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  • The Beasts Blood Boils

  • Genres : Action -  Adventure -  Fantasy -  Comedy -  Xuanhuan -  Harem -  Romantic Subplot -  Transmigration -  Weak to Strong -  Male Protagonist -  Calm Protagonist -  Beautiful Female Lead -  monsters -  Wars -  Cunning Protagonist -  Beastkin -  Magic -  Hard-Working Protagonist -  Confident Protagonist -  Beast Companions -  Transported to Another World -  Seinen -  Demi-Humans -  Singers
  • Status : Completed
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The Beasts Blood Boils summary:

After sacrificing his life on the southern border battlefield of China (in the recent Vietnam War), a soldier is miraculously reborn in a different time and space, and accidentally becomes the Shaman sacred sacrifice of Beastmen kingdom, moreover a rare dragon sacrificial offering that appears once in a millennium ! At the same time, his blood contains the favor of the most virulent devil that gave rise to a curse during the sacrifice ceremony!What exactly is behind the curse?His exotic charm attracts many beauties, such as a fox clans beauty, the mermaid princess of an undersea country, the mysterious women of Beng prefecture, the most beautiful fairy, and one by one, they all come to his side. . .Mystical eastern warrior race, formidable giant soldiers, invincible Whale clan of the sea and warriors of the War-god Summer Palace will take the lead on this magnificent war stage, all expressing their respective magnificence.We will follow the story of this steady officer and see how he holds his luck with women and goes on to complete this boundless adventure.- Description from Novelupdates

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The Beasts Blood Boils Chapters

Time uploaded
: Abilitya month ago
: No3: Sentencea month ago
: No1: Strikea month ago
: King's Returna month ago
: Fellowa month ago
: Undercurrenta month ago
: Sea Clana month ago
: Bloodya month ago
: Bra Islanda month ago
: Chapter Da month ago
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