The 99th Divorce Chapter 638

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“Which sir?”

However, the little boy did not answer, he just smiled and ran away.

Su Qianci looked down at the one Calla Lily in her hand and smiled slightly. She shouted, “Mr. Lu, don’t play. I know it is you!”

However, there was a brisk footstep coming close. This time it was a girl. “Forget-me-not’s meaning is eternal love.”

Su Qianci took it, and the girl quickly ran away. Soon a girl came running and handed her a purple tulip. “The purple tulip means the endless love of sir to you.”

After one was gone, there was always someone else coming over and handing her a beautiful and fresh flower.

“The white lotus represents a sincere heart and the purest faith.”

“The meaning of honeysuckle is ‘I want to give you all my best.'”

“Lisianthus represents the most honest love that sir has for you.”

“Lavender represents gratitude.”

“99 lilies means that you are going to be together for a hundred years.”

This was the day on which Su Qianci had heard the most meanings of flowers. The more flowers she received, the more guilt she felt. She looked at a large variety of flowers in her hand, feeling sorry for Lu Yihan. Today, she was just coming out here to tell him about her decision to change the plan.


Why did Lu Yihan do this? How could she say anything later? There were more and more people around, and everyone thought that Su Qianci would have a happy face, but after seeing her expression, they all felt dumbstruck. Someone picked up the phone and took a video. Suddenly, an exclamation sounded. On the opposite side of the place where Su Qianci stood, there were beautiful bicycles coming in.

The bodies of the bicycles were transparent, and the cyclists were carrying baskets full of flaming roses into the square. Every basket was full of fresh and beautiful roses, and the light aroma quickly drifted away. The bicycle stopped by Su Qianci, and one of the bicycles quickly stopped around the edge of the square. Five, ten, fifteen… The number of bicycles was increasing, and baskets of flaming roses were carried to the center of the square. Each rose was bright red and fresh.

Everyone was exclaiming in shock, “Awesome my brother, so many roses. Should it be 9,999 in total?”

“You are stupid, how is it possible, definitely more than that! There are at least 999 flowers in each basket. And it hasn’t finished either? How many are there on earth?”

“Take a video and post it on Weibo. Such a gesture!”

Su Qianci was shocked to see the number of cyclists who rushed in and out. The baskets that were full of flowers were placed in the middle of the square. A bicycle went in and out one after another. In just a while, there had been the flower baskets placed.

Someone was counting in the back, shouting, “88, 89, 90…97, 98, 99, 100!”

After counting the last number, everyone let out a sigh. “It’s finally over! God, it is the first time I have seen so many flowers!”

“Qianqian.” Lu Yihan’s voice came from behind Su Qianci.

She heard this voice and her back was stiff. Looking at the big bouquet in his hand, and the sea of red roses in front of her, she felt her heart was being caught by the devil. She felt so uncomfortable that she could say nothing.

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