The 99th Divorce Chapter 929

Chapter 929 Yu Lili Was Hypnotized.

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“Do you hate that feeling and pressure in your heart?”


“Why?” Shen Zhilie asked.

Yu Lili was silent and did not answer.

Shen Zhilie said, “Everything has a cause and an effect. You have been with him for so many years. Thus, if you really hated him, you would not be with him, would you?”

Yu Lili still did not say anything.

Shen Zhilie walked slowly behind her and asked gently, “Do you love him?”


She didn’t hesitate.

Hearing what she said as he stood outside, Ou Ming felt happy and something in his mind relaxed.

She loves me.

“But why do you hate him?” Shen Zhilie took off the handkerchief covering on her face and sat on the edge of the table, looking at her and saying, “You don’t like his touch, and there should be no reason for that. Why is that so?”

The reason…

Because the day before yesterday night, I heard that the wedding date had been set? But may I say that? Tell them that I planted a monitoring virus in Shen Manting’s phone?

Therefore, I knew everything. Can I say that?

Obviously, I can’t.

Yu Lili opened her mouth but still didn’t say a word.

Shen Zhilie noticed her hesitation. Then he stood up straight, walked toward the back of the table, and said, “It doesn’t matter, because everyone has secrets. It doesn’t matter if you don’t tell me.”

During the conversation, Shen Zhilie flicked the lighter in his hand. Immediately, a blue flame jumped out.

Yu Lili looked at the lighter and was blinded by the blue flame.

What beautiful fire! This is the first time I have seen a blue flame.

Shen Zhilie swayed the lighter in his hand and said with a smile, “With your wine scam, you swindled me out of my money in the Capital, but I didn’t blame you, did I?”

Yu Lili felt guilty, so she coughed slightly. Yet her eyes could not help but follow the lighter in Shen Zhilie’s hands. The blue flame jumped at the tip of his finger. When it moved, it seemed to brighten the air around it.

It’s gorgeous and fascinating. So beautiful!

Shen Zhilie’s eyes seemed to be holding the same confusing blue flame, and he was looking at her and smiling. However, all Yu Lili could see was the lighter that was swaying gently in his hand. Then she heard him ask, “Do you like it?”

Looking at the blue flame with a blank expression, she nodded and replied, “Yeah.”

“Here you are. Come on, take it.” Shen Zhilie threw the lighter. When she noticed that the lighter had been thrown towards her, she subconsciously reached out her hands to catch it.

It’s pretty.

Moreover, it is not hot at all.

Shen Zhilie walked forward and asked in a charming voice, “You can touch the fire without pain, can’t you?”


“It’s cold, isn’t it?”


Yu Lili blankly looked at the blue flame that was jumping in front of her, and she was intoxicated.

Luo Zhan, Luo Ran, and Ou Ming who stood outside saw her lift up her hands, but she was holding nothing. However, her face looked enthralled, which made them feel a little strange.

Apparently, she was hypnotized.

Luo Ran lit a cigarette and whispered, “This boy has a lot of tricks. Although he is young, I have to say that he is better than me.”

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