the Fire Falcon, X98.”

They were startled. X98?

Wang Zheng sighed heavily. “A top 100 on the Ability X leaderboards.”

Heaven nodded. The Ability X leaderboards did not care about right or wrong. Although this ability was not absolute, it was a good reference.

“Heaven, what’s your ranking? Can you beat him?” Lan Ling asked.

Heaven gave a bitter laugh. This was serious. “My peak was 185. And now, after lying low for so long, I must have fallen to about 1,000. Besides, without a similar class of mech, there’s no chance of victory at all.”

Regardless whether it was Jiro, Diweng, or someone else that had requested it, everyone felt the gravity of the situation.

Yan Xiaosu was about to explode. “This shameless bunch! Aren’t they afraid that the Alliance will find out?”

Lan Ling shook her head with frustration. “As long as they’re not directly involved, then this means nothing. It’s a trick everyone knows. It’s an invasion.”

Yan Xiaosu held his breath, then eventually let it out. The battle power of that Fire Falcon had been clear for all to see. The mecha and armor that they had spent so long preparing were like toys in front of this guy.

For OMG to overtake those truly strong countries overnight was merely an idiot’s fantasy. This was not practical. It could be said that the Wind God and the Storm Swordsman were very unique, average mecha, but they were not super mecha. Humanity’s battles had already advanced to specialized, super battles. Infantry were merely there to clean up the field. Many times, the super battle alone would determine victory.

At this moment, another emergency message arrived. Another super mech had appeared in Qiushui City’s airspace.

Qiushui City was a new city built in collaboration between humans and the Tita people. It had taken huge efforts on the part of Mu Sen, Lan Ling, and the rest. Yan Xiaosu and his team had invested large amounts as well.

Now, all they saw was fire and blood. An azure blue mech flew out of the sky. The snipers all missed, and it very quickly vanished into the skies.

All that was left were wails, and the deep breathing of everyone in the great hall.

This was a direct warning!

If they refused to surrender, refused to bend the knee, then what awaited Tita Star was an even larger scale offense.

Special forces skirmishes were meant to create terror, paying the smallest price for the greatest effect.

Mu Sen was really at a loss. As the Elder, he was long lived. But after taking on the responsibility of Chairman, he felt his lifespan shorten rapidly. His white hairs had increased, and this was not normal for the Tita people.


As a Tita person, this was impossible. They would die before becoming slaves.

If God wanted Tita to perish, then perishing meant a rebirth!

Mu Sen looked at Wang Zheng, whose expression was serene. “I came this time with a runic mech. If it’s just one, I can deal with it!”

Heaven was overjoyed. “If that’s the case, I can suppress the other one… How did Elite Academy X allow you to bring that out?”

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