The 99th Divorce Chapter 986

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Ye Qianqian felt like weeping but had no tears. She stood up by leaning on the table legs. “How did we get back last night?”

Yu Lili was just as confused. “Maybe we took a taxi back?”

“Then, why are we so different?” Ye Qianqian was frozen and chilled. Looking at the pajamas on Yu Lili, she jumped up after rubbing her arms. “I slept on the floor, but you were in bed. Why? Why didn’t you help me up? The floor is so cold!”

Yu Lili was confused. Frowning and shaking her head, she said. “I don’t know, I forgot… My head hurts.”

“Me too,” Ye Qianqian said. She looked like she was in pain. “Forget about it. I have to take a shower and warm myself up because I am frozen.”

Ye Qianqian left the room and went to take a shower. Yu Lili went to the kitchen and made two cups of honey water. She drank one and put the other on the table. She then shouted, “Qianqian, there is honey water outside. Don’t forget to drink it!”

“Sure!” Ye Qianqian yelled back from the shower.

Yu Lili finished drinking and went back to her room. She happened to notice water stains on the floor that had dried up. In it was a very large footprint. She compared it with her foot and was sure that it belonged to a man.

Who was here? Yu Lili subconsciously thought of Ou Ming’s face. I think I saw him last night. Was it him? After bringing us back, did he change my clothes and just leave Ye Qianqian there on the floor?

The more she thought about it, the more she believed it might be possible. Damn it… I was actually smashed.

Yu Lili knocked on her head and fell down on the bed.

When Ye Qianqian came out of the bathroom, the honey water was still warm. She still had a headache.

She walked toward Yu Lili’s room and saw her lying in bed. It looked like she was asleep. Her hands were covering her face. It seemed to cover the light.

Ye Qianqian picked up her phone. Standing in front of Yu Lili’s table, she took a selfie with the honey water in her hand. She also clearly got Yu Lili in the shot. She then sent the photo via Moments in WeChat and edited it, The beauty of the Editorial Department sleeps with her hands on her bare face! [ha ha] [ha ha] [ha ha].

As soon as she sent it, many people commented, LOL!

There were a lot of people who liked the photo. After reading the comments below, Ye Qianqian was in a better mood and laughed. She read the comments one by one.

Suddenly, she saw a profile photo with a cute pig. It was Shan Yu. She had liked the photo.

Ye Qianqian saw her profile photo and thought of the unfriendliness during that time.

No matter what Shan Yu aimed at Yu Lili or me, Yu Lili couldn’t help but want to beat her several times. If I hadn’t stopped her, I have no doubt that she would definitely kick Shan Yu’s ass. At least, as for fighting, Shan Yu was absolutely no match for Yu Lili.

Looking at the photo, Ye Qianqian did not care. However, she soon saw Shan Yu’s comment: The graphics tablet behind looks familiar!

She didn’t know if it was an illusion or what. Ye Qianqian inexplicably felt that the words meant more than Shan Yu said.

After looking at the graphics tablet for a long time, which only showed a corner in the photo, she didn’t find any problem with it. After replying to Shan Yu with a sticker, she took the cup and left the room.

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