Tempest Of The Stellar War Chapter 941

Chapter 941 Under Considerable Pressure

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Wang Zheng did not know how to express his gratitude towards Butcher now. If he had not brought it, then only death awaited him. As a fighter, he was not afraid of death, but if he was not even given the chance to fight, that would be a tragedy.

“Lan Ling, you must increase the defensive detection radius, and alert me as soon as possible!”

“Rest assured of that!”

“Heaven, is your mech alright?”

Heaven smiled slightly. “I don’t have a runic mech, but Atlantis’ Phantom King can still hold its own for a while. Don’t worry. I understand the Underworld’s rules. I have my ways to hold off the Fire Falcon. And I have a bit of history with him.”

“Elder Mu Sen, Lan Ling, leave the super soldier problem to us. Please do your best to marshal the troops. If the super soldier plan fails, the next step will be a direct invasion.”

On the Zeus Shield warship.

Fire Falcon Facaul and Blue Demon Hannibal had already bathed and were sprawled comfortably on the sofas.

“Feels good to work this way. Fire Falcon, you’re holding back too much. This is a rare chance, you should kill to your heart’s content.” Blue Demon sniggered. He would not hold back. The feeling of killing giants was cool. Seeing the huge chunks of flesh burst, it was like smashing watermelons when he was a child.

Facaul smiled thinly. “Don’t fret. The Tita people won’t surrender so easily. This mission is interesting.”

“I hope they can hold out. I’m looking forward to seeing what their Titans are capable of. They’re said to have some mystical powers. When I collect their skulls as a trophy, I might be able to sell it to those eccentric millionaires, haha.”

Blue Demon guffawed. These half-mercenary types walked the line between black and white. They loved these types of indigenous fights, with others to clean up the mess while the pay was equally good.

“Where’s your next target?”

“Lan Kao city, I guess. There’s an old friend there, and we can meet.”

“Hehe, I’m off to smash watermelons. Very big watermelons. Haha.”

When two Earth rank fighters were paired with world-class mecha, the battle power and aggression was deadly.

Diweng and Jiro were still noisily conducting their rehearsals. Their acting was superb. One would be embarrassed not to give them an Oscar.

External pressure and internal attacks. Not many countries could hold out against this. Accomplishing this task would bring great gains for both countries. Their sponsor in the shadows would definitely be overjoyed. The only one on the short end of the stick was Tita.

Once the news got out, Ye Zisu immediately knew something was wrong. The military rehearsal notification had been delayed, and Ye Bingwen knew that he must speak out this time.

In this period of time, Ye Bingwen had indeed grown a reputation. But when he spoke out, the Solar System Federation’s response was lukewarm.

He was just a council member, and even the Solar System Federation council chairman was only in service to the Solar System. Nobody could place above the council, this was one of the “Great Principles” of humanity. Clearly, Ye Bingwen’s calls at this time would not bring too much benefit to the Solar System. Besides, all he could do was holler, but the Solar System council would not silence him. Someone needed to raise the issue – after all, their relationship with Tita Star was not bad. If they immediately turned tail, that would be too cowardly. The Solar System’s response would sway with the breeze. First, Tita Star had to hold out. If they could not, then nothing else mattered.

The Solar System wanted to improve their international standing. But they had to see who the opponent was. This matter was not entirely bureaucratic. Combined national power determined the right to speak. Speaking out brainlessly and being punished for it was not just individuals, countries were the same.

Ye Zisu was also at her wit’s end. But suddenly, she received a call from Xiao Fei. And what Xiao Fei told her was completely unexpected.

“Hail Cloud Alliance and Lya Sphinx will exchange the box schematics for their stance on this matter,” Xiao Fei said.

In the Alliance, there had to be a superpower to stand out. Moving the box was unquestionably the key to OMG’s rise. But if Tita Star was gone, there would be no future. Most crucially, the one person these two were concerned about was also there.

“That’s no problem. I’ll immediately contact Ai Xiaolu and Jasper!”

For the two superpowers to act, it was not just about raising protests, but also the bargaining chip. Just the Ai Financial group alone was ineffective. Benefits were central. This was clearly not about the problem about the box profits, but the technology!

With the box’s technology, that was a bargaining chip. It was a gesture of great sincerity.

Xiao Fei’s words had shaken Ye Zisu awake. A teacher was always a teacher. In crucial times, they always grasped the heart of the issue.

Xiao Fei, after clicking off, leaned back on the chair. Things were becoming more complicated. The Alliance was always like this, but that was expected of humans. Oh Wang Zheng, could he survive this stage?

In some ways, Xiao Fei exuded an impressive military aura, and was composed and charismatic. Ye Bingwen had raised the issue early. Under such circumstances, it would be ineffective, but it would lay the groundwork. But Xiao Fei could understand where Ye Bingwen was coming from. His sacrifice was the greatest. Someone had to be cannon fodder. Ye Bingwen did not have a low EQ. On the contrary, it was too high.

Tita Star was weathering the storm, and the international arena was equally chaotic.

Aslan Empire. The events on the far away Tita star, in Kashawen’s eyes… meant nothing.

Conquering the empire, conquering the world. This was a chess game, and Tita Star was merely a pawn. There were too many things she had to monitor and manage. Many of them were purely routine. The Tita agenda had already reached the execution phase. If it went well, half a month would see it over. If delayed, a month would do it. The energy source was the heart of the battle – the super-gravity energy mine had to be secured.

An empire’s greatness was not built on goodwill.

In politics, a good person was a dead person.

She understood this from the tender age of 10. A pity that the political nurturing ended with her generation. Huiyin was completely oblivious, and Aina was like her. For Aslan’s greatness and longevity, there was nothing she would not sacrifice, even her daughter.

Of course, this was determination. Kashawen had handled small matters like Tita Star countless times before. It was not even worth consideration – they could be finished off at any time.

In these years, countless people, both young and old, had strutted proudly in front of her. They were all gone now.

The Earthlings liked to use a phrase: Not knowing one’s strength!

“Highness, the princess… requests an attendance,” Angela’s Skylink said.

Kashawen smiled slightly. “Angela, I’m happy that you are loyal to the princess. But you must know that you are first and foremost an Aslan person. You can be disloyal to me, but you must always be true to the Aslan Empire!”

Angela said no more. She knew what to do. Kashawen was Kashawen. One utterance compelled her to do what she had to do.

This was the greatest female prime minister in the history of Aslan.

Only, in the brilliance of such greatness, should all the lower creatures just die?

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