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  • Genres : handsome male lead -  Immortals -  Billionaire -  hidden gem -  first love -  doting husband -  heart warming -  smart independent woman -  sweet friendship -  beautiful fl
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The Alchemists summary:

If you have all the time in the world, what would you do with your life?The Alchemists clan live among regular humans and hide themselves by moving around and changing their identities every several decades. They can be a doctor for 20 years and then when they're bored with it, they can find new interests and take on new professions. In a century they could be merchants, writers, generals, actors, lawyers, and anything they want to be.The wealthy and powerful alchemist families rule the economy and world's politic from the shadow using their proxies. Nobody knows them, but in truth, they are the real power that controls the world.Pure alchemists will stop aging once they reach the peak of their growth and their cells will continue to regenerate, making them stay young forever. Regular humans who married into the society could enjoy this privilege by taking the immortality potion as their wedding gift. BUT, because the time is in their hands, the alchemists never rush things. It can take an alchemist decades or even centuries before they decide to marry and to have children. There never was an unwanted child in the society, and if they marry, it would be for eternity.This is the society of the perfect humans.VOLUME 1 tells the journey of Finland, a poor orphan -whose head is filled with how she could survive and make money- who bumped into a second generation alchemist, drawn into his perfect society, and face the internal struggle for power between the purists (who want to make regular humans second class citizens) and the liberal alchemists (who want to stay in the shadow).VOLUME 2 tells the journey of Aleksis, who was raised as the daughter of one of the most powerful and wealthiest alchemist families, being sheltered her whole life and pampered as the daughter of the alchemist clan leader. She tried to experience living as a regular human and find the person who saved her life when she was 12, because ... after 8 years, she could never forget him.EXCERPT:"You've changed..." he said casually, "In the past, all you could think about was how to get more money... Now, you never mention money again... hahaha. Do you still remember our bet about whether or not I could look and act poor? You bet my one month's income..."Finland gasped. Gosh... of course she still remembered that ridiculous bet. Thinking about it made her feel a little embarrassed. She used to be very calculating and only thought about how to get money. Really, so many things changed in three years."Hey... I was just a poor employee back then..." she protested."Yeah, that’s why I have prepared myself in case your pregnancy makes you crave weird things related to money... hahaha..." Caspar said jokingly. "I have prepared a money pool fit for Scrooge McDuck in Germany if you suddenly want to swim in a pool of money like him...""Gosh, Caspar! You think of me as a female version of Scrooge McDuck?!" Finland hit Caspar's shoulder with exasperation. But a moment later, she could not help laughing. She imagined Uncle Scrooge McDuck bathing in money and jumping into his pool of money for relaxation... Gosh, how funny it would be if Caspar really set up a pool of money like Uncle Scrooge's for her. "Eh... you're just joking, right!? You didn't really make me a money pool?"The smile on Caspar's face disappeared and he quickly shook his head."Oh, thank God... I thought you were serious." Finland said with a chuckle, "Otherwise, how could I face all the people in Germany. Your staff would think that I am a materialist or something.""Hehe..." Caspar continued to massage Finland's legs with affection until slowly the girl fell asleep. Her stomach cramp had disappeared.When he saw his wife asleep, Caspar hurriedly took his cellphone and typed a message to Kara.[Destroy the money pool. Don't let Madam find out.]

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