The Alchemist Of Harry Potter Chapter 514

Chapter 514: Very Thick History Of American Magic

After signing the contract, Albert returned to the villa and sat on the sofa in the living room, chatting with others about alchemy.

Catherine would occasionally add a sentence or two, and the atmosphere was very good.

However, there will always be deviations when talking about the topic, somehow the topic becomes Albert won the championship of the international wizard chess competition, and then it becomes the matter of Nicol giving up the Philosopher's Stone.

Nicholas expressed regret for this. When he was young, he had visited the Mr. Nico and regretted the decision of the greatest alchemist in history.

When I heard that Nicol planned to teach Albert in the last few years of his life, the envy in Catherine's eyes almost overflowed.

If possible, Catherine would also like to study with Nicole LeMay, but she couldn't say it anyway.

Having said that, that is disrespect for Grandpa Nicholas.

Nicholas naturally knows what his granddaughter thinks, but he can't help it.

He is not familiar with Nicol himself, and it is impossible to write a letter of introduction to his granddaughter. What's more, after Catherine becomes his heir, she needs to take responsibility. She still has a lot to learn.

The chat finally ended when Nicholas invited the two to go to his alchemy workshop tomorrow.

As the night darkened, Albert leaned on the pillow and was not sleepy. With the help of the lamp in the room, he started to read the book borrowed from Catherine.

The spell book of the Ifamoni School of Magic is called "The Magic of Chawick", which was written by the founder of the school, Chawick Bout.

how to say?

The content is not bad, but it is not good either.

Books from the early seventeenth century, even if they were written by powerful wizards, would have some problems.

After all, Chawick Bout is not a professional who writes educational books.

Of course, "The Magic of Chawick" will not be the one from the seventeenth century. This book has been rewritten and corrected many times by posterity.

The flaw is that this book of spells obviously has the same problem as Miranda Gorshak's "Book of spells". The content of the curses in the book has basically been deleted.

An ancient book of spells, how could there be no evil spells.

In those ancient books, there are more or less weird spells, and those that can be used as teaching materials are all cut and rewritten.

If you insist on judging which mantra textbook is better, it should be the "Standard Mantra" series adapted from "Book of Mantras".

After all, this book is a book specially researched by Miranda Gosak and carefully adapted.

Moreover, "Standard Spell" can become a textbook for many magic schools in the world, which can explain many problems.

What interests Albert the most is the history of magic, or the history of magic in the United States. The history of this country is obviously not very long, but the history of magic is very thick, at least the thickest book in Catherines books. .

This book describes in detail some of the famous history of the United States, such as the establishment of the Ifamoni School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, the Salem Witch Trial, the establishment of the Magic Congress of the United States, and the crimes of the Eliminators (committing murder, trafficking in wizards) , Torture, and other evil deeds), the birth of the Twelve Aurors in the United States, the history of the eradication of the Spurs, the witch Dokas Twelve Trees leak, and then the five history of moves in the United States, and Bigfoot Weird chaos.

In fact, as long as you read the history of magic in the United States, you can figure out why the magic world in the United States is different from the magic world in other countries.

The culprit actually came from Britain and even the Puritans in Europe.

These remnants of the Catholic Church, after exile in North America, had a very low tolerance for faith, and they caused a lot of things.

Although the unfortunate ones are only some Moji, the relationship between the wizard and Moji has become quite bad.

In fact, it can be seen from the first sentence of the school song of Ifamoni School of Magic:

We are united,

Against the Puritans


Later, the witch Dokas Twelve Trees caused a lot of troubles because of her obsession with the handsome Mattolomee Barry Bonn (the offspring of the Surgeon).

It led to the birth and implementation of Rappaport's law, which completely separated the Maji and wizard society.

The law prohibits witches and wizards from making friends with or marrying Maji, and imposes heavy penalties on wizards who are too close to Maji.

The wand license also appeared under Rappaport law.

The law stipulates that only wizards and wizards who have reached the legal age (17 years old) can legally hold a wand outside the school, which is why the guy at the Ministry of Magic wants to seize his wand.

As for the students of Ifamoni School of Magic, they borrow their wands from the school before graduating from the school. They leave their wands at school during the holidays. Only students who graduate can spend money to buy their own wands from the school.

The American magic world takes a very strict view of the manufacturers of wands.

In fact, Maji's control of firearms is even looser than theirs.

The birth of Rappaports law has further deepened the cultural differences between the American and European magic circles, which is the main reason why many wizards do not like to go to the United States.

Because you need to be especially careful, otherwise you will find yourself committing a felony somehow and being caught in jail.

Later, the Magic Congress of the United States probably also felt that Rappaports law was very undemocratic, so it abolished Rappaports law in 1965.

Abolish the Rappaport law?

When Albert saw this, his expression became more weird.

Yes, in order to demonstrate the freedom, equality and human rights of the Magic Congress of the United States, the Magic Congress of the United States announced the abolition of the Rappaport law in 1965.

To be sure, the Magic Congress of the United States abolished the term "Rappaport Law".

Its not hard to guess from the mess that Albert encountered in the United States. Most of the policies in Rappaports law have been preserved. For example, wizards need to have a wand license, such as Moji and wizards cannot marry, Making friends, for example, wizard families cannot raise magic creatures...well, these are all serious crimes.

Well, every wizard who enters the United States ~wuxiaworld.online~ needs to be supervised by the Magic Congress, otherwise it is a felony.

Of course, the United States is so big that there will always be shadows that the magical Congress of the United States cannot illuminate, but if these wizards living in the shadows commit serious crimes, it is the death penalty.

It is said that the Magic Congress of the United States upholds humanitarianism and executes the painless death penalty.

According to book records, Newt, the author of the famous "Where are the magical creatures", almost lost his life in the United States, and finally helped the Magic Congress of the United States arrest the Dark Lord Gellert Grindelwald to make up for it, and then left this piece of freedom alive. The land of democracy.

Albert closed the book and put the history of American magic on the desk. As expected, it would be better to stay away from the United States in the future.

When he picked up the Defense Against the Dark Arts textbook, there was a knock on the door.

"Who?" Albert put the book on the table, got out of bed and walked to the wooden door.

Outside the door is Catherine in pink pajamas.

"What's matter?"

"I think you haven't slept yet, so I made you a cup of cocoa. This is considered my apology," Kathleen said and handed a cup of hot cocoa to Albert. "I'm sorry to bring you today. Here comes trouble,"

"Oh, I didn't take this matter to heart. There are people like that no matter where you are." Albert took the hot cocoa and took a sip, which was regarded as accepting the other's apology.

He did not take that matter to heart, anyway, he would never come to the United States again, let alone see each other again, even if he took it to heart, it was useless.

"Then, good night."

"Thank you for the hot cocoa, it's delicious!" After Catherine left, Albert closed the door, went back to bed and read a book for a while, turned off the light and rested when he was sleepy.


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