The 99th Divorce Chapter 985

Chapter 985 Ou Ming Is A Btch

Chapter 985: Ou Ming Is a B*tch!
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Ou Ming was speechless. He picked Yu Lili up, patted her ass, and said, “Shut up, the bomb problem has been solved. The organization asked me to change the body armor for you.”

“No!” Yu Lili covered her chest with her hands and looked fearfully at Ou Ming.

The situation was driving him crazy. He took a deep breath and asked, “Why?”

Yu Lilli was absent-minded. Why? With hands on the chest, she thought about it and said in a trance, “Because Ou Ming will be angry.”

Ou Ming was touched by her words. Looking at the strange expression on her face, he whispered, “Who is Ou Ming?”

“Ou Ming is a bitch,” Yu Lili confidently said.

Ou Ming’s original expectation quickly disappeared. Lifting her up, he said, “Stay still.”

“No, no, no!” She pouted and was about to cry. “Ou Ming will be angry!”

Am I that scary when I’m angry? She is actually scared to cry?

Ou Ming was intrigued and asked, “What would happen if Ou Ming got angry?”

“He will swear and trod you under his foot, and it hurts.” Yu Lili cried as she spoke. “It’s really painful…”

Ou Ming didn’t quite understand what she was saying. I don’t deny that I swear at her, but when did I step on her?

Although he felt helpless, he said, “Be a good girl. Your clothes are wet, so I have to change them for you.”

“No…” Yu Lili wouldn’t give in.

He lightly sighed and said, “I am Ou Ming, so Ou Ming will not be angry or swear at you. He will not even step on you, so just be good and change your wet clothes. Then, go to sleep. OK?”

“Really?” Yu Lili stopped crying. She looked at him in confusion for a long while and then asked again, “Really?”

Ou Ming nodded and said, “Yeah, it’s absolutely true. There will be no mistakes.”
He reached out to take her clothes off. Using a tone like he was coaxing a little girl, he said, “Come on, wear the body armor.”

Yu Lili finally stayed still and let him change her clothes. Afterwards, Yu Lili closed her eyes and slept with regular breathing.

Ou Ming gently placed her on the bed. After helping her cover the quilt, he softly kissed her on her lips. He then got up and left the room. There was also a comrade outside the room to report to the organization. If she was lost, he would be guilty.

When he went out, Ou Ming found that Ye Qianqian was partially under the table. Half of her body was exposed. She was holding the basin she had just used to splash water, but was lightly snoring. She had fallen asleep with her face up and her mouth opened.

It was hard for him to look directly at her. Ou Ming squinted and took a blanket from the sofa. After covering her with it, he went back to Yu Lili’s room.

Ye Qianqian awoke feeling like she was freezing. When she opened her eyes, she discovered she was lying on the ground like a psycho. She immediately got up. As she did, her forehead bumped into the legs of the table.


Ye Qianqian held her forehead and shouted, “Oh my God! What is going on?”

At the same time, Yu Lili walked out of the room and squinted.

Ye Qianqian had a headache. Why am I sleeping on the ground? Forget about sleeping on the ground! Why is there a basin next to me? Why is Yu Lili wearing pajamas? I feel suffocated!

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